The cat, er Droid, is out of the bag. Motorola just went live with the official Droid webpage and it went into beautifully excruciating detail about this most anticipated device. The early publishing of the website is no longer available but Motorola's mistake is our gain, now we don't have to wait til October 28th to get the nitty gritty specs. According to the Droid website:

  • runs Android 2.0 'Eclair'
  • 3.7-inch WVGA (480x854), 16:9 touchscreen
  • 550 MHz processor
  • 6 oz (169g)
  • 2.4 x 4.6 x.5 inches (60x115.80x13.70mm)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Broswer will support Flash 10 in 2010
  • Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, microUSB (comes with 16gb microSDHC card)
  • 1400 mAh battery (rated at nearly 6 and a half hours of usage time)
  • 5 megapixel camera with image stabilization, 4x zoom, dual-led Flash, and auto-focus
  • the color is listed as: 'Licorice w/ brown sugar accents'

Was the Droid all you imagined it to be?

Hit the jump to see more pictures and specs of the Droid!

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Motorola Droid Pops Up On Motorola's Website, Comes With Leaked Specs


I thought it was suppose to come with a faster processor as well. I was waiting for this to drop, but maybe I will just go pick up the Imagio

I played with a preproduction unit a few weeks ago and think this is the phone to beat. The screen, camera, size and just about every feature has is top notch.

Processor is still faster than the G1, my touch, hero, ect. It is a A8cortex, similar to the one in the 3GS. Think of it as the difference between a pentium 4 and core duo or i7. The mhz may be similar, but it has more computing power. Trust me, this is the fastest android handset on the market. Feeling is believing, don't believe me, go to VWZ 11/9 and test drive it for yourself. You will leave the store with one, providing they are still in stock. I smell shortages.

I was expecting a 600 Mhz processor. Perhaps it has a 600 Mhz processor and is underclocked. Still it was supposed to be an iPhone killer and the iphone has a 667 Mhz processor underclocked to 600 mhz. Also the keys look flat. Color me disappointed.

that's what i'm thinking, and 50mhz isn't a HUGE deal, but according to the site's battery estimates, the "continuous use (i'm assuming this is the same as "talk time") is a little better than the 3Gs and the standby time is less by 30mins or so.

i'm hoping they are being conservative. so long as the phone can get through a day of moderate use, i'm satisfied though.

Megahertz, schmegahertz, it looks like a nice phone except for the recessed "chin," ha ha. Great screen. Too bad about the 4-row keyboard, though. Worst of all are Verizon's predatory pricing and restrictive CDMA network. This would have been a good successor to the G1.

Agree with everything that was said but the restrictive part....the phone is not going to be restricted due to the open access os of the android. VZW wont be able to restict it due to license agreements with google. Nice attempt to bash though.

the consensus seems to be that it's the same processor as the iphone just clocked down probably to save battery life (could possibly be to keep the phone from overheating) it's apparently way faster than the other android phones even the moment with a 800Mhz ARM11

also, there will probably be apps showing up in the market soon that will allow you to clock it back to 600Mhz or even up to 800Mhz as they have those apps already for the ARM11 android phones

Android is not ready for the mass market. I’m a partial geek girl with a MyTouch and it’s simply not as user friendly as an iPhone. I too have experienced massive slow downs on my phone over days of use. That’s unacceptable. Luckily my boyfriend downloaded an app to help me out but I shouldn’t have to do that. It should just work out of the box. I’m contemplating taking it back and getting a more polished UI phone.

Another thing. What the heck is Verizon thinking with this ad campaign. Are they only advertising to geeks??? The ad campaign totally avoids women all together and seems to be targeting star wars fans (i.e. male geeks). I work in advertising and can tell you I’ve been following this campaign. So far, most people don’t know what phone Verizon is poking fun at. it’s missing it’s mark with ignoring mass market and women all together. Verizon needs to do something to change this campaign fast! None of my girlfriends know what the TV spots are. They think it’s an ad for a scary movie. That’s a huge advertising screw up!! That’s not the way to bring Android into the mass market Verizon. Fix it fast! Look at T-mobile’s MyTouch commercials that appeal to you no matter what gender, age, or type of person you are. That’s how an ad campaign is done!

If your friends don't know what phone this is poking fun at then you have some seriously challenged friends, sorry to say. Either that or Apple doesn't have that great of a hold on the industry as they think they do because these ads are instantly recognizable.

