HTC One specsThere's a lot to take in on HTC's 2013 flagship Android smartphone - and we've got your official HTC One specs

Behold, the HTC One, previously known by its code name, M7. We've been crawling all over the manufacturer's 2013 offering today in New York and London. There are a ton of new features to pore over, so be sure to swing by our HTC One preview before you do anything else.

But if you want raw HTC One specs, we've got you covered there as well. From platform basics to what's behind the new camera technology to the front-facing dual stereo speakers to supported radio frequencies.

So ease on past the break for the complete HTC One specs.


  • Android 4.1.2 with HTC Sense 5
  • Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600, quad-core, 1.7GHz
  • Total storage: 32GB/64GBi, available capacity varies 
  • RAM: 2GB DDR2
  • Battery: 2300 mAh embedded rechargeable Li-polymer battery


  • BSI sensor, Pixel size 2.0 μm, Sensor size 1/3'
  • Dedicated HTC ImageChip™ 2
  • F2.0 aperture and 28 mm lens
  • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
  • Smart Flash: Five levels of flash automatically set by distance to subject
  • Front Camera: 88 wide angle lens with HDR capability
  • 1080p Full HD video recording for both front and back cameras
  • HDR Video
  • Continuous shooting and VideoPic
  • Slow motion video recording with variable speed playback
  • HTC Zoe™ with highlights and HTC Zoe™ Share
  • Retouch with Object Removal, Always Smile, and Sequence Shot


  • 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
  • NFC capable
  • Compliant with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX™ enabled
  • Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n
  • DLNA® for wirelessly streaming media from the phone to a compatible TV or computer
  • Support consumer infrared remote control
  • micro-USB 2.0 (5-pin) port with mobile high-definition video link (MHL) for USB or HDMI connection (Special cable required for HDMI connection.)


  • Dual frontal stereo speakers with built-in amplifiers
  • Studio-quality sound with Beats Audio™
  • HDR Microphone
  • Sense Voice


  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • WCDMA (1900/2100 (B2/B1) MHz)
  • CDMA (800/1900 BC0/BC1/BC10, Sprint)
  • LTE (1900 (B25, SPCS)
  • Frequencies will vary by region/operator


  • Gyro sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor


  • Internal GPS antenna + GLONASS
  • Digital compass


  • Voltage range/frequency: 100 ~ 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • DC output: 5 V and 1 A
  • SIZE: 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm/4mm (max/min) 
  • WEIGHT: 143 grams with battery 
  • DISPLAY: 4.7 inch, Full HD 1080p, 468 PPI 

Reader comments

Official HTC One specs


How do you know that the battery is a fail? do you have one in your hot little hands and have actually used it? Assuming things only makes an ass out of u and Ming

Exactly! I don’t care how great battery life may be, I want the option of being able to swap out for a fresh battery on the fly and never have to worry about tethering the phone to a charge EVER! That’s invaluable to me. So sealed/embedded battery = no sale! :(

I guess you won't have a smartphone in the future. HTC has officially moved on from removable batteries; Samsung will likely do the same down the line.

It's purely an assumption to conclude that Samsung will do the same. But I'll worry about that if/when it happens. Meanwhile HTC loses my consideration plain and simple. Their loss, not mine.

Not to be mean, but you're only one person. You're a drop in a bucket compared to the amount of people that couldn't care less about SD cards or removable batteries. If HTC still insists on making phones that "lack" those two characteristics, then someone must be lining up to purchase them.

However, if Samsung continues to keep SD cards and removable batteries, then that's great. It's good to have choice, and I'm not personally against those two features.

I am not worried about the inability to swap out my battery, as I never ever had to for any of my smart phones.

Big plus for HTC for the design! I LIKE IT A LOT!!

