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Like the Verizon version, it looks like Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Nexus is due for at least one more over-the-air update before Android 4.1 Jelly Bean arrives. According to ​TechnoBuffalo​, which obtained the internal screenshot above, Sprint is set to launch the update to build no. L700.FG01 tomorrow, July 26.

According to the leaked image, the new software version will include changes to the on-screen signal strength indicator, as well as support for Sprint TV and some changes to the default Wifi and LTE settings. Both will be set to "on" as standard in the new firmware, which is to be expected as Sprint's recently-launched LTE network begins to grow.

Assuming the software roll-out goes ahead as planned, Sprint Gnex owners will want to head to Settings > About phone > System updates tomorrow to pick up the latest firmware.

Source: TechnoBuffalo


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Non-Jelly Bean update for Sprint Galaxy Nexus reportedly due tomorrow


And local search removed no doubt. Give us Jelly Bean or nothing. Ridiculous that we have to wait. This is a Nexus, for crying out loud.

And Sprint TV is actually a pretty nice product. There are better ones out there (of course) but for a freebie offering from Sprint, it;s not bad at all. I know more than a few people who love them some Sprint TV.

The Sprint TV app came in handy for me during the World Cup. I don't use it all the time but it's cool to have.

Hmmm and here I thought Verizon was ignorant for not having Jelly Bean out on our NEXUS . . . looks Sprint is no better.

You don't think a device should be tested on the network before it is released to the public. People are quick to point out when a device or software is released too early but are never patient enough to wait for testing to finish. Just feel safe knowing that your complaints are not listened to. No one likes a whiny customer.

You would not make it far at the front desk of a hotel with that attitude. When people pay there money for a product they expect Carriers in this case to have updates out in a timely manner.

Although I don't agree with the way insuusvenerati put it, I get what they're saying. Everyone here (including myself) wants updates quickly. Maybe there have been cases where Carriers have listened to their customers and put out an update without taking care of all the bugs. As soon as the updates are released with bugs you hear more complaining about what a crappy update it was and how the Carriers should have tested it more. It's a lose-lose situation for them.

As much as I would like new updates to come to me quickly, I would much rather have an update be released without bugs. Yes I know that will take more time but it's better than having a quick update with bugs.

As for expecting updates in a timely manner, unfortunately it's not written in stone as to when updates will come.

LOL Huh?? Being the fact that I work in that industry I can say NO. I honestly don't understand what the point of your question was.

We all know that testing can take some time and it's better to have a good update sent to the masses then a buggy update. In a way the carriers are in a tight spot. That being said though, it's all about the precedence that is set by Google. Google designed the Nexus phone to receive updates very quickly. The Nexus One was released by Google themselves and so updates were sent the moment they were announced. However now that there are carriers in the loop it has complicated things. Unfortunately Google hasn't strong armed the carriers such as another iCompany but then again they don't sell as many Nexus phones as the other company.

Now one thing the Nexus has over other phones regardless of the carrier is the ability to flash. The phone is a developer phone so the drivers are fully supported. This means there are near perfect ROMs of the latest Android firmware. Currently I am on Sprint and I have my Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and have been for about a week. No glitches, issues, reboots, battery issues, stability issues, and so on have come up while using it. So if you really want to use the latest OS, it's out there and these phones are very easy to flash compared to other Android devices. I've gotten to the point where I believe the carrier has nothing to do with my phone and if I want the latest version, I upgrade.

simple just flash stable 4.1 rom plenty out there.
when sprint is ready unflash and install 4.1 stock if you want.

it does take them time to make it as close to perfect.
it requires some work if you want it asap.

also posts like bloatware apps and stuff can be disabled.

it is good to see that 4g radio is turned on in this update.

Actually, as a Sprint GNex user, I'm rather annoyed that the LTE radio is turned on. I live in an area that's not likely to see LTE until late 2013, if not later. So turning on the LTE radio just forces me to turn it off again. I wonder how many people less savvy than me in my area with GNex phones will be wondering why their phone battery life suddenly crapped the bed?

Turning large power hogging features on via an update is stupid IMHO.