Motorola's latest Android offering, the Droid RAZR M, has a complete and thorough teardown video available now thanks to the folks over at DirectFix. This is a pretty quick turnaround considering the RAZR M just hit Verizon stores, and we're glad there are people out there who are willing and capable of tearing these new gadgets apart. If for some reason you need to know how to replace a part in your new device -- or maybe you're just curious what Moto has packed behind that kevlar back plate, we wouldn't blame you -- then this video may be of interest to you.

Source: DirectFix YouTube


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Motorola Droid RAZR M torn down on video, phone parts found inside


Yeah, I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and say that the headline is getting a little stale. It was funny the first couple times I saw it and will be funny to most new readers, but regular readers of the site do have memories.

I still think it's funny. Not enough to make me physically grin, but I kinda grin on the inside. Don't lose the headline, it's an AC tradition.