Motorola Atrix 4G

Good news for those of you in Canada. The Motorola Atrix (aka the Atrix 4G here in the States on AT&T) is headed to Bell on March 17. That's a 4-inch qHD display, and dual-core Tegra 2 processor, if you haven't heard by now. Plus you'll get the option for the Laptop and Multimedia docks, same us the rest of us. No Gingerbread yet (it's launching with Android 2.2), and you're missing the faux-4G title, but we're OK with that.

A three-year contract will knock the price dodwn to $169.95 with a minimum $50 plan. Or you can buy it outright for $599.95. Be sure to check out our hands-on from CES if you haven't already. Full presser's after the break. [Bell]

Highly Anticipated MOTOROLA ATRIX™ Coming to Bell March 17

The all-new, all-powerful superphone features the revolutionary Motorola webtop application

TORONTO – March 4, 2011 – Motorola Mobility Canada and Bell today announced the award-winning Motorola ATRIXTM will be available in Canada, exclusively from Bell Mobility on Canada’s Best Network starting March 17.

Motorola ATRIX delivers an industry-leading combination of features including a dual-core processor for incredible speed, the world’s first high-resolution qHD display for rich graphics, Adobe® Flash® Player for an optimal web browsing experience and Motorola’s webtop application for a PC-like experience from any screen.

Breakthrough accessories for which Motorola ATRIX is the engine include the super-thin MOTOROLA Lapdock™ and the Motorola HD Multimedia Dock that uses the phone’s HDMI video output capabilities and processing power to enable a revolutionary browsing, application and media experience.

“Canadians will have access to the all-powerful superphone and innovative accessories with the Motorola ATRIX,” said Jeff Miller, corporate vice president, Motorola Mobility. “Through our partnership with Bell, Canadians will get top-of-the-line mobile services and content on the Motorola ATRIX.”

“The Motorola ATRIX is a high-performance super-smartphone that takes full advantage of Bell’s world-leading 4G broadband mobile network,” said Adel Bazerghi, senior vice president of products at Bell Mobility. “Operating exclusively on Canada’s Best Network, the Motorola ATRIX is powerful enough to meet the mobile computing and multimedia demands of both Bell business and consumer clients.”

Key features and specifications:

* A dual-core processor capable of opening web pages and rendering games with blazing speeds, and displaying HD video on big-screen TVs
* The world’s first qHD display – packing 540x960 resolution in a 4-inch (10.1 cm) screen delivering stunning clarity in pictures and videos
* 1GB of RAM for the horsepower you need to multitask
* Powered by Android™ 2.2
* Front- and rear-facing cameras for video chat and the ability to record and output in HD
* Biometric fingerprint reader for easily unlocking your phone while providing extra security
* Under 11 mm thin, with an extra large 1930 mAh battery for extended standby and talk time
* Keep up to date on social networks with automatic delivery of messages through MOTOBLUR™, including the ability to locate, wipe and restore data if the device is lost or stolen
* Up to 48GB of storage (16GB internal and optional 32GB MicroSD card) – enough to store thousands of songs, photos and many full-length movies
* Download speeds of up to 14.4Mbps and Mobile Hotspot service for connecting up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices

Complete Accessory Ecosystem

The Motorola Lapdock has an incredibly thin design with an 11.6-inch (29.4 cm) screen, full keyboard, stereo speakers, 36Wh three-cell battery that delivers up to eight hours of battery life and weighs just 2.4 pounds. Users simply dock the Motorola ATRIX into the back of the Lapdock to experience true mobility at work, home and playing on-the-go in a form factor that’s lighter and smaller than most laptops on the market.

The Motorola HD Multimedia Dock has three USB ports and an HDMI port, enabling connections to a keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers or HDMI monitor for working on traditional PC tasks, and connects to an HDMI-enabled television and home theatre audio system for enjoying video, music, games and more.

Mobile Services

Bell Mobile TV delivers anytime, anywhere access to compelling live and on-demand video programming on the Motorola ATRIX’s remarkable 4-inch qHD display. Alongside a wide variety of content from CTV, Treehouse, Weather Network and much more, Bell Mobile TV also offers exciting sports action such as live NHL regular season games, Stanley Cup Playoffs and Stanley Cup Final games on TSN, RDS and CBC.

Motorola ATRIX will also come pre-loaded with an impressive suite of mobile services including the Bell Remote PVR, GPS Navigator, Kobo eReader as well as easy access to Bell’s Self Serve feature.


Motorola ATRIX will be available exclusively to Bell Mobility clients on Canada's Best Network with the fastest 4G speeds and largest 4G coverage starting March 17 for $169.95 on a three year term with a minimum $50 voice/data plan or for $599.95 with no term. For more information, go to, or to pre-register please visit

To celebrate the upcoming launch, Canadians are invited to go to and register to win one of five Motorola ATRIX prize packs valued at approximately $1,200, including the Motorola ATRIX smartphone, Lapdock™ and HD Multimedia Dock.


Reader comments

Motorola Atrix comes to Bell on March 17 for as low as $169 on contract


Anyone looking into buying this, just an FYI that the HSUPA has been locked down (at least on AT&T). Speeds are ridiculously slow for it being a 3G phone let alone a 4G phone. :(

That's just AT&T, Bell won't be gimping their flagship Android device. They don't have network issues like AT&T.

Welcome to the land of big telecom... Three year contracts, upgrades in 2 years, bandwidth caps and price gouging.

It's a shame that the Atrix couldn't have went to a better carrier who doesn't constantly cripple every Android device they have.

What are talking about? Bell has the three of the four best Android phones in Canada and they didn't do anything to cripple them.

Motorola Atrx
Samsung Galaxy S
HTC Desire Z

They are all stock manufacturer phones, no modification, no removal of cameras like so many carriers have done with the Galaxy S line.

That forth best phone is the HTC Desire HD on Telus.

Motoblur and future updates up in the air will keep me away from this phone. Buying it with no contract and getting Bell to unlock it, good luck. I'll stick with HTC.

Man, if the Atrix had an unlocked bootloader and the dock was less than $100 they would have had something. Now, I usually look past the articles. The cost of the dock pretty much makes it as if it didn't exist because I could buy a laptop for almost the same price. And the locked bootloader is the nail in the coffin.

It is too bad Motorolla has locked phones and Samsung, well, we all know about them. Pretty much the only phones left for me are HTC. Thankfully they seem to be good quality and have good support.

Another thing you should know. In Canada, FREE tethering. That's right, FREE! My SGS came with mobile AP active right out of the box on 2.1. Oh, and we started getting 2.2 around the end of November.

Three year contracts do suck bit I don't care, I've been with Bell for six years, the only other option I would consider is Telus and they're basically the same company.(shared network) 40Mbit coming this year!

In the US, Samsung mobile is known for either a) never releasing software updates to newer OS versions, or b) releasing it 381298312809 years later.