In a word: Wow. Finally, some clear pics of the Droid Xtreme -- which apparently is going to be called the Droid X -- and it's a looker. Gadget University scored some time with the as-yet unannounced Verizon-branded phone and reports back that it indeed has a 4.3-inch screen (and says "the colors are much better than on the Droid"), 1GHz Snapdragon process (Really? Switching to Snapdragon? The 1GHz part may still be true, though. -- Update: Now they're saying 750Mhz TI OMAP3630.), HDMI out, 8MP camera with flash, Android 2.1, and an updated Motoblur when they say isn't as bad as what we have now.

Not sure how crazy we'll be about the physical button on the bottom -- they look a little out of place on an otherwise very slick phone. GU says we may see this guy on Verizon in the next month or so. Let's certainly hope so. [Gadget University via Droid Life]

Update: BGR's got an unsourced post that says we'll see this puppy in July and the Droid 2 in August, with the latter launching with Android 2.2. We'll see.

Droid XDroid X

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icebike says:

Typo fixed, so this comment revised.

I could live with the buttons, I'm, not that fussy.

_JKK_ says:

God, the Motoblur still isn't /good/...

Come on Moto... See the light; Stock is good. The only good OEM skin on Android is Sense by HTC.

All that, IMHO.

Corey says:

I want it and I want it now. Don't care about the Motoblur, but I can live with it until that thing is rooted. I really like the look of this phone.

Corey says:

I want it and I want it now. Don't care about the Motoblur, but I can live with it until that thing is rooted. I really like the look of this phone.

crcr says:

Lose the Motoblur. Plain vanilla Android only please.

Think I'll wait around for that 2Ghz processor that the Motorola dewd just promised. 1Ghz is old news now.

icebike says:

Follow the bottom link and it says:
750Mhz TI OMAP3630 processor, so FAIL unless that benches faster than snapdragon.

eric.atx says:

As an Evo owner I would take a slower processor if it had better graphics. As long as it was not a lot slower.

josuearisty says:

TI OMAP 3630 is not slower than snapdragon.

you'll see results when this baby comes out

RyanGS says:

Glad this is the follow-up to the Incredible and not some super Droid better than the Evo 4G, at least now i can rest comfortably knowing its not much better than what I have.

Design is pretty cool, however not a fan of the physical buttons at the bottom... would it really be that difficult to make those touch buttons?

Rudolphe says:

Well apparently the TI OMAP3630 is better than the snapdragon so it might be a bit faster... and i'm sure it's not difficult if they've done it on the first droid. I personally don't like the touch sensitive buttons to easy to miss your mark.

TreyDaPrince says:

I'll be waiting for the Scorpion.

thebizz says:

funny how this still outperforms every pre 2.2 phone on quadrant and you say fail because no snapdragon. the omap 3630 is plenty capable. but it will be surpassed when the dualcore processors hit the ground

gbhil#AC says:

Yep. On Quadrant (or any GL benchmark) this will be the top dawg. Snapdragon may crunch numbers faster, but this will give killer graphic intensive and 3d performance.

I'm betting it will be the best we've ever seen on a phone.

crome1115#IM says:

what!!?!? no front camera for video chat?!?!? wtf... and what is the scorpian?

gbhil#AC says:

Different style of device. If you want soft backs, bright accents and extras like ff cams, look elsewhere IMO. This is Moto's way of showing just what they can do to make you and I love Blur. This will be fast and less glitzy all around than an HTC phone, and lots of people want that. I'm really looking forward to seeing one.

seb_or_sam says:

Hardware looks SWEET. Physical buttons, hell yeah! I hate capacitive buttons, so I'm glad we finally have a good snapdragon phone with physical buttons. If there was a hardware keyboard, it's be on the top of my list. Does it have one?
Motoblur is the only drawback, but who cares, we can just flash a new ROM on.

hotkoko says:

Why 2.1? when all other phones coming out is 2.2. Come on Moto keep up

vitaminx31 says:

Sooo basically it's a Motorola Evo? Except without the 4G and Mobile Hotspot capability.

Kid 05 says:

One of the photos has a "3G mobile hotspot" app


top left corner

matt20971 says:

cool but I am glad I have the incredible. I have seen nothing that makes me jealous yet either. The evo is just to big. Sure its 4g but ill take verizons 3g any day over spotty 4g.

qst4 says:

Really, since when are we running down other Android phones. The real competition is that iphone 4. So I hope HTC, Motorola and whoever else keep upping the ante. The iphone is an outstanding phone, but I just prefer the Android business model, and as such I'm willing to support any company making positive moves with it.

matt20971 says:

true, I didn't mean to put the evo down but if I had to choose I would pick the incredible. Now if I had to pick the evo or iphone, it would deff be the evo. I am so sick and tired of hearing about and seeing the iphone. Its like everyone worships apple.

Simer03 says:

what is with Motorola and the back of their phones?? it looks so brick like.......the best looking phone "looks" wise is still the Nexus One and it's sleek design! but that's HTC, they know what's good!

Apple Inc says:

Lol , and i thought apple was bad, a new android phone comes out every 2 months. Wasn't that HTC phone only just released?

gbhil#AC says:

Yes, choice of great hardware is bad.
And I heard there's Porn on them Android phones.

Flip says:

Wooow I still think the EVO is better

Jeryl31 says:

i have a pretty good feeling this will be the Evo for Verizon, but looks aweome!!!

kd#AC says:

i dont think there is a huge difference between the first one and the x. Sure its faster and runs motoblur. But im not a motoblur fan by far. So im going to stick with my regular droid on this one.

The SPCS Guy says:

Does this have a secondary front facing camera like our EVO? hmmmmm


@Rudolphe....Isn't the processor in the Galaxy S slightly faster than the TI OMAP3630?

leemarkin says:

i like this one better than evo, i don't need sence UI, i will root it after all, and i need physical buttons...