Then I guess I'll have to find someone else. I imagine somewhere in the ANdroid universe someone will always see the logic of an SD card slot and removable batteries. But right at the moment absolutely nothing will make me buy a phone that does not have (a) removable batteries and (b) most importantly, an SD card slot. This is an easy decision. I'd rather stick with HTC honestly since that's what I have now, but I will not buy a phone with no removable battery or SD card slot, no way, no how. Deal breaker.

All right. So here is a little something which nobody has mentioned here and might be important. The fact is that the stronger and faster the processor is the higher it's battery/power requirements are. A snapdragon 1.7 GHz processor with a 2300 mAh battery? Imagine a table fan running on pencil cells. It is bound to work, but might need a battery change (which is not possible in the case of the HTC One) or a battery charge (atleast once a day for very light use, maybe twice for medium use). That is why, it is, a battery fail.
Most users who are familiar with custom android development are familiar with this problem - overclocking or increasing the speed of your processor increases your battery usage. Similarly, underclocking, or decreasing the speed of your processor is an effective way of saving the battery.

My DNA gets good battery life on 2020maH. So I would imagine it would be better on this device. Now with the Verizon failure I don't think so Verizon, is going to milk all they can out of there present set of smart phones and not to have anything undermine it.

wow!! over 180 carrier going to have this phone and because Verizon decided not to have it its a fail? you my friend are a winner. wow!!

Well the no Verizon thing doesn't have any bearing on me as I'm in the UK, no removable battery doesn't concern me (my current phone has a non removable battery and I've got a portable charging device for it) and I imagine battery life will be improved by the higher mAh. Lack of card slot is a bit of an annoyance but tbh with 32 or 64gb internal it's not exactly a deal breaker. As long as I can d/l an app that allows me to sync my music between my laptop and phone I'd be happy bunny with an HTC One. Worst thing I ever did was get rid of my Sensation XE.

Agree.. Moto has pushed the bar on batteries.. No reason these devices shouldn't have 2500+ anymore..

Efficiency not size if it uses less energy and does more for longer what is the problem....your not 7 days a week 24hours a day so if your home asleep what is wrong with plugging your phone in as long as i get 14-20 hours high traffic out of that phone i dont care embedded or not.

Looks like an iPhone5 with android and a WP8. No ext sd expansion another fail. Battery is a wash. Looks like another tough year for HTC. Sad just sad.

I disagree on the no SD expansion.. they aren't just offering small memory now.. 32 and 64 gig options so i can see why no SD now

Agreed, Ry. People complained that the phone needed at least 32GB of storage if no SD card was usable. Now, 32GB is available from the offset, and people are still complaining. I'm glad HTC doesn't cater to crybabies.

MERCDROID, I understand that. Thing is more than likely the SG4 will have all this and an ext sd card slot. That's the kicker and loads of Sammy Zombies will clamor for it. One of the selling points of the Evo4GLTE was that it retained the sd slot. From the design I can understand why they didn't do it. Just that Samsung is probably gonna eat them for lunch again.

To be honest, even if HTC had retained a removable battery and SD card slot for all of their phones, Samsung would still outsell them (OPINION). HTC needs to create mindshare; and to do that, they need to create more than just a smartphone, they need to create an experience.

If by "experience" you mean that HTC should spend billions of dollars constantly hyping themselves (and hyping mostly useless gimmicks) the way that Apple and Samsung do, then yes they need to create an "experience".

Remember what Obi-Wan taught you...
"Advertising has a powerful effect on the weak minded."

The problem is that Samsung's and Apple's marketing budget is more that HTC's total revenue. HTC is either going to have to go "all-in" on the hype machine this year or suffer the same problem they had last year... if they even make it through the year.

I agree with you.

Samsung definitely did a good job brainwashing the market.

Samsung S3 looks horrible, and it crashes, yet everyone defaults to it like its the Holy Grail.

S3... "Designed by humans, inspired by Nature..." I guess everyones bought into that!

SD cards will be cheap, however, and swappable. They also make backing certain things up very easy and give the user control.

