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Changes are afoot at in the Motorola leadership. The company is in a state of transition, poised to be transferred from Google to Lenovo in a multi-billion-dollar deal, and gearing up for the rumored launch of the Moto X+1 smartphone and the anticipated launch of the Moto 360 smartwatch running Android Wear. But some changes are happening in the company's upper echelons as well.

  • Charlie Tritschler is now the SVP of Product Management, overseeing all Motorla product development, marketing, and ecommerce.

  • Regional sales heads Jeff Miller (North America and Global), Sergio Buniac (Latin America), and Magnus Ahlqvist (EMEA and APAC) are now on the senior leadership team — Motorola will "rely more on our regional leaders who deeply understand their local markets" as their "global presence expands again."

  • Adrienne Hays, SVP of Marketing and Communications, is now leading "a newly combined marketing and communications organization that will be responsible for our brand image, advertising and reputation globally."

Rick Osterloh took over as Motorola's new president and COO back in April. The new organization looks to be a good one for Motorola, something that will enable them to function quasi-independently under the umbrella of Lenovo. How would you like to see these new marketing, sales, and development leads take Motorola?

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Motorola shuffling around executive team


As long as Punit Soni and Matt Jones are leaders there, Motorola will be fine under Lenovo.

I'm sure Lenovo will have a say in what changes will occur after the deal is complete. This shuffling won't help much.

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Unless the shuffling is part of the deal Google made. Contract negotiations to keep on employees also happen. People and leaders do make the companies great too, even though we rarely see it here.

The 360 is overrated anyway. I don't even know if the current apps will look right on a round screen. Many of them look optimized for squares.

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Understanding local markets in US is bending over back to useless carriers. Whatever you do please release unlocked devices immediately after announcement. Don't want these crappy carrier exclusives, sell them devices with ugly carrier logos but continue to give people option to buy pure unlocked devices.

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We'll need to see what Charlie Tritschler's posture is on Motorola Products and whether he believes in Matt's and Punit's visions.

If lenovo is smart, they'll allow Motorola to continue functioning and designing how they've been doing it, and not interfere with their process.

I hope so. After giving up on skinned versions of Android (had the original EVO 4G and then went to the LG Optimus G), between the Moto X and last year's Nexus, I'm really loving the magic that's going on with the Moto brand right now. As long as they keep with the awesome hardware and "experience > specs," Motorola won't have to fight much for my money at all. :-)