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Black and white Moto X launches on AT&T

Update: The Moto Maker site is now live, too.

Today's the day, Moto fans. You can now pick up the Moto X from AT&T in the U.S., where it's available in black and white for $199 on a two-year plan, or $579.99 outright.

The Moto X is Motorola's much-hyped flagship phone, one of the first to arrive since Moto became "a Google company." It's sporting near-stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on a 4.7-inch, 720p display with a host of new software capabilities; voice controls, active notifications and Motorola Assist are just a few of the features designed to make it easier to use.

You'll want to check out our definitive review of the Moto X to learn exactly why this is one of the most anticipated Android launches of the year.

So will you be picking up a launch-day Moto X? Let us know in the comments.

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Moto X now available on AT&T


When you have a Brit write the article, not surprising that he put the £ symbol in error. He fixed it fairly quickly. :-)

FYI ATT is not letting people buy this device at full retail out right. ATT is only selling the Moto Maker Model of the Moto X on contract with a personal plan as an Upgrade in order to get the phone with Moto Maker scratch off card.

Droid Life reported going into a store to buy Moto X full price to give away and the computer wouldn't allow a device to be sold out right. So it kind of sucks if you were planning on buying the device to replace a phone you were on contract still and weren't going to wait for the 24 month upgrade cycle. Also the computer made no specifications of when the phone would be sold buy itself off contract at full retail.

Yes. I love my htc one. Looking forward to a trip to the AT&T store today. Three phones to check out.

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The fact that they put physical buttons on the device means I will never even give it a chance. Personally, I find the device ugly and I hate HTC. Thanks for your opinion though.

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I would give it a try if I was on AT&T and if the camera was better.

I love android phones but I just wish there was a great Android phone, that's stock out the box, gets updates from Google, with a great camera. The N4 and now the Moto X it seems requires too much effort to get a great photo. When I use my bro's iPhone 5, or even my buddy's SGS4, it's as easy as just point and shoot.

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you are so right ! moto X is simple mid range phone...I don't understand what so special about it?

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Absolutely nothing. Nexus 4 is a better option. Well the battery is better than the nexus 4 though.

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Battery, display, LTE, not made of glass, better GPU, Active Notifications, Touchless Control, better camera..Yea, you are right. They are the same.

The only thing you got right was the the LTE. Active notifications can be downloaded on the Google play store. Who uses touchless control? Nexus 4 has the same processor and same pixle density screen. So yeah, the nexus 4 is a better deal. If the moto x was $150 cheaper then I would buy it over the nexus 4 just for the LTE.

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You skipped over better battery, better GPU, active notifications, and most importantly better camera.

Who uses touchless control? I would imagine quite a few would find it useful, like I do with my "gimmicks" on my sgs3.

There is always a Nexus Elitist in every thread. This one seems to have spawned a few.

What's wrong with being Nexus Elitist on Android Forum? As a nexus owner motor X is nothing special for it or not...

the price of Moto X is too high for me to be interested in purchase.

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So. Much. This. And before anyone talks shit, I use a GNex and have the next Nexus on my radar. The elitist attitude isn't cute anymore...ok, it probably never was.

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judging by your posts, just today, you most certainly are biased. You made one compliment to the SGS4 but the rest has been Nexus this, Nexus that.

I also mentioned the HTC one, og pro, lg g2, but what ever. It seems that the moto x is closer to the nexus 4 than anything else is all.

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There's nothing wrong with having an opinion. But, to suggest that the Moto X is a midrange phone, based on specs alone, is just silly.

Of course, price-wise, the Nexus 4 is a better value. But, that doesn't make the Moto X a bad phone. The GNex can be had for under $200, if you know where to look. Does that make the Nexus 4 a bad phone?

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We are not basing our opinions off of specs alone. The fact is, that for the price of this phone, there are 4 phones(HTC one, gs4, lg optimus g pro, and the upcoming lg g2) with better all around specs. Then there is the nexus 4, which is a lot cheaper off contract with comparable specs and a huge Dev community. I currently have a gs4 running the Google play rom and it has a great camera and a lot better specs than the moto x for the same price. This is just my opinion though.