Yes batterylife is bad on this device since you used it for 2 weeks right? In this day and age most devices do not have memory expansion anymore, do you need more than 64gb?

It does look like an iPhone 5 and WP 8 for sure and neither is coincidence on HTC's part. Removable batteries and sd card slots are going away for everyone so people might as well get used to it.

Baloney. Samsung is outselling everybody. And their phones still have swappable batteries and microSD slots. Thus, why my current phone is the last truly great phone from HTC (a Rezound) and my next phone will be a Samsung.

Looks like the DNA revisited - still a nonremovable battery and no SD slot mentioned at all (likely not based on the specs).

HTC "learned" something, but I'm not sure what.

Why are Android vendors almost always behind on the OS? What possible reason could they have for shipping a flagship device with 4.1?

4.2 was only made available in November. FYI, there are no major differences between 4.1 and 4.2. You're actually sitting here whining about a dot upgrade. Wow lol

I don't understand you people always bitching about battery. Are you trying to save on electricity or are you out in the Alaskan wilderness for days with no where to charge your phone? 2300 is huge considering the battery life that say the droid DNA gets with its rather small battery capacity and considerably larger screen. Charge your phone once a day and be happy

Some people, such as my wife, are heavy app users and don't have the ability to stop and charge their phones during the day. She uses things like Epocrates extensively, which really eats into the battery, and she isn't able to stop seeing patients while her phone recharges.

This is just my opinion, but a phone needs to be able to take moderate to heavy use and still have at least 25% battery life after 16 hours.

Your wife needs a 7" tablet or a Galaxy Note 2. This phone is not made to be a reference device for physicians.

Yeah, that's unreasonable. If that's what you want, get an external power brick or a Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD.

It's even worse than that. These phones do everything and everything they do contributes to battery loss. If you're actually using them a lot, streaming music, videos, having the screen on a lot, surfing, multitasking, playing games, document editing, taking photos, GPS, etc---the battery just vanishes in an eye blink. Now, put yourself on a 12 hour international flight. Or find yourself in the middle of nowhere driving in Europe and suddenly your phone announces it is dying. It is so easy to swap a battery. The battery packs are not as easy to recharge or as versatile. And the batteries are easy to get cheaply, too.

If there were no need for extra batteries, no one would be selling those awkward battery packs designed to allow emergency charges.

Just as predicted, everything about this phone would be ignored. Features never before seen. Yet and still...Battery not removable..automatically damned to hell. SD card...blah blah. You cry babies crack me up.

Amen, this phone has many new features and everyone wants to whine about no SD card. If you are using more than 64 gigs you need a laptop.

Seriously. I'm a VERY heavy user of my phone and while I do take advantage of the SD card slot on my EVO LTE, I've never come anywhere near needing 32GB total storage. It's like people haven't heard of Google Music, Dropbox, etc.

As for battery, my phone typically lasts 50-75% of the day... and that's because, like I said, I'm a very heavy user. I load it up with apps, set those apps to auto-update, and leave all radios on. I also admit I'm not the average user and accept the consequence of plugging my phone in throughout the day whether that's at home, in my car, or at my desk at work.

Looks to me like HTC got the hardware of this phone almost completely right. I just wish I knew what they were thinking with the button layout and with the Sense 5 launcher.

I have an EVO LTE as well. Its been relatively flawless so far, and they have released several updates that have made improvements (jelly bean was a bit of a wait though.) I'm really impressed by its battery life, having moved from a series of blackberries (does as well if not better than the bold 9900 it replaced.) I leave all the radios on as well, apps, auto-update etc and consistently get a day and half with several calls and a ton of e-mail. Sense is the only e-mail client I've found that has a combined folder view ala blackberry (sync multiple folders, see all messages in one view so you don't have to browse folders looking for new messages.) Could definitely see trading up to the HTC ONE if it carries on the same legacy...

