Looking good always come with a price. The Motorola Droid just got its good ol' fashioned iSuppli bill of materials list and the total came out to $179.11 per device. Which is ever so slightly more expensive than the $174.15 bill of materials for the Nexus One. A little bit surprising right?

There's a good amount of pricy hardware in the Droid, for example the amazing screen costs $17.75 by itself, but making it a capacitive touchscreen adds another $17.50. It's always kind of cool to see what the bill of materials is for a device but we have to say, there has to be a better deal available than the $14.25 Camera Module, since the pictures the Droid takes just aren't that good.


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Anonymous says:

So getting the phone for 80 bucks was a steal...

Kiel says:

is it really fair to reference a link about the Droid camera from Nov 9th? Wasn't that during the period of time where the droid camera auto focus was borked?

Jake Hilborn says:

The only reason the Droid is more expensive is because of that 16gb sd card.

Jake Hilborn says:

The only reason the Droid is more expensive than the Nexus One is because of that 16gb sd card.

tkfox007 says:

Can anyone say MASSIVE profit? The phone costs $299.99 at a 2 year price, it's $199.99 with a new line of service and $529.99 without a contract. That's a $112.24, $12.24 and $342.24 respectively.

Yeah the 2 year price at $299.99 will vary, sometimes to the customer's benefit, cause you gotta take out the mail in rebate to bring it down to $199.99 and then subtract any discount you may get and since things have changed with Verizon today, it's either up to $50 or $75 NE2 credit so in the end the phone could cost you at the very least $124.99

But it costs $530 to buy without a contract? Is that how much Motorola is selling it to Verizon? Makes you wonder, of course they make money off the plan but I don't see them buy a ton of these phones at $530. Are they getting them at wholesale price since they buy them in bulk?

pdx77 says:

But you also forgot to include costs like development, marketing, etc etc. There's more costs to produce the phone then the materials itself.

Bob says:


Have you heard of R&D? That's not cheap.
Warranty/Insurance Claims?
Don't forget they have to pay Lucas Films for the use of the name Droid.

Add all those things up and see how much of a profit they are making.

JLG1985 says:

If "80 bucks" is a steal what do you call getting a DROID for $49.00?

For 80 bucks I'd expect my DROID to have a SnapDragon Processor running at 1GHz or better, at least 512MB of RAM and Android 2.1 just like the Nexus One. I'd also expect a 32GB microSDHC instead of the 16GB microSDHC Card.

I can live without MultiTouch, would love to having 4G capabilities, and would RELUCTANTLY use the physical keyboard!

So for $49.00 I guess I got my money's worth. Yes I am aware this phone will cost me well over $49.00 after the 2 year contract extension.

I'm satisfied knowing I possess one of the top two smartphones available at the present time.

buy R4i卡 says:

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