With Motorola scheduled to host an event on September 4th in Chicago, we were kind of expecting to see a bit more of the long awaited and already plenty leaked 'Moto X+1' and it seems our thoughts on that weren't far off.

A new image shared by @evleaks as a retirement gift shows off the Verizon branded version in several different variations such as black, white and of course, the wooden back with metallic trim we saw in previous leaks of the device.

The line up does look pretty spiffy, with the exception of those all too noticeable Verizon logos but in any case, we'll hopefully be hearing more about these devices and more come Sept. 4th. For now though, what do you all think?


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'Moto X+1' leaks again ahead of Motorola event on Sept. 4th


Well there's no Verizon logo on the front and no blaring 4GLTE on the back so...if this holds that's a win in my book.

Phone looks really nice.

Right? Get over the Verizon logo folks. They don't do it to all phones.

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I'll never get over it. That's the only reason I never switched to Verizon, even though Verizon has better service in my area. That logo just ruins the look of phones for me. And no, I don't use cases.

Edit...well that's not the only reason I guess. I also like being able to use Nexus and other gsm devices.

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Lol I'm glad you edited it to add that last part because man that first part is beyond stupid.

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It may be to you buddy, but every time I see that gigantic logo I want to smash the phone. It's personal preference.

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Considering that I'm on WiFi 95% of the time, I don't mind. My service still works just not as good as Verizon, I'm not full stupid. You guys must rock the Note 3 on Verizon, logos galore.

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Sub par service hahahaha Verizon is good buy I get amazing serivice with T-Mobile where Verizon doesn't and my speeds are on par with them all day and why would I want to pay out if my a** for service when most of us get great service with other carriers 100 bucks a month unlimited everything no data cap

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I totally agree with you. One of the reasons I used iPhone for so many years on att was because the iPhone has no logos and it looks pretty without branding. Now I use android, a moto G and I just love no logos anywhere. I don't use cases either because it kills the good look on phones.

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Well Verizon does get carried away often enough.... But not this time.

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You can always replace the backing of the phone or is it not on the back? My GS3 says T-Mobile on the back cover. I can easily replace it for less than $10.00

Yea, i dont get what the big deal is. It's one logo on the back, so what? It's not like the 5 that samsung and LG devices get. If a carrier just needs to have its logo on it somewhere, the back is fine, because, spoilers, you rarely ever look at the back.

Hasn't impacted my Moto X experience is all I'm saying.

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Compared to at&t putting their name in the status bar... That doesn't go away...

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You have the option to make it go away since the 4.4.4 update. It's in the mobile network settings.

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agreed. the AT&T logo in the status is worse. IMFO

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Edit: It is true, the AT&T is removable now... yes!

Was that an AT&T thing though? Looms like the UK models have that "issue" as well.

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The UK version on for 4.4.4 now have the option to remove the network name in the status bar. This option can be found under Settings > more (under Wireless & Networks) > Mobile Networks > Uncheck the Show Mobile Network option.

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To me the problem is that I hate knowing that cellphone companies are screwing you over with high prices and on top of that you have to advertise their branding on my own phone. Its kinda a psychological thing, you know. In my case ATT gave me hell just to unlock a phone when I needed it for traveling. That's why I don't like having their logo in any if my phones.

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I'm not ashamed to be seen in public with a fat bottom phone.

Its actually harder than it appears. I make it look easy.

Haha hey I'm a fat guy so I understand. It's just not as sexy as the original.

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Yeah it's not the best looking, but if they keep the price down with it then I'm OK with that

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This, I assume it will be updated better unless LG surprisingly gets it crap together.

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Not the fault of KitKat, fault of your phone and Touchwiz. And don't even mention how you can't use sdcard, because it is usable, the Dev is responsible for making their app compatible.

Regardless if it was the update, the phone, or TouchWiz, the phone was fine prior to kit kat. So yea, the update ruined my note 3.

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Battery life plummeted and radio reception was awful... To the point I couldn't send text messages and when I tried to make a call I would get a message saying "mobile network not available" in places where I had no problems before

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Everything after the comma and before the period in your first sentence is BS. Your second one is right on though

How long do you want to wait for updates? If you're going to go with LG, you better like the phone the way it is when you buy it and not count on it getting updated to the latest version(s) of Android in any sort of timely fashion.

Motorola and Verizon have been pretty awesome about updating the Moto X quickly. It only took 19 days after the announcement of Kit Kat for the Verizon Moto X to be updated.


