The Motorola Morrison isn't the most popular device around Android Central, we were very disappointed in its look and felt it was targeted more towards texting teenagers than any other market. So though the Morrison will run Android (no word if it'll run Blur), Android may be simply an afterthought for most customers--they'll surely be more interested in its electric blue color rather than using an open source OS.

But maybe the leaked Morrison specs can change our mind:

  • Qualcomm 528 MHz CPU
  • 320x480 HVGA display
  • 256 MB of RAM, 512 MB flash memory
  • microSDHC support (32GB)
  • accelerometer, magnetometer, proximity sensor & ambient light sensor
  • 5 MP camera with autofocus
  • GPS, 3G, and Wi-Fi

It definitely won't be pushing the envelope in terms of power but it looks to be a perfectly suitable smartphone. A rumored release date sets the Morrison launch on October 21st. We're hoping for it a little sooner.

What do you guys think about these reported specs of the Motorola Morrison? Better yet, what do you guys think about the Morrison?



Reader comments

Motorola Morrison Specs Leak


I might consider it, but the 528 processor certainly doesn't get me hot and bothered -- sounds like it's just asking for lag. I'd really like to see the specs on the Sholes.

I made a fairly big investment buying Motorola phones for the family a couple of years ago. I was very disappointed with how the phones performed and held up. They were basically trash and I made a costly mistake buying them. I will not be making that mistake again, regardless of the features.

Every Motorola phone I've owned has been a POS, so why should this one be any different? Since everyone and their brother will be making Androids, I'll have a couple dozen to choose from. Rest assured that Motorola will be the last on my shopping list.

I will bet my next paycheck that this was originally Widows Mobile hardware that they are slapping Android on.

Morrison is definitely a rocking phone. Have been testing it for quite a few months, now... Approaching final hardware and the colors have shifted to Black and Grey, which looks A LOT better than the blue and white. This phone is going to be a great seller as it does it Blur on the device.

I predict that this phone will DEFINITELY cause a stir in the Android community for Motorola.

I heard it's going to have UMA or the Wifi calling which will be awesome and a huge step over the G1. I can't wait until my contract renewal year....ugh.