Milestone 2

Back in August, we got word that the Milestone 2 would receive the Gingerbread update sometime in Q4. Motorola has now announced that the update will start tomorrow, November 30th and will roll out in stages. If your phone is not the first to receive it, just be patient and it will come.

This has to make owners of the second iteration of the Milestone, the international version of the Droid, very happy. Motorola Europe made the announcement on their Facebook page and said more info will be coming from there, so if you have any questions, hit the soure link.

Source: Facebook


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Motorola Milestone 2 Gingerbread update starts tomorrow


Nope, the Milestone is a GSM-based handset, whereas the D2 is CDMA. On top of that you have the various Verizon network customizations and bloatware. You'd end up with a bricked phone.

Also, for the record, you'd have to pay me to buy a non-VZW (well, the Photon and Atrix seem to be OK) Motorola smartphone, as they are continually left out in the cold regarding updates and bug fixes.

Remember Moto's list a year and a half or so ago that had all of these devices that were originally intended to get Froyo but many of them were changed and left to be abandoned? Pitiful!

Shouldn't this have been on gingerbread months ago? This is almost 2012 and gingerbread has been super seeded.

Seriously if it can't be done with six months the release should be skipped in place for the Android version that is to be released that year or not at all.

Poor Motorola owners I feel your pain as I was once a Milestone 2 owner.

Samsung made a right cock up with the galaxy s but my GSII is less than six months old and I've had two updates so far and running 2.3.5

The manufacturers and the carriers should be getting better at this as its in the nature of business to improve your processes. Even SE has improved its update speed.

Come on Moto