I've come pretty close to totaling 64gb. Most of that is MP3s. Try using Gmusic on a plane to Beijing or in a forest in France, or climbing a mountain with poor cell coverage. And streaming uses a lot of power, as well as minutes/roaming issues, dropouts, etc. It is no substitute for having lots of local stuff. Give me space--I'll use it. I'll be buying Samsung. Remember too---64gb internal isn't all for personal storage. Apps and their data need space. Some apps just seem to keep eating whatever you give them. And it's way easier to backup with a SD card.

Thunderbolt owner here and there is no way I want this. I love simplicity. I have three home screens all my apps are in folders minus my most used apps. This phone while it looks physically nice, the design is a huge turn off to me. Not that I was going to go back to HTC anyway. I'm into android but going with Nexus or Samsung next time.

Great comment from someone who fails to understand people have different opinions and therefore needs to try to post witty remarks if their opinion is different from someone elses. Good show ole man, good show.

Not only did you say the phone "looks physically nice" and then say that the "design is a huge turn off", but you actually said it in the same sentence.

Ok let me clarify, since you are right that is confusing. The physical look of the phone is nice however the new design of sense is what the turn off is for me.

I mean it looks like HTC ripped off Windows and smushed it with android software in my opinion. I know all the HTC homers are out today but let's see where they are in a year and revisit this conversation.

You know, you don't have to use those widget-tile thingies. You can still place normal apps and folders on the home screen.

I don't think that he went that far down in the videos that they have put up on YouTube or better yet here..

Guess I'll be the first 'hater' and admit how bored I am with the style and design of HTC phones. They brought a decent phone to the table here, but why am I not wowed?! Idk. Thought I'd be more excited about this phone. Hope it does well in the market. I'll just stay with my N4 until I'm wowed by another manufacturer...

I would not worry about the battery size, the newer processors are more efficient, so, they don't need huge batteries.

I think the phone looks great. Hopefully, it does well for HTC.

Like where Sense is going, more polished as it should be for a real UI in 2013. Unfortunately the screen wasn't pushed to the 5.0 limit and instead get the same old 4.7 that's a tad smaller now than the S3 and will be even smaller compared to the S4.

I, for one, am very glad they did not go with a larger 5 inch screen. At 4.7 inches, this screen is about as large as I want to carry while still being comfortable to use as a phone.

4.7 for me is the sweet spot I own a tablet so no need nor want for anything larger, yes I am a big guy with big hands so hey just saying..

First let me say, ever since the HTC Mogul you could call me what you people lovingly refer to as a "fanboy" for HTC. I had tried Sammy phones and wasn't impressed at all, that is until i got the GN2. I have a new respect for Samsung and am looking forward to their next iteration, with that being said I wish HTC well in the future, they were my crutch in many-a tech related situations.

I'm not overly impressed with HTC Phones lately (my last was the EVO 4G LTE). Here is where I will DEFEND them though. The battery life on that phone was stellar, I don't recall HAVING to run for my charger at all throughout the day and I'm a rather heavy user.

With that said, it baffles me as to how some of you can automatically get on the "bad battery bandwagon" , You look at numbers and flip out, I'd venture to say most of you have no idea what the true tech behind the device is. It seems as if battery mAh is the new megapixel war For years now people continued to buy into the "more megapixels mean better pictures" even though several phones and cameras at 8 or 10 megapixels performed better than those at 14 and 16. Or just a couple years ago when the 3 and 5 MP cameras on some phones performed better than the MONSTEROUS 8MP on HTC's original EVO.

Again it's not the numbers behind it that matter, it's the fullness of the tech. Ok so the mAh on this phone shows a "low" number but why do you assume this translates to bad battery life? The framework of the chipsets, the tech behind RAM usage, the tech behind the screen and about 100 other things in the phone play a very pivotal role to it's battery life.

Tech changes daily so it's a bit foolish to continue use yesteryears arguments to prove your baseless points.

