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The Nexus 4 sold by T-Mobile doesn't have Wifi Calling

There's been a lot of back and forth about the specs of the Nexus 4 being sold by T-Mobile. We already gone over one hurdle confirming that all Nexus 4's are HSPA+ 42, and now we're going to clear the air on Wifi Calling. We've been saying since the end of October that Wifi Calling will not be included, and we're happy to report that we can confirm this independently. We've reached out to T-Mobile directly, and a spokesperson has confirmed for us that indeed there is no Wifi Calling on-board on the Nexus 4.

Let's all reflect on the fact that this is actually a good thing. Not having carrier software included on the Nexus 4 coming from T-Mobile reaffirms the idea that this is the exact same model being sold by Google in the Play Store. Users who buy their phones from a carrier shouldn't have to be second class citizens to those who buy directly. This is a good move by Google (and T-Mobile) and it will save a lot of frustration down the road when it comes to software support.

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  • While I agree that this is absolutely a good thing philosophically speaking (and in terms of upgradability), it still sucks for those on T-Mo who may not have very good signal (or none at all) while deep in the bowels of their home or workplace and rely on Wi-Fi calling. (And, presumably have a good reason not to use another network, such as affordability.) ...that said, I also think any such people should switch to Google Voice and use something like Talkatone to make/receive calls via Wi-Fi. But, I understand that may be too complicated for the average consumer:(
  • i agree with you, to me is very important is actually a deal breaker.
  • I agree with you, and for me it is a dealbreaker. I REALLY wanted this phone, but I have little/no signal in my home (everywhere else is fast HSPA+), and all the other options I have tried pale in comparison to the T-mobile wifi calling. I wish they would give an option to have it installed.
  • You can buy this VoIP device for your home if you use Google Voice. It's pretty simple to setup, but with the "downside" of trusting this company with your Google credentials. Basically plug and play (rings all the phones in my house). I've used this for over a year and I couldn't be happier. I think I learned about it here on Android Central.
  • Wait, isn't this old news...?
    You reported this on October 31st, and you were late to THAT party. Every other site was reporting this for three weeks, so why do we need "an independent confirmation" of a story that has been CONFIRMED BY T-Mobile back on November First?
  • Some other sites were sourcing a support page today, suggesting it did have Wifi calling. Also, you're late to THIS party. Where've you been? We've all been waiting. The hors d'oeuvres have gotten cold.
  • I hope icebike has some actual ice to go on that burn.
  • NICE!!!..... oh and BURN!!!
  • I'm sure they posted this, because people are still asking. Alex, please go over to Germany in the morning and get me a Nexus 4. Please and thank you.
  • We did it just to piss you off. :)  
  • LMAO I love this site.
  • +9000
  • T-Mo came out this week with new documents about the Nexus 4 and said it featured Wifi Calling, but the docs are just templates that all their android phones have. So they made the mistake recently in saying it does, so people are getting their hopes up and all.
  • This is obviously not a "good" thing. For instance, is the experience better with the app than without? For many, this is a yes. That means the absence is not a good thing. It would all be fine if it was able to be put on the store but it doesnt seem possible.
  • Don't understand this need for T Mobile WiFi calling. groove up works fine for me.
  • Don't understand this need for T Mobile WiFi calling. groove up works fine for me.
  • Don't understand this need for T Mobile WiFi calling. groove ip works fine for me.
  • People will think its a good thing when their Nexus 4's all get updates at the same time :) .
  • Well, it seems that the google play store version is indeed the better option.
  • Why would you buy this from tmobile?
  • This already was known a week and a half ago via The Verge.
  • You, sir, have some reading to do, namely, most of the comments above.
  • Good for you. I bet you feel so much better because you took it upon yourself to direct me to comments that said the exact same thing I did. Well done.
  • Will there be any sort of confirmation whether or not the device sold as T-Mobile is the exact same one as the N4 from Google Play? I wouldn't mind buying my phone from a local T-Mobile outlet unless there is ANY difference whatsoever between the two (and even if it's only a "T-Mobile" branding).
  • I think a lot of you are missing the fact that this will be available in a flashable zip within 24 hours of the launch. I <3 this community! :D
  • Wasn't available as a flashable .zip for the Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus, so I don't expect it here either ;) .
  • oh.. bummer. :/ thanks for the info.
  • No it won't. The T-mobile wifi calling requires files that aren't released to the public. There is even a "bounty" for this feature on XDA...$350 I believe.
  • Came from an HTC Amaze to the GNex (on T-Mobile) and though I'd miss WiFi calling but don't. Almost threw my Amaze out the window because the voice delay on WiFi calling made it pretty much useless. Here's what I found... forcing the phone onto 2G edge can make the phone go from almost no signal to full bars and the 2G/3G toggle in the notification shade of CM10 helps (I just switch from 2G3G to 2G when I get home and vice versa when I go out).
  • I have the Kineto.apk file from my Lg G2x if anyone wants to sideload & give it a shot if it actually isn't included, I've been reading 'confirmed' reports saying it is & isn't all day..
  • From my experience just installing the apk doesn't work it's all tied into the radio and RIL. I also remember on the G2x that uses Kineto that it didn't work on any ROMs running ICS.
  • Oh look, another "deal breaker" for the Nexus 4...
  • I love Wifi calling - deal killer for me