It should be the better overall phone. The camera is great,, the skin is a little heavy, LG is working with updating everything, and all the other stuff.

The X was great, I am sure the X+1 will be great, but the G3 right now is the best. You might want to wait until the official announcement on the X+1 though just to compare things

G3 needs Touchless Controls, always listening, Active Notifications.

I'm using one right now, and the display and camera are great, but I really miss the Moto features without having to find workarounds.

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G3 doesnt NEED any of those things. They are nice but they are Motorola stuff. It would be like saying that Moto NEED a laser sight and whatever else

I don't think the LG UI is heavy at all. In fact, in some areas, it's very stock androidish. It's nowhere near Touchwiz.

The G3 may be a little faster with more ppi, but I'll still take the Note 3 over it any day. I played with it and wasn't impressed. I like more RAM and killer battery life personally. Then there's the S-pen. Don't even mention touchwiz. Mine's rooted, running stock, debloated, and no Knox. I can hardly wait for the Note 4.

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"So, guys, what ya think? This or the G3?"

To answer this question I think you have to ask yourself just how important the camera is to you.

As you may have read the only significant flaw to the X is the camera. I assume this will be addressed in the X+1 but its something that needs to be checked out when comparing.

The Moto X is more tuned more for user experience than raw power that will win a spec sheet war and I love it. If the X+1 expands on that it will be a great phone.

Totally agree. That is the only thing really lacking on the Moto X in my opinion. Yes the specs aren't great but the user experience is. Everything just works. Clearly we already have the slightly bigger screen I'm looking for so if the camera is addressed they can take my money.

Just going by the picture I couldn't tell much of a difference. That's fine by me - just "new and improved" works in this case.

Could we please stop using One, 1, or X in our name? It's really getting weird. Wasn't the first generation of HTC One phones the HTC One X?

They could call it "shit on a shingle" and I would still buy one. Who really cares. The moto x was an awesome phone, which I think this will be as well.

Amen. So long as my Motorola SOAS Maxx has a 3500mah battery with Android Lollipop, and not be carrier exclusive so I can have cases by Spigen, Seidio, and more than two styles from Incipio.

My 32gb Droid Maxx has been my cheapest phone to date. Originally priced at $299 minus verizon30 and comcast rebate. Our 16gb was free, with $100 trade up, and $150 comcast visa.

Now, after the 24th that's all going away. Sad times.

Good to see dual front facing speakers making their way into more devices. Hopefully they're of high quality too. But overall it looks kinda 'bleh'.

Strange that Motorola are making a stunning watch, but the phone just looks so generic. Get the watch designers onto the phone.

This probably won't come to Australia (as the Moto X didn't), which is pretty annoying. I don't care about the Moto Maker stuff. Just ship out a generic black model and that'd be fine.

That's a big mistake for time if true. Nobody buys watches nearly as much as they do smartphones.

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I hope it's dual front facing speakers, doesn't the Moto G have faux dual front facing speakers?

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Still has the Moto design language as seen in the Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E.

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I'm with you. But the official will tell...the insides may be so attractive we'll all get over it

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

love my moto x!! can't wait to switch to att from Verizon so I can buy any phone(cuz of gsm). that way I can use my moto x +1 one day, then nexus 6, then moto shamu...... if I have one for each day I will be happy :)

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Did Moto finally learn how to not display the carrier in the upper left? I hope so.

Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurs, just like me.

Man, I was all ready for the Note 4 but this has definitely caught my attention. I use a Moto X every day for work and I love that little phone, it's faster than my HTC One (M7), smaller than my One, and while the screen isn't 1080p it's still not bad at all. Why you gotta make my decision hard Moto?

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Have a oneplus one, it is a nice phone but very hard to get one. I think I would of got the moto x+1 if I didn't get this phone.

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I have a Droid Maxx and am interested in the next gen of that, or especially from what I saw rumored, the Droid Turbo (supposedly has a 20 MP camera...yeah we'll see).

The Moito X is a nice phone, but it bugs me as someone who paid more for mine that the X is considered the "flagship." I understand in a situation where you have something like the Note that costs more than the Galaxy of the moment, but we're talking more phone vs. phone in the Motorola universe, not phone vs. phablet. The mid-range handset isn't normally the "flagship."

Anyway, hopefully they have more to announce on the 4th than just the X+1 and the 360.

Calling the Moto X "mid-range" means you don't understand the reasoning behind the Moto X.

