If you've not grabbed a Moto X as of yet for yourself or are looking to get Mom into a new smartphone for Mother's day, Motorola is hosting a 24-hour sale on the device. Starting at 12:01am ET on May 1st, you'll be able customize a Moto X for mom, or yourself, on the cheap.

  • 16GB starting at $299.99 (regular price $349.99)
  • 32GB starting at $324.99 (regular price $399.99)
  • Developer Edition $324.99 (regular price $399.99)

A customized phone, with no contract for a reasonable price. Can't really beat that. You can head on over to the Motorola site for the full details and be sure to check out our six-month look back at Moto X.


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Motorola hosting 24-hour sale on the Moto X starting May 1st


Trying to move stock any way possible but it's still a great deal!

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Are people ever gonna get tired of posting that every time the phone goes on sale? It was old several months ago.

Love mine. Better than the Nexus 5 if you ask me!

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This is interesting. I think I read earlier today that there is a new possible Motorola phone coming, with a 5.2 inch screen.... The sale could very likely be to get rid of current stock before the X's successor, and is enticing, but I'm hoping to see this year's version have the same screen size. That form factor seems to really be the sweet spot, at least for me. I'm on a gs4, and it's great, but wish it were just a bit smaller.

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I feel you on the sweet spot! I have the GS4 and I feel the same way. Just a tad smaller would be perfect!

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Why would anyone buy the 16 GB version for $299 when you can get the 32 GB verison for just $25 more? Seems like a no-brainer to spend the extra $25 bucks.

Secondly - anyone looking for a solid LTE unlocked phone this is the way to go - buy on May 1st.

For one, the 32 GB Moto X is $75 cheaper than the 32 GB Nexus 5.
2) Touchless Control and Active Notifications are really solid.
3) The Moto X has better battery life for people that web browse/have their screen on a lot - if you use your Nexus 5 a lot to web browse/navigate/watch video you will be reaching for your charger pretty soon. The Moto X does drain more than other phones while being idle because it is always listening though.
4) Form factor. The Moto X is pretty small for a phone with a 4.7" screen. It is barely bigger than the iPhone 5/5s and it is very easy to hold and isn't slippery like some other phones (white Nexus 5, SGS3/4, Nexus 4, etc.)

Exactly. That's what I thought last week when I picked up my Moto X. I love this phone. I love the size, its fast, great battery an active notifications and contextual awareness are amazing features. But it was also about 80USD cheaper than the Nexus in my neck of the woods.

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Because I don't need more than 16 GB and I would rather spend the $25 on beer. THAT seems like a no-brainer to me.

really? do you use your phone to make phone calls and thats it? lol 16gb gets eaten up pretty quick with just pics and vids that i take, not to mention if i want to install a good game that takes up 1-2gb easy. i wish 16gb would cut it for me!

Every photo and video I take is on either Google+, Google Drive, my personal cloud server or some combination of the three. And thanks to the wonderful people at Verizon and their unlimited data, I don't need to keep them or any music on my phone. I'm not one for keeping apps/games on my phone if I don't use them, so once I'm tired of an app/game I delete it. I have about 7 GB free on my 16 GB Droid Ultra right now, which is plenty if i'm in a situation with no data and need to store pics/vids on my phone short term. Which means more beer money :)

That's a sweet deal. Man, I'd be a bit bitter if I bought this on contract when it came out.

I bought on contract, not mad at all. Fantastic phone either way. And I have an upgrade come July Haha lg g3 here I come or moto x+1

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Apparently there might be a premium version of the Samsung galaxy s5 to combat the release of the of g3. Sony Xperia z2 should be in the US soon as well.

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it's still samsung and touch wiz. No thanks. The sheep can buy the sheep-sung, I will buy a better device and get Motorola, Sony or LG.

why? its been out for quite a while and its successsor is right around the corner. Anyone buying a smartphone these days SHOULD know that phones will get cheaper the longer they are out. If your an early adopter thats just the way it goes.

And this claim is based in...? Oh, right, your ignorance.
Motorola is rebuilding a their brand. To do that you don't worry about how much you are making per device, you get the device in as many hands as possible and get the brand as much exposure as possible. Once your brand image is healthy again, then you focus on profitability.

