Looking good always come with a price. The Motorola Droid just got its good ol' fashioned iSuppli bill of materials list and the total came out to $179.11 per device. Which is ever so slightly more expensive than the $174.15 bill of materials for the Nexus One. A little bit surprising right?

There's a good amount of pricy hardware in the Droid, for example the amazing screen costs $17.75 by itself, but making it a capacitive touchscreen adds another $17.50. It's always kind of cool to see what the bill of materials is for a device but we have to say, there has to be a better deal available than the $14.25 Camera Module, since the pictures the Droid takes just aren't that good.



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Motorola Droid Costs $179.11 Worth Of Materials


is it really fair to reference a link about the Droid camera from Nov 9th? Wasn't that during the period of time where the droid camera auto focus was borked?

Can anyone say MASSIVE profit? The phone costs $299.99 at a 2 year price, it's $199.99 with a new line of service and $529.99 without a contract. That's a $112.24, $12.24 and $342.24 respectively.

Yeah the 2 year price at $299.99 will vary, sometimes to the customer's benefit, cause you gotta take out the mail in rebate to bring it down to $199.99 and then subtract any discount you may get and since things have changed with Verizon today, it's either up to $50 or $75 NE2 credit so in the end the phone could cost you at the very least $124.99

But it costs $530 to buy without a contract? Is that how much Motorola is selling it to Verizon? Makes you wonder, of course they make money off the plan but I don't see them buy a ton of these phones at $530. Are they getting them at wholesale price since they buy them in bulk?

But you also forgot to include costs like development, marketing, etc etc. There's more costs to produce the phone then the materials itself.


Have you heard of R&D? That's not cheap.
Warranty/Insurance Claims?
Don't forget they have to pay Lucas Films for the use of the name Droid.

Add all those things up and see how much of a profit they are making.

If "80 bucks" is a steal what do you call getting a DROID for $49.00?

For 80 bucks I'd expect my DROID to have a SnapDragon Processor running at 1GHz or better, at least 512MB of RAM and Android 2.1 just like the Nexus One. I'd also expect a 32GB microSDHC instead of the 16GB microSDHC Card.

I can live without MultiTouch, would love to having 4G capabilities, and would RELUCTANTLY use the physical keyboard!

So for $49.00 I guess I got my money's worth. Yes I am aware this phone will cost me well over $49.00 after the 2 year contract extension.

I'm satisfied knowing I possess one of the top two smartphones available at the present time.

Droid will do really well since how Ardroid OS is and the fact that it evolves in every version of it's update
And the same will happen to maemo 5/6 as well evolution by updates