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Actually, it sounds like I am basing my opinion off of specs. But this is what we have always done with android phones. Maybe times are changing.

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No worries! Times are indeed changing. In the past, we Android users had to rely on specs. If you didn't have the highest-end specs, then your device ran like crap.

Some people got burned, by opting for "weaker" devices. So, to avoid getting burned again, these users compare and contrast specs with price. So, the arguments about specs are psychological, yet, completely understandable.

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You are exactly right about that. Its a bad feeling when you get left behind. I wish I could buy a phone and stick with it for a while. I bet you that I've been through 10 phones in the past 2 years. And that's just to get the newest phone with the best specs! It takes a lot of money to try and keep up.

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It is that way with all electronics. Everything from TVs to well everything. Next up is appliances.

We as consumers have been programmed to need the latest and greatest. It isn't really the companies fault either. They need us to do that to survive.

I too have been through tons of phones in the last 2 years. Over and Over chasing the specs. But in the past it was a necessity because Android was chasing Apple in terms of fluidity and "offering more". I swapped every upgrade in my house to get the new one. I was a junkie.

Those times are over. I have had the SGS3 and an upgrade and I am happy sitting on both for awhile. Well awhile being this fall since I drunkenly put a crack in my screen.

For me it is all about the features now, not really the specs. I know the Nexus is great on upgrades and the like, but it lacks the "gimmicks" I do use everyday. That and decent cameras.

Thought maybe the X and the G2 would maybe get to me, but I barely felt a tug. That is why I am down to the Note 3, Honami and One Max

I talked about the battery my first post, but you probably are right about the touchless control.

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People will use the touchless control. Sure, there are alternatives on the Play Store; however, none of them are optimized for hardware or battery life. The Moto X will not only provide the app, but a great experience as well.

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The processors are not the same. For all intents and purposes, the Moto X uses a dual core S600 (it's easier to say this, but it's not exactly an S600) with Krait 300 cores and a higher clocked Adreno 320 (like the S600; up to 533MHz).

The S4 Pro Quad in the Nexus 4 uses Krait 200 cores (i.e. last year's Krait) and an Adreno 320 clocked at 400MHz (-133MHz). No Wifi AC support either.

They are very different. The Moto X doesn't use last year's S4 Pro SoC. The only common thing it shares is its name.

I see...I just looked on the website and had seen the s4 pro and did not look any further. Thanks for straightening this out.

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Active notifications are already ported to other devices (I use it on the Xperia Z Ultra) and solutions for Touchless Control is also out (I have seen Active Listening apps already, one is available in the Ultra forum at XDA).

The Nexus 4 is just more bang for the buck than the Moto X that is crippled by the carriers. If Google/Motorola had sold it through Play Store, it would have been great but they let the carriers interfere. MotoMaker and the AT&T exclusivity is just a failure and a huge let down.

LTE isn't something to brag about when the data plans are severely capped (2 GB of LTE for $100/month is a joke - 50 GB of LTE data for $500 on AT&T is like a bad joke).

So because of the way Moto X is sold, Nexus 4 is the winner since it is unlocked, unbranded, unbloated and sold directly by Google with direct updates while the Motorola device has to be updated through the carriers with the usual delays as a consequence.

If someone wants higher performance and more features than a Nexus 4, the best option isn't a Moto X but rather a Sony Xperia Z1 Honami, LG G2, Oppo N1 (formerly Find 7) or perhaps a Galaxy S 4 et al. Getting a Moto X "because it has a faster GPU than a Nexus 4" isn't a good idea when there's a lot of competitors with more powerful hardware etc in the market (global market that is).

When Moto X arrives to the Play Store, it will be an interesting option. The carrier-Moto X we have now is too restricted (by the carriers). I avoid carrier devices like the plague.;)

When are you people going to realize one thing.

Motorola and Google are 2 different companies.

Expecting Google products from Motorola is not going to happen.

Why the fark do you need 50GB of data? and btw, I pay 185 dollars (inlcuding tax/charges/insurance) for two line for 6gb's of data, which is more than enough.. If you need 50gb of data for YOUR PHONE, you are abusing the system.. Plain and simple..