Just my 2.5 cents.

So they stripped down Sense in order to get Zoe going...?!? I personally liked the old Sense more. It was classier, sophisticated, much better looking, than this minimal design it got now

They could have made Sense more minimal while retaining the class it had. Sadly, they didn't. I won't write it off since I have yet to see a video, let alone see it in person, but the new UI (Sense 5 + new button layout) makes me very skeptical about this phone. It's too bad, too, because other than that I really like it.

Here is hoping that this version of Sense can somewhat compete with AOSP performance. Their is too much proprietary stuff here (camers) to put cyanogen mod on it.

Metal Chasis +1
Quad Core +1
2 Gig Ram +1
Soft buttons but no recently used apps +-1
Battery - too soon to be sure how good or bad.

HTC did a fine job. The phone LOOKS good. If they do a Samsung Galaxy level marketing campaign, this could turn them around.

It's a proprietary codec that allows almost "lossless" like quality over Bluetooth streaming to headphones/speakers instead of having that characteristic crackly/muddy sound. Samsung have had it in the SGS3 and some tablets I believe, looks like HTC are getting in on it aswell. It's developed by CSR

HTC actually had aptX in the One X and EVOLTE last year as well so this isn't their first go round with it.

Ah yes I see that is the case, fair point, still nice to see it being picked up more as I've had nothing but good experiences with aptX, it's ridiculous the range I've been able to walk around my house with aptX enabled headphones on and it not cut out.

Why are display, weight, and size under "AC Adapter"?

Sorry... everyone was whining so I just had to jump in!

Its going to be a great phone...but here comes Mr. and Mrs. AverageConsumer...
hearing "4 megapixels but
•BSI sensor, Pixel size 2.0 μm, Sensor size 1/3'
•Dedicated HTC ImageChip™ 2
•F2.0 aperture and 28 mm lens
•Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
•Smart Flash: Five levels of flash automatically set by distance to subject
..amounts to "this camera is 4 megapixels" may prove to be a dealbreaker in that regard..8 has been the standard all thru 2012..

Good salespeople won't go about it that way. The number is meaningless, and most people can't even tell you their phone's specs ater a few days anyway. Sell it on best low light photos, image stabilization, and better quality pics than competitors.

At this point in time these specs will most likely show no appreciable difference in speed VS something like the GS3. The screen's resolution beyond 720p is also kind of not that great of an upgrade. This past year is the first time I have felt that the newer generation of phones being released do not make me want to upgrade. My wallet is very happy that technology is slowing down a little. I am also the type of person who wouldn't mind if these phones didn't come with a camera so any camera technology isn't a selling point to me.

I second that. I'm usually an early adopter of most new big releases, have been since the Motorola Startac. Sometimes spending thousands a year off contract. Since getting the GN2 the bar is set pretty high, I have a sneaking suspicion that my next "must have" upgrade may very well wait until October or November this year.

This phone is cool and all, not feeling the button set up though, I like Capacitive buttons but the giant HTC logo in the middle of it just seems odd,I'm sure The S4 Will wipe the floor with this though,Just saying.

The main selling point of this phone is the camera which in my opinion is a bummer

Well its looks like another bad year for HTC they seem to ignored what people want and that is choice. I'm still going to stick with the LG Optimus G Pro. At least LG is listening to want people want, and my money is going to be ready because the phone is going to sell out quick. If this is what there going against, they will have no problem becoming #1 this year, sad HTC just sad.

Battery = fail.

Moto set the bar and showed the world that you really can build a slim and powerful Android phone that will last through a long day of hard use.

For HTC to not attempt to even approach that bar means their phone, however effective in other ways, will be a 2nd run for many people.

Are there multiple versions of this phone? Specifically one for the North American market that will support LTE? Of just one version?


htc will probably come out with a 3000mah battery 2 months after this one is released and piss off the buyers. just like moto did with the razr first time around

Holy HTC Fanboys!