Plus, the DROID MAXX is a carrier exclusive. The Moto X was/is Motorola's flagship.

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Not only that, but calling the Moto X mid-range when it basically has the same specs as the Droid Maxx (except the Maxx's larger screen and battery) is flat out ridiculous.

That design just looks plain ugly and geeky. The original Moto X look much more simple.

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Look forward to Republic getting this bad boy! I will snatch it up quick! The Moto X has been an amazingly flawless phone for me.

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It looks like a phone from 2014 with two front speakers..
Look I'm still using my BlackBerry Z10 well I wait for the nexus 6. Or some other phone that i can buy (Straight up) with minimal strings attached.. I would have bought the regular Moto X, One carrier had the X here (Fido I'm with Wind) .
I would buy it if the price was right, and my carrier supported it

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I know that common theory is that those two bars are speakers and I know we can't see them especially well and we can't see that much detail from them but I wonder if its actually something to keep the screen off of surfaces since they're all about those customizable back plates, maybe they figure people will want to show them off more.

To be honest that is the most logical thing to be but i agree the picture is small and details are lacking.. I'm sure it will still be a solid phone and sell well.

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Not in Canada it wasn't, sadly we also didn't have access to the MotoMaker i guess that is one of the joys of living in Canada...

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Did T-Mobile sell it officially? I know the unlocked version worked on their bands just fine, but I don't think there was a T-Mobile-branded model (which means no wifi calling).

nah they sold it through moto but you could use it on tmo.

Do you use wifi calling alot? I really havent yet

I don't have the option on my current carrier or with my current phone, but it's something I want with my next device. Reception in my house isn't great, and I spend a lot of time in hospitals where there's decent wifi but no kind of cell signal whatsoever.

That red icon better not be a new messenger app from Motorola. Thats all users need is more hangouts/messenger/confusion...

Yeah its Verizons sms and mms app called messages+
If you have a tablet with Verizon service, you'll get text messages from your phone on tablet syncd

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Looks a lot like the galaxy s5 from the front because that speaker/mic looks like the home button.

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I just couldn't wait! I printed the picture above :-D I'm now rocking a Moto X+1
(taking them forever to announce and release this thing, and, I'm on my original 3+ year old Thunderbolt)

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Design wise they ruined the timeless MotoX 2013. It's a shame... Those speaker grills and huge button in the back look out of place.
Do they even conduct focus groups?

Motorola has to go bigger to sell more phones.

Camera quality will be the true test. On average, it needs to match the GS5.

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Agreed. I just don't get why they picked that huge rear button (whatever it does) and couldn't make the front grills more premium

Yep. Battery life should be addressed too, though. Screen on should be 5+ not 3-4 with light use.

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Hope to God the battery life is improved, as well as the camera. Those are the only two reason's I don't still have the Moto X.

Hmm.... Yeah moto maker is gonna be busy because this phone so far physically isn't impressing. Feel in the hand has gotta be excellent.

More importantly... Is evleaks really retiring?.. Hope he has a successor......>_>......@evleaks+1

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What doesn't look good about it? Think it looks like a Moto X.. Lot of haters out there, my Moto X is the best phone I've ever owned this will be my next.

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Yes, it's pretty much the same old MotoX but with terribly executed new details. The original is beautiful. This one got ruined purely with new details... Functional or not it doesn't matter

I see all day battery and a boom like stereo sound. I like it... I like it a lot. Now what's with the rumored phablet moto G?


Looking very much like my next phone. Please don't gimp on the snapdragon. Then again if T-Mobile doesn't carry it in store this may not be my next.

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I do not like the industrial design of this phone. The original Moto X looks far classier than what is shown in these images. Both, the Motorola logo and the camera port on are too bold, they come off as gaudy.

True. Who knows , maybe they blamed the size for their horrible sales numbers and decided to go big. I guess it was easier to do that, than to point at original pricing, marketing, carrier exclusivity etc.

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I want to know what all those sensors are on the front on the top and the bottom. I bet I Moto's got some cool stuff up their sleeve for this phone. Even though I just got my Moto X in February, I believe I may have to get this at launch.

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Wish the headphone jack was in the bottom. Almost a deal breaker as I use headphones everyday riding public transportation. Having the wire wrap from the top sucks along with pulling the phone out of my pocket while it's upright isn't natural or convenient.

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The headset that Motorola is selling on their website (soul jaxx) is particularly designed to address that issue. Actual jack has a 90% curve before the flat cord extends from it, so you can comfortably keep or pull the phone out of pocket.
The problem w those headphones is that the mic is of extremely low quality and at times useless. And as far as reboot controls go, you have only play / pause function on it.

