Droid Bionic

Samsung's not the only OEM releasing source code today, as Motorola has released the kernel and other GPL source code for the Motorola Droid Bionic.  Developers can use this, and will use this, but more important is that it shows that Motorola is serious about its commitment to open-source software.  We ride them because of their bootloader policies, but in reality all they are required to do is provide source code for the software they distribute that calls for it in the license.  They do a good job with this, and we're glad to see it.  Anyhoo, if you're curious, or actively developing for the Bionic, hit the source link and grab the files.

Source: Motorola's Sourceforge page; More: Droid Bionic hacking forums

Thanks, Conner!

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durthquake says:

What will this allow people to do? I'm curious since i have a bionic!

zacisblack says:

Create custom ROMS and kernels.

moosc says:

Help with overclocking. Maybe well see 2.0 ghz outs of her

duke82722009 says:


ak110707 says:

Hopefully we will see more action with this phone now. its a sick device. Thank god we will see Cyanogen(Mod) on it, but you don't won't me asking for ETAs :)

bolski says:

Actually, you won't see Cyanogen(Mod) because the boot loader and it's proprietary kernel are still locked. Cyanogen uses a customized version of the ASOP Android kernel. Therefore, until they unlock the boot loader and kernel, you won't see Cyanogen ROMs.

mn1225 says:

Then how is it that CVPCS has been working on CM for Bionic for weeks now? This kernel should allow him to go much further toward getting CM completed. Videos have been posted showing pre-alpha version on several sites.

witmah says:

Actually, we will see CM on this device. They use what's called 2nd init, the same way they do the droid X/2. both of them have locked bootloaders.