In Denmark, I can buy a Galaxy S 4 including 100 (yes 100) GB of LTE data (faster LTE than in the US too) for... $60-70 per month including device installments.

2 lines with 6 GB of data? Not impressive, for LTE I would say that at least 10-20 GB of data per line is adequate. What are you going to do with capped LTE? To me, the higher speed is for streaming (Netflix in HD, Google Play Music etc), using Dropbox (I have 53 GB there) - with US data plans, those things are out of the question. Streaming one or perhaps two movies from Netflix and your cap is used? What for?

Having 2-6 GB of LTE data is just pointless since the high speed can't be utilized properly. For web browsing, syncing, email, Google Maps etc - HSPA+ is fully sufficient.

I am not going to get a branded device and pay $100 per month for 2 GB of LTE data that eliminates proper use (can only do the same things I do now on my present 2 GB cap but I pay $45 per month for it).

Claiming that the Moto X is a better device than the Nexus 4 because of LTE (or that the Nexus should be avoided and the X purchased because of it) when there's no adequate LTE plans that allows proper use of the high speed is funny. If there would be an LTE plan with at least 10-20 GB of data for between $60-80 per month including talk and text, it could be different but not as the situation is now.;)

Ever since I've had lte I've gone over my limit in the first 10-15 days. I only have 3 gigs. :(

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Why do you need LTE speeds for your 6 GB on two lines (that's 3 GB per line)?

Bragging about paying $185 for it is funny when you can have 100 GB of LTE data for $60-70 per month on 3 (Denmark).

Or when I have a plan on 3 with 5 GB of data including installments on a Galaxy Note II for... $50 per month. So you are paying a lot for your 6 GB.

I'm kinda jealous, lol. I pay $70 a month for unlimited everything, on T-Mobile. I just wish all of the US carriers had cheaper plan prices.

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I am to and I have the same kind of plan with Sprint (roughly $60 per month, unlimited data) with great LTE (one of the few)

No but the breakdown of the bill between the three of us works out that way. Sprint is much cheaper than ATT/Verizon when you have family plans, on par with T-Mobile when you break them down to individuals.

The only thing I like better on the Moto X over the Nexus 4 is how it looks and that I assume it's more comfortable to hold. Beyond that I am currently planning on seeing what the new Nexus phone is and barring getting that, I'll be getting a Nexus 4.

Hard to justify getting a phone that has specs that are so much lower than the Nexus 4 for that much money, as well a not being directly supported by Google for updates, and I'm looking ore at how future proof it will be, not at how well it runs right now.

I wouldn't say nothing. I personally think its innovative. The processors in this thing are worth checking out. The main processor may be dual core but with 6 other specialized processors supporting it will allow it to work well. I would say the iPhone 5 had midrange specs as well and look how well it performs.

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The phone will perform fine. Its just that you can get a lot better phone for the same price, HTC one, gs4. I have listened to podcasts about how we need to get the best phone with the best specs out so we can future proof ourselves. The moto x is in no way the best phone with the best specs. The moto x will be a great phone for anyone who wants it, but the price is a little high for what it is, thats all I'm saying.

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Yes but a phone with the best specs in the world isn't always better than a phone with a little lower specs. Software and optimization make a huge difference as well (iPhone). Moto came up with a processor system that runs comparable to those phones you listed. It also has 2GB of ram. I believe the phone will age comparable to the SG4 and One. Call me crazy but that's what I believe.

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I don't have to use it, I've read the reviews on every tech site. This phone is already a year old, the screen is a year old, the processor is a year old and the camera is not all that great. I don't understand why everyone has so much love for an old phone. If this would have been samsung or HTC, it would be DOA.

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Read the review on this site.

"Don't worry that it doesn't max out the spec list. It runs as well as anything else out there —- maybe better, actually, and the battery life claims are largely to be believed. "

And Phil gave this phone a long run through before he wrote his review, which is a big reason I respect it!

Yeah I would love to have that kind of battery life. If this phone would have came out in November of last year, I would be all over it.

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I personally would take this over the SG4 and One. The only reason I won't purchase it yet is because I want to see what the Nexus 5 will look like. But the Nexus 5 is the only thing that can steer me away. What can I say, I like to have the latest tech.