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The sales of the Moto X has been low,or are you disputing that? It is reasonable to conclude that there may be excess inventory. This has happened before not only with Motorola. If it was all about using price for image building by getting by getting ng it people's hands, maybe the device would not have been that expensive at first. But my opinion is just mere speculation, but so is yours.
BTW, sent from a Moto X.
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I paid full price for this phone using motorola credit and after 5 months still owe more than it costs now to buy a new one. But, can't complain, the phone is great.

That's the only bad part about getting a phone as soon as it comes out. The prices drop so much within a little more than a few months

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Not all phones lose value so fast. Apple and Samsung keep their value for long time and they don't do any sales for their flagships. But, I was always going for the small guy and in the process lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, LG, Palm, Blackberry to name a few that cost me a lot of $.

They have a developer variant specifically for Verizon LTE. Probably the closest thing you'll get on VZW to the freedom of a nearly stock, more open GSM like experience.

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I like the phone but they really really must have overestimated expected demand.

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Must be to clear existing stock to introduce the X2. This better have a better camera and specs Moto.

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The specs don't matter that much, the X is very fluid... The camera though...

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I find the screen resolution great. The additional pixels would only drain the batter faster. How about an even better battery, a much needed better camera, and I won't mind a 720p screen. I find my Moto Xs screen nicer to look at than a Nexus 5.

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There are few things to improve if they want to attract more customers.
Camera - complete overhaul.
Screen - not PPI as much as brightness (very poor visibility when exposed to sunlight). 720 is perfect for GPU n battery but demand in Android world I'd obviously different.
Battery size - even that it can get you through the day easily w moderate use , considering that there are more n more heavy users out here , screen on time is really not it's strong side. In a 16h + day to get 6h+ screen on requires at least 800 mAh bump.
CPU GPU - bump would be welcomed, depending on the new screen resolution.
Would love to see quad core (for those who complained) and 330 adreno on 720p (not happening bc of the demand and already 2Ks available).
VZW Moto X

It's also significantly bigger and not a choice for many people looking to comfortably handle their phones with one hand.

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And, of course, this means that the new Moto X won't release until more than 30 days after May 1, so people don't return them to buy the new one.

Well, we already knew that considering the fact that Motorola said that the follow up would be released during LATE summer.

I just bought another X as a gift. I still highly recommend this device. It's much faster than the Galaxy S4 on the interface and navigation. It have some very useful features that no other manufacturers offer, including OnePlus.

This is really stupid way to sell products. Who's gonna buy the next moto x at full price when motorola keeps reducing them after couple months and more?

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I sure as heck will never pay over 400 for another moto device. Just wait a few weeks...although I love my moto X they screwed the early adopters who were the ones that gave the Moto X such a good reputation. At least I got it after it was $100 off...

If its a solid improvement over the X I probably will.
I know...its really stupid to pay full price for a great device so the company that makes it can stay in business and keep making great devices.

I will. If the X 1 is good. I will get one soon as it hits the market. who cares if someone waits 6 months and gets it $100 cheaper. I got to use mine for 6 months while they held on to some junk arse S4 waiting to save a few bucks.
Shut up and take my money already Motorola.

I hope this price is for the major carriers. Right now, they're showing "starting at $349" which happens to be the Republic price, and AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile costs $50 more. I would love to get the 32gb version for $324.99 on AT&T. Don't want the nonsense where they jack it $50 to use one of the major players. That's bait and switch in my book.

I'm hoping they don't charge the $50 more for the other carriers. Though the developer edition is $324.99 for more storage with the same price as long as you like the black and white.

Well shoot! I just bought one a week and a half ago at $339 using the .edu discount, thinking that was a good deal. It's a great phone and I really like the little features they added such as the spotlight app and of course, touchless control. Just wish I could have saved an extra $40.

Great for Mom but not for broke students who thought they were getting a deal with the Motorola’s educational discount last month.

$50-$75 off of an already great, affordable off-contract phone; that's a good deal if you've been thinking about picking one up.

Tough call... do I get one of these or wait for the newer phone??? I'm off contract in 2 days!