Everything about this device is grade A quality... until you get to the battery. You can say what you want about optimizations and more efficient processors that draw less power. But batteries are the same for all intents and purposes for years now with no change in sight. Battery life of any device has a direct correlation to the capacity of the battery in mah. And HTC continues to provide underspeced batteries for their devices.

Not to mention the fact that it isn't removeable. That is a major fail in my books as being able to replace a battery with a new one after yours gets burned out from months of charge/discharge, is a simple necessity for any device owner. Give it 1 year and the battery capacity will have diminishes somewhere in the 33%-50% range depending on how bad your habits are with charging your phone.

Another excellent point. This device has a built in expiration date:when the battery truly dies to the point of being useless. But in my removable battery style phone I can spent 20 bucks and get a new battery and that aspect of my phone is no longer the indicator of my devices shelf life.

People need to boycott this design failure or everyone will be subject to this market scheme.

With the new generation consumer habits, people are buying a new phone every 2 years.

I am not concerned at all, since if my battery dies, it might be time for a new phone. Again, Most aren't the type that will keep their phones for 3 years plus. We always want the next best thing. AND this phone is definitely one of the best right now.

Something not mentioned that maybe important is USB 3.0.

I'm not sure how fast the internal storage will be though, if it can even take advantage of it.

2300mah? Might aswell have no battery. Never mind the rest of the specs, moving on. (At least I gave HTC a chance by checking this out).

WOW. look at all the self proclaimed battery and embedded systems engineers who've declared the device a failure sight unseen. LOL.

You don't need to be an engineer to see why the battery is a failure. If the battery goes dead at any point, regardless of how long it initially lasted, you can't simply pop a new battery in and keep going. I don't know why everyone has chosen to forget this simple fact but it is a key one. It does not matter if the battery lasted a week. If the moment I need to make a call, the batter is dead, then I am screwed unless there is a charger. However with a normal phone I can simply pop a new battery in and keep going effectively doubling my battery life. But more importantly, the phone is ready to go again almost instantly no charging needed. That's why the battery is a fail: because the moment it dies, my only recourse is to charge it.

So yes, to all those self righteous removable battery nay sayers, this design is and always will be a fail unless the battery is perpetually charging.

This phone definitely is top of its class right now. Hardware and Design definitely a WINNER!

I love how it doesn't have a replaceable battery allowing to achieve a sleeker, dust free, and plastic cover free design.

I never had a need to replace my battery. Since, I replace my smartphone every 2-3 years like all you folks, so if the battery dies, its time to get the "next best thing" out there anyways.

And, 32 GB is plenty for me.

No SD card slot? That might be a deal breaker for me. What if something happens to your HTC and its broken? All your data will be lost if the phone wont turn on / is beyond repair / has water damage. Having a micro SD card wont prevent data loss in all cases, but it will help. I try to keep things backed up to the computer just in case, though. Besides that, I have a 32GB SD in my phone now, and I'm always running low on space. If you're heavily into media like I am, space is valuable.

I had a HTC One for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is that I do like it very much. I was concerned about not having an SD micro card slot, but the fact that the HTC One has 32gb of storage space plus 2gb of operating RAM means that I can have a load of apps on board plus a decent range of music and pics and still have plenty of additional storage space left.
I was also a little concerned about the battery but I have to say that I have only depleted the battery completely once, and that was from streaming from YouTube and playing games while sitting in my car for a while. Yes its a little annoying, but I think the addition of a spare external battery pack or a solar charger will greatly increase its usability regardless of the fact that you cannot swap out for a fresh battery.
All in all its a very impressive phone, my only criticism is the cost of additional accessories from HTC, the incar holder costs around £45 which to my mind is extortionate. Even the battery bar for the phone is the same price. Why charge these prices when there will be other non HTC accessories coming out in droves to service users at rock bottom pices.