I think it was overpromised and underdelivered. Typical Verizon. Typical Motorola. The closer the pictures become to the actual device the more this thing looks like it was made with leftover Razor parts! I hope it's built well because Motorola build quality is pretty bad. Despite the Razor being the best selling flip phone, it had an extremely high rate of return due to build quality issues.

The processor is a disappointment. Even if it is the same A8cortex as in the iPhone, Motorolla should have put in more power to steal those iPhone users away from AT&T. So instead of releasing a device that crushes the iPhone they are just releasing a device that "might be the best competitor to the iPhone". They won't even make a slight dent in Apple's stronghold with that approach. They needed to be more agressive to crawl their way out of the hell hole that they (Motorola) is in. I'm seeing too many similarities with the Palm pre - same processor as iPhone, great web browser, keyboard, outstanding OS, yada, yadda, yadda. Then falls on its face against the Apple machine.

Motorola should have come out with hardware that would have every other competitor trying to catch up instead of just the same old thing.

Oh yeah, agree with @Brooke. The phone will attract geeks and no mass market because Android UI is not polished enough and apps dont actually close when you close them. Oh, you can download an app to help with that? Fail! People will be quick to complain and return for another phone.

I own a MyTouch and was hoping for more...but I'm sad to say...iPhone is looking like it's going to hold the crown for much much longer. Guess I have eat crow from my freakin iphone carrying friends for that much longer. :(

Oh no! 550 mhz processor?!! Sony Ericsson Rachael for sure is the only candidate to be the iPhone Killer!

It looks like something from the 1990's - early 90's actually. Hate to say it but people buy things that use cutting edge tech AND look cutting edge. The look of this thing does nothing for the awesomeness under the hood. It's like putting a ferrari engine in a VW beatle. Most people have been ruined by the sleek lines of the iPhone and all-touchscreen phones. Next to even the HTC Imagio, this thing looks 10 years older! What was motorola thinking anyway??

What is the size of the internal ROM on this thing? All Android phones are sounding great recently except for the fact that you can’t install apps of your sd card (unless your rooted) and most devices have a measly 256MB or 512MB of on board

Most of the phone looks just fine, but that ledge on the bottom... I'm with Stan, what the heck were they thinking? It reminds me of one of those very early Motorola flip phones.

I'm with Stan and Lex. This thing is ugly, ugly, ugly. Against nicer hardware and more polished UI's - even on the VErizon network - this thing doesn't stand too much of a chance except for geeks.

Crap, even put it next to an outdated HTC Windows Phone and it even looks old. At least HTC took the time to skin Android on other networks. I think the Hero with Sense will do better on Verizon then this ugly thing. People just wont pick it up in the store. They're going to think it's last year's model.

@willxcore My friends are not idiots for not recognizing what phone the commercial is targeting. They are just not geeks. The damn television looks like a trailer for a horror movie.

I think he was right with his other guess. If people don't know that the commercial is referring to an iPhone, than iPhones must not be nearly as popular as a nerd like me assumed they are. I thought people pretty much thought of iPhones when they thought of phones at this point. I'm not a phone nerd, just a regular one, and this is one of the maybe five touchscreen phones I could name. I can't get an iPhone because of a discount I get from Verizon, and this is the phone that looks the most appealing to me. I'd say the advertising is working. Plus, who besides a nerd is gonna drop $200 bucks for a phone? Not enough disposable income going around to focus your campaign on the uneducated.

Also to people who complain that this phone doesn't look "cool." This phone looks like the dopest mini-computer I have ever seen. Like something out of Shadowrun. Now hows that for some nerdery!

i think it's a powerVR chip. should have enough graphical muscle.

and unless people don't really watch tv or are at least moderately interesting in tech, i don't see them not seeing what they are poking fun of in the commercials.

white background with "indy" music and words that have the i lowercase and the next letter capitalized? please. what else CAN it be.

and i like the looks, but i've had a blackberry for a while, so maybe i'm just not one of those people who like curvy devices. i want metal, a little heft and functionality.

Verizon did make an advertising error.

The only reason I knew what the ad was about is I found it linked with the phone story. My brother-in-law who's been a geek for over 30 years didn't thought the ad was for the iphone. From his point of view he totally got the message wrong and was able to justify his position. I hope verizon does a better job on the phone than they have been with the ad campaign.

Looks like I won't be upgrading my Storm 1 to a Storm 2 if this is all it looks to be! I hate Motorola software but thankfully they are just doing the hardware here so it should be good!