Me too. I currently have the gs4 running the 4.3 play edition and I love it. When the nexus 5 comes out I will more than likely get that. I miss the software buttons. The moto x will satisfy a lot of people, but I bet if whoever wants this phone waits a month or 2 that it will drop in price quite a bit.

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If you are into that kind of thing, I am sure it will be well worth it. Here is to hoping that in KLP they co-opt some of the features from the X for the "base" android

Because HTC doesn't support "year old" phones. Moto does. The specs may seem "dated" to spec heads but Moto is going to back the X with updates. If they didn't people are going to blame Google because they think they're one in the same now (protip: they aren't, people.)

Funny, didnt they just announce that they are updating year old phones? I know they have a crappy record but they are turning a corner, just like Moto is.

Better battery, useful additional features, and ability to customize the look of your phone. Plus run close to stock android.

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Wow....this year's 'flagship' phone with last year's specs, all for a low-low price of.....wait....what???? $580!?!?!?!?

No thanks....I'll keep my N4 and wait for the xposed apps that bring the Moto X's features to every android in existence. I'll have a phone that can do everything this paperweight can, except a million times more because it's actually a decent phone!

Let's not forget this pile of junk is exclusive to at&t right now. It's so sad to see what happened to this phone. I had so much hope for it, then suddenly that was all ripped away when they made the announcement. Maybe if they had never announced it people would still like the stupid thing. Can motorola please just make a press release telling us we were trolled? Maybe that would be better than actually releasing this one.

If Motorola make and assemble this phone in china it would have cost 399/450 tops, but it was assembled in the USA so it costed Google more money to build it, but 580! i will pass gs4 cost the same and it is a much better phone.

Google didn't build it, Motorola did. Know the difference, it is important

Motorola used to build all their phones in China and they still costs 600-700

As much as I love the SGS4, it is not a MUCH better phone. I would still take one over this one, but MUCH is an exaggeration

you must understand that Motorola is now own by Google so when i said it cost google more money to build it it doesn't necessarily mean that Google actually build the phone, but since Google owns Motorola and Google are signing the checks you can said the its Google phone basically, and don't get build quality confuse with better phone! Motorola looks like is a better build phone but GS4 is way ahead in terms of specs there for GS4 is a better phone.

You said:

"If Motorola make and assemble this phone in china it would have cost 399/450 tops, but it was assembled in the USA so it costed Google more money to build it, but 580! i will pass gs4 cost the same and it is a much better phone."

I am saying that no, Motorola and Google are two separate companies. Just like GM owns Chevy, but they do not pay the bills and make sure the prices are lower than Ford. It costs what it costs to build and Google is not going to foot the bill.

I am in agreement that I would buy the SGS4 over this one, but my reasons are different. I would not say though that one phone is MUCH better than the other.

Love that pro shell case at the end.

Wonder if they make it for the N4 so the backs don't shatter

So motomaker is an att exclusive but no motomaker? Where is the punch line?

Posted via ACA with my G Pro

After saying I wouldn't get a new Motorola Phone ...New Droid or X, I bit the bullet and bought the Ultra. Now, I talked so bad about Motorola to my buddies etc. But when I got the Ultra I feel in love. The active notifications is sweet and the Touchless controls is not a gimmick like the features on the S4. The Touchless Controls is a feature that I use almost several times a day. Sure there may be 3rd party apps out there that does similar thing, but the new Droids and X is made for battery drain etc.

The only downfall is the camera. Its kinda hit or miss..but I'm not a photographer so I'm good in this area.

A lot of people probably want one of these new phones, but they're probably in no way able to get one at this time. So they're convincing themselves that their phone..Nexus, One, S4 etc is better. And to them, it may be. But I say, give the Motos a try before you hate on them...heck I sold my One after I got my Ultra.

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If this phone was about $150 cheaper, it would be a success. But at this price? No way in hell. You can get a MUCH better phone for about the same price or just a little more. Oh Motorola...

Posted via Nexus 7 (2013)

Moto X show how fat and stupid you can be if you would like to buy this phone. Over price with yesteryear specs...Junk