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I hope the Moto G2 doesn't look like this!!! Because if it does I'll have to get over it, cause I'm getting one even if its a small improvement over the original. And at least it'll get updated past Android L!!!

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I think you're right but remember it'll be Lenovo making those decisions and not Google. I doubt very much it was just a coincidence that Moto all of a sudden became the non Nexus update king as soon as Google owned them. People seem to forget how they were before and we don't really know how they'll be in the future.

People can complain about the looks all they want but it does prove that you can add two front speakers without adding a lot of wasted space! HTC are you paying attention?

To add a speaker is one thing but to make it sound as good idk, we have to wait and hear it. All I know is that the speaker on my Moto X is more than good enough for the way I use. It's more loud and clear than any iPhone or Samsung around. So, this one shouldn't disappoint at least, even though I'm not expecting the bass and depth that HTC One has.

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Give me the unlocked developers edition in all black or Motomaker please!! And improve that camera for God's sake!

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seriously, having those two ugly logos in the the back is really not attractive. i wouldn't say it's a deal-breaker but without it it would look soooo much better and i wouldn't think twice about whether or not i should buy it.

Everyone is so hung up on the SP logos. For me I'm disappointed its so big. What made the old Moto X so great is how well it fit in your hand. Seriously considering switching to iPhone as they are the only ones still making premium compact phones. Or Maybe Sony?

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If you don't want a Verizon logo on your phone then don't use Verizon as your carrier. If you don't want a Ford logo on your vehicle then don't buy a Ford vehicle. Complaining about a logo is so childish already, get over it.

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Sure you can, but the better comparison is the car dealership putting their logo on your Ford. Unfortunately, many certainly do. I'd never buy a car from a dealer that insisted on their logo. A license plate holder is more than enough free advertising on MY vehicle.

Just do what I do, if the dealership wants to put there logo on the car insist they pay you 100 bucks a month for advertising. They always change their tune.

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I'm a very huge fan of moto x but that bottom front speaker is ugly. This is coming from a moto x and g owner.

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If the screen actually produces whites, can actually get bright, and the camera isn't complete shit, this will be a great phone.
The Motorola cutout is kind of ugly, but it's probably comfy for your index finger.
Somehow the Moto X had the best call quality of any phone I've ever used. It even sounded better over Bluetooth in my car. Rooting for you Moto.

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Who the hell spends all this time looking at the back of his phone? I am concerned about how a phone looks from the front and how it feels in the hand.

Amazing the amount of ink and attention the VZW logo gets here compared to the overall merits of the phone.
Just shows how luxurious and trouble free our lives really are.

It seems to me these same negative comments, or at least very similar, can be read on virtually every single pre-release article ever written. This particular phone may or may not be ugly or whatever, but one thing is for sure, haters will come out in force at every opportunity.

5.2"... sigh, welcome to the land of over sized objects.

The Moto X was the perfect size with thinner bezels than this. Active notifications changed the way I used my phone...unfortunately now I might have to jump to the Samsung Alpha camp :(

Bezels seem smaller to me and who says it will not have active notifications. I actually like the look of the phone. I think the current white one looks terrible but I bought the black one which I think is the best looking phone around. I'm sure the phone will look great when I see it in person. You can never really tell anything from pictures. I don't think the added screen size will be that big of a deal but I do think the current size is the sweet spot for me. Almost 100 percent sure I'm buying but will wait until reviews come out and I see it in person

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Oh I'm sure it'll have active notifications. I'm just saying the next phone I have probably won't have them because this won't be the next phone I own.

I honestly think for a phone 4.5-5" is the sweet spot. Maybe .2" won't make a difference, but I think the phone could have stayed the same size or even gained an extra .1" by just further decreasing bezel size. I'd also say get rid of the rounded back, fill that baby up with battery.

I'm with you though, I'll have to wait and see it in person. But I hate to see anything much larger.

Its so funny reading the comments about people crying over the Verizon Logo? who really cares about the logo on the phone? not me! i am a Verizon customer not be cause i love them but because i want my service to work. Verizon has spent more money building there network and this is why i am with them, if another company starts to drop the cash and building a network as large or larger i will switch to there logo on my phone and once again wont give a flying F about a sticker on my phone.

I'm very happy to see the two front speakers, please have a sd card slot and not be too big.

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