I'm thinking of ditching my Storm for the Droid. You think the Android UI isn't "polished" enough for mass use? Try a BlackBerry Storm - even on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw: most BlackBerry users reset their phone every night. There are even apps - I use QuickPull. So having to reset a myTouch every couple of days is nothing to complain about.

I'm sorry but the hero is probably just as good if not better, after the e815 every phone they have made for verizon has sucked. The quality for them has just not been there especially for there smart phones. Maybe they have changed? My guess probably not. It always starts out with the phone looks great then over time it falls apart and begins to slow down and than just becomes a paper weight.In general I never understood this but if a manufacturer wants to kill the iphone just double everything (spec wise) that the iphone has use android and dont pick motorola to try and do this.

NOT an iphone killer.... my unlocked, jailbroken 3gs is definitely the baddest phone on the market today... If i want to sing out.. and be me... I can... but I can do it on my iPhone.

Since I absolutely can't be without my berry for business purposes, looks like I might be having to add a line when this comes out. Looks pretty sweet. Now let's see if the fiancee is going to be down with me buying a Storm2 and this in the same month!

By the way, not everyone shares the opinion that iphone is the be-all of cell phones. If that was the case why is everyone not flocking to At&t to get one? I for one can't wait to get an iphone and use it for 3 hours then pull out my spare battery for it. Oh wait...

partial geek girl: what part? if you don't understand what having several apps running at once means then you're probably looking at the wrong phone here...

as for looks, who cares? i wanna know how usable it is! and i will stick with "v" for the network, at&t doesn't ever have to worry about having me as a customer. i don't care that this is not an iphone, and i don't care if it is an iphone killer or not... i think the iphone is a great phone and a lot of work has gone into its interface, and it is a wonderful stick to poke the other phone makers awake with.

i love all those blanket statement people make here, too... people, your experience is anecdotal, not universal. sheesh.


Stick with the "v" (I noticed it was a lower case "v" also, freudian slip?) for the network. Over paid and under powered. AT&T is not better, but the "v" is not the best either.

As for the "Droid" the coolest thing for it is the commercials. It is underpowered and who knows what the "UI" will be like? As for the styling, it is old school, something that looks like one of the first smaller handsets. If you like the look, this is your phone. But, i bet most will think of it as a throw back and on the ugly side IMO.

how exactly is this underpowered?

the UI will look a LOT like the pictures BGR has shown recently i'm guessing. MAYBE something like the other android phones in existence, since they're running the same OS?

I love the idea of tech nerds arguing marketing. I mean seriously... let's go back like 7 months, remember a little product called G? Maybe none of you watch sports, but "mystery company" was going to release a product called G. It was annoying. You had no idea what it was for. I mean it could have been the new iPhone killer for all we knew. Of course, it was just Gatorade changing the name of their current product. They had enough people talking though. People would ask me what I thought G was and I would involuntarily have to speculate in my head. So when we found out what it was we remembered. I am one of those unlucky people. The image of those idiots in the white masks moving their hands around in circles as they pan across the screen will be on the top of my list for images I wish I could forget but can't for a very long time. I haven't drunk any G since all this went down, but I hadn't for years before that anyway. God damn if I couldn't tell someone what it is though. Anyway, this is way too long, the way you are complaining about the ad is probably exactly what they want. So basically we are all a bunch of suckers.

Not to ask a stupid question, but as someone exploring the possibility of an Android phone... where are the green "send" and red "end" keys? The other Android phones have all seemed to have them. Does that mean that you have to use one of the icon placements on the home screen to access the phone, or can you get it by double clicking one of the "hard" buttons?

Just wondering...

I like that it's got a solar panel on back of the screen so that you can charge the battery in the sun

Big question...hopefully someone can help. Will the Droid let me go to my email, iDisk, Calendar? I am a mac person, have been for a very long time. I work with a PC everyday but I never see myself buying one. I would love an iPhone. Here is the kicker: I live in an area without AT&T. Verizon is my carrier: reliable, good coverage, and great service. I can't compare Verizon with anyone else because there is no other carrier in my area.

I have not seen a phone from Motorola since the Krazer worth buying. My wife bought the Q30 Hint and it is terrible. This phone looks great but I have several questions. Will it be 4G capable? Does it have WCDMA? Both of these are important for forward compatibility.

Will people puh-lease stop calling the phone "Android" -- it's name is "Droid". I thought nerds were supposed to be smart. Sheesh.