Motorola Droid RAZR

A fairly big update for the Motorola Droid RAZR has begun to roll out. Here's what's new in Software Version 6.11.748.XT912:

  • SIM error notification has been fixed
  • Improved camera features and quality
  • Improved stability of menu access, browser, phone dialer, video playback and music player to prevent force-close errors and lockups
  • Updated group message notification in e-mail
  • Improvement in 3G/4G data connectivity
  • Maintain network connection upon completion of a voice call
  • Background color has been adjusted to improve readability in Lapdock connection UI menu items.

You can get the update by going to Settings>About Phones>System Updates

Source: Verizon (pdf); Motorola
More: Droid RAZR forums

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ibcop says:

Weird - I just downloaded Software Version 6.11.748.XT912, but you mention .747 as rolling out.

Am I on the short bus here?

bamakid366 says:

I'm on the short bus too with .748

Weird. You're right. It's changed a tick since Verizon put out the PDF. I've updated it here.

soXratys says:

I got the update Tuesday night and it is .748.... More importantly, my RAZR™ didn't have any of the supposed issues; people are either bugging or don't know how to use smartphones (maybe they previously had iPhones). Have yet to try out my lapdock, though (still in box).
This is the best phone Verizon has put out to date. And, yes, I demo'd the Nexus at the Samsung Store here in NYC on December 4, 2011, before finalizing my decision to get the RAZR™ and I am glad I went with the RAZR™. Besides, only iPeople buy phones without expandable memory.

damobster54 says:

Only iPeople buy phones without replacable batteries too right?

heraldo says:

Awesome reply! Though, I have a RAZR

trenen says:

Yup, Verizon and Motorola spent all of the time, resources and money on this update that is nothing more than a placebo... just so they could trick all of those "idiot" smartphone users into thinking they aren't idiots. Great thinking there, champ. Maybe YOU don't know how to use your phone, which is why you never noticed any of the bugs.

pappy53 says:

The Rezound is the best to date.

doublegdi says:

I was experiencing some of these problems and I know how to use my phone.

TheFernMC says:

I was as well. This is a nice fix. I still think the phone is a bit rubbish though >_<

soXratys says:


msatlas says:

My office is in a marginal 4g coverage area and I was having an issue where the phone would cycle between 3g & 4g a lot, and during the process temporarily drop all data connections. After the update it still does some cycling but so far today I haven't yet had it totally lose a data connection. So that's something.

SRVJohn says:

I never had any issues and always had strong 4g coverage. I updated last night and this morning when I got to work I had no 3g/4g coverage... coincidence or is Verizon having another 4g outage? I tried toggling airplane mode on anf off and powered down my phone nust still no 3g/4g

ScratchSF says:

To SVRJohn: I had this problem too. What I found is that the Mobile Data Network setting got turned off as part of the update. All I had to to was check that again. Where that setting is located is dependent on your Launcher. But it might be under Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks. On the GoLauncher, it is under Settings -> Data Manager -> "Data Enabled".

SRVJohn says:

Thanks! Sure enough Data Enables was not checked. Did not even think to look because it was on earlier in the morning when I was driving to work. Thanks again.

Smarti277#AC says:

OK...this update officially stinks. I had a Samsung Charge, and always got a 4G connection while at work. I bought the Razr and had 4G connection. I just did the update, and nothing but 3G.
Yet, my Xoom is sitting on the same desk and has 4G.

digitalrio says:

This update was received on my phone 3 days ago. Also has anyone else experienced delayed screen refreshes on some widgets (bookmark widget, TweetDeck, etc.)?

brnscofrnld says:

I'm pretty sure my wife's RAZR received this update on Monday night. We bought the phone on Saturday. At least I'm pretty sure it was this update, I'll have to check when I get home. She did call me this morning and said that she had a SIM car error and that she needed to contact Verizon. I just told her to reboot, and it was fine. If this update is supposed to fix the SIM card issue, its half-assed.

brnscofrnld says:

Yep. This is the same update that my Wife's phone received on Monday night.

She still got the SIM card error this morning.

Wolfee57 says:

@soXratys: I am glad you have been lucky enough to have none of the "supposed issues". I however, and many of my friends who are not "buggin" and do know how to use this phone are having issues. I do not live in a 4g area, but I can't even keep a 3g signal. I have had this phone for almost a month and it drops 3g three to four times a day, every day! I have talked to Verizon Tech Support so many times they actually told me yesterday if this update does not fix it bring it back and pick out something else. I checked out the Rezound and the Nexus. Both are nice phones, and I'm sure they are well suited for some people. I personally like and want a Razar, but if this update dose not fix my 3g "issue" I'm done!!! Downloading the update now, fingers crossed.

danielmlouis says:

Why till today I couldn't find the new update?
It keeps telling me "no update is necessary at this time"
I'm still running the 2.3.5 on version 65.1.12.XT910

leon805 says:

Well my phone turned bad after the update had no signal problems did fix camera though.....