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Nexus 5 battery life first impressions: Good enough, but not great

How does the Nexus 5's battery stand up after a few days of real-world use? Battery life is one of those areas of smartphone performance that’s difficult to quantify. Synthetic tests rarely reflect real-world performance, and it takes time to get a feel for how a new phone stands up. We’ve been...
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Switching launchers with Android 4.4's new 'Home' setting

KitKat makes it easier to swap or uninstall custom launchers Many of us enjoy using custom home screen launchers on our Android phones, but the process of switching between them has never been entirely foolproof. That's changed in the latest Android 4.4 KitKat, which introduces a new top-level...
Nexus 5 camera

Nexus 5 camera samples and first impressions

A quick overview of the new Nexus's photographic capabilities Google's Nexus smartphones don't have the best reputation when it comes to photography. The Galaxy Nexus's rear camera was a pretty big disappointment, and the Nexus 4's was little more than adequate, despite the introduction of new...
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Best Buy lists 'Sprint' Nexus 5 for $449 off-contract

Pricing mirrors what Sprint is charging for the phone directly  Best Buy's online store has started listing a "Sprint" Nexus 5, mirroring the same on- and off-contract pricing as the carrier's own store. We're looking at a $149.99 price for signing a new agreement, and $449.99 for the phone with...
Lock screen wdgets

Inside KitKat: Changes to the lock screen widgets

A little extra security is added to your Android as lock screen widgets can be disabled in the system settings Kit Kat brings a change to one of the features from Jelly Bean that everyone has an opinion about —  the lock screen widgets. On one hand, they offer a bit of information from any...
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This week's sidebar poll: Did you order a Nexus 5?

Orders are shipping — is one of them yours? Let us all know in this week's poll Finally, all the crazy rumors and speculation is over. The Nexus 5 — and Kit Kat — are "officially real." You can probably tell if you've been on the Internet in the past 30 or so hours. Everyone is talking about it...
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Nexus 5 models 820 and 821: What's the difference?

The only thing to consider when making your purchase is mobile radio bands Just like in many cases, the Nexus 5 isn't one but rather two different phones — the D820 and D821. The former is made for use in North America, the latter in the rest of the world. While this isn't nearly as confusing as...
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Nexus 5: Where and when you can buy one

Retailers and carriers from several countries commit to carrying the device We all have a lot of Nexus 5 and KitKat news to digest, but what's really important is how you'll get your hands on the latest Google phone. Right now there's a handful of different ways to get one, and availability...
Android 4.4 KitKat on the Nexus 5

Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat video walkthrough

Come take a look at the future of Android The Nexus 5 is upon us, and with it Android 4.4 KitKat. The latest Nexus handset combines high-end Android hardware with the latest pure Android straight from Google. In the new OS version, KitKat, the stock UI has seen its biggest visual overhaul since...
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In pictures: The Nexus 5

Hands-on photo gallery While we prepare our hands-on coverage of LG and Google's latest Nexus handset, why not take a glance over our complete hands-on photo gallery? We've got a dozen or Nexus 5 photos waiting for you in the gallery after the break — enjoy!
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No, Google, thank you — Nexus 5 retail launch as smooth as you'd expect

Before we go any further today, we do need to mention just how smooth Thursday's launch of the Nexus 5 appeared to go from a retail standpoint. Google Play appeared to stand up to the nerd crush. Google Wallet — which in the past has been the bottleneck — handled the transactions as well as we...
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Android 4.4 KitKat 'Easter egg' animation

With each new version of Android there's a new, hidden animation tucked away in a corner of the Settings app. In Ice Cream Sandwich it was a NyanCat-style bugdroid robot. In Jelly Bean it was a field of floating, happy multicolored beans. In Android 4.4 KitKat there are actually three layers to...
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In Android 4.4, Google Now is finally part of your home screen

Swipe left-to-right to get to Google Now from the KitKat launcher When Google Now was unveiled back at Google I/O 2012, we asked how long it would be before this new predictive search app became your home screen. Now, with Android 4.4 KitKat on the Nexus 5, it seems that time has finally arrived...
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Kit Kat branches hitting the Android source tree, Nexus 5 factory images now available

Source code is coming and computers will soon be crunching Google's Ed Heyl has announced on the Android Building Google group that the source code for Android 4.4 in now available from Google. We'll have two branches — one for the open-source contribution and one for the Nexus 5 itself, per...
Nexus 7 Sleeve

Google Play adds new colors of Nexus 7 Sleeve, HP Chromebook Sleeve

Google expanding its accessory options, but they can't be ordered just yet While the Nexus 5 and its associated accessories hit the Play Store today, Google quietly also updated the case offerings for the Nexus 7 and HP Chromebook 11. The Nexus 7 Sleeve, which was released back in August and...
Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus will not get Android 4.4 KitKat

Android 4.3 is the end of the line for the Samsung-made Nexus Galaxy Nexus owners, you might want to sit down for this. Your device won't be getting an official update to the newly-announced Android 4.4 KitKat. Quoth the Google support site: Galaxy Nexus will not be receiving the Android 4.4...
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Yes, you can buy a Nexus 5 from Google Play and activate it on Sprint

Good news, folks. A bunch of you have asked us if you can purchase a Nexus 5 from Google Play and activate it on Sprint. We've just heard back from Sprint, and the answer is in the affirmative. Repeat: Yes, you can purchase a Nexus 5 from Google Play and activate it on Sprint.
Hangouts v2.

Hangouts v2 preinstalled on Nexus 5, updated in Play Store in coming weeks

  New information revealed about SMS integration, statuses and sharing options Google announced at an event this week that new features would be coming in the latest version of Hangouts, and now we have a better idea of when and specifically what we'll be getting. First up is SMS and MMS...
We’re giving away two new Nexus 5 devices, here’s how you can win one

International Contest: Win one of two Nexus 5 phones!

Want to win a new Nexus 5? Here's how! The Nexus 5 is top-of-mind today, and for good reason. It couples top-level hardware with stock Android 4.4 KitKat at a very reasonable price. And now that it’s official and ready for orders, we know you want one. NOW. Android Central is here to help you...

Android 4.4 KitKat is official, launching on the Nexus 5

Streamlined performance, new smarter phone app, pedometer support, new "immersive mode" in new version of Android Along with the LG Nexus 5, Android 4.4 KitKat is finally official — and there's a whole bunch of new features to get to grips with, besides the obvious UI changes we've seen in all...