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Developer editions and models for other carriers coming soon

Want to get your hands on a Moto X, but not feeling the part where it's attached to AT&T? I hear you. The good news is that according to Punit Soni, vice president of product management at Motorola Mobility, we won't have to wait very long.

Step 1 of rollout. Dev editions, other carrier versions rolling out in days.

We've known that developer editions and other carrier versions were coming, but this is the closest thing we've heard to a real date so far. Of course, the Moto Maker coolness is still an AT&T exclusive (for now) but if you're jonesing for a black or white Moto X and not an AT&T customer, your time is coming soon.

Source: +Punit Soni

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sunburned says:

I wish companies would just give us some 'effing dates already so we can plan out our phone purchases. Since T-mobile isn't even stocking the phone and it's only available through Moto, why can't they tell us when I can actually buy one?

Ed_Grohl says:

Because if they give a date and things go awry (as they often do) and they have to delay it, then people freak out over that. Hell, people freak out now over rumored and unofficial dates that pass by.

icebike says:

People know what the definition of Tentative is.

They could say, for example:
"Our tentative release target is for November 1, but delays of up to a month may occur."

Instead they treat all of their customers as children, even when Dev versions are sold mostly to astute users. Stop making excuses for their behavior, and maybe they will stop behaving that way.

mwara244 says:

Since Dev Phone's are somehow different from the regular customer phones maybe they will allow Moto Maker for the Dev Phones on all carriers at release, and people will get a loophole around the standard version for the other carriers. If so, it will probably be the most sold Dev Phone by any manufacturer.

djavid says:

Yes for the Boh!!!!!

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swimmaholic says:

Yeah ok. Ill believe it when I see it.

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Good... But 199$ is a good price with MotoMaker only, imho... In that sense, Motorola s(rewed it up with AT&T exclusiveness for it...

ego2k says:

I couldn't agree more. I say...they made us wait this long. Now that Android KitKat has been announced just wait for Nexus 5...Moto X rollout blunder by exclusivity and ridiculous contract pricing. Only good thing was the concept of the whole over spec driven phone. Moto X rollout= EPIC FAIL!

gburns says:

I'll never get all the stealth on release dates and the like. Someday we will rule and not the carriers for that part of this too. However, it's good to hear something a little more official.....coming days....never liked the definition of what they consider days.

To me it means


What does it mean to you? I'm desperately waiting for the rest of your reply...

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NexusKoolaid says:

Perhaps he's saying that to him it means nothing.

birdman_38 says:

His battery must have died.


By the way, I agree. The "stealth," as you refer to it, is retarded, at best.

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NoNexus says:

calanderly challenged is the preferred term. Please think of the children!



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Premium1 says:

Hope that developer edition is available soon on Verizon.

rebretz000 says:

Me too. I sold my RAZR HD Developer Edition and have not been happy about it. Went back to a GNEX. Transferred my upgrades and got some S4's but didn't like them either.

icebike says:

Does the Dev version even have LTE? Or is it HSPA only?

Maybe the developer edition is why some people believe that there is a Nexus coming from Motorola? God help them if the developer edition end up becoming the Nexus 5...

Travisimo says:

(Sigh) Gotta love how companies like to play around with words... "Days" could mean anywhere from a couple to dozens or more. Sure, it seems to imply a short period of time (like a week or less), but more than likely, it's probably longer than that. After all, the headlines now are saying that Moto might not even be able to meet their "4 day" turnaround like originally promised - and that's just with AT&T on board.

And regarding the Developer Edition, it's more than likely just going to be a white or black 16GB model, so who really cares? If you can't get a customized version, what's the point? Might as well just wait for the new Nexus or get a GPE GS4 or One.

EDIT: Furthermore, if other carrier versions are coming in "days" rather than a month or more, then I can already hear the outcry from those who bought a black/white model. I can almost GUARANTEE that the other carriers won't get Moto Maker until AT LEAST 14 days from launch day. Otherwise, just think about all the customers on other carriers who bought a black/white one that will want to return it for a customized version.

With that in mind, I think it's safe to assume that "days" means >14 days from today, at least. Sound argument?

DroidRat says:

Wonder if the Dev editions will also be customizable?

pirarre says:

Now...I would buy a Developer Series X...depending on what other versions are coming out

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fightcrazy says:

Won't buy one unless I can get a 32gb model. If they only allow the 16gb models to the other Carriers than they can keep the damn thing. Will give my $$ to some other Manufacturer. The Note 3 is right around the corner, Complete different phone buy still one hell of a beast.

tantai says:

Note 3 will be great.

Moto X Out class with LG G2, Samsung S4,HTC One or iPhone 5...Junk. Overpriced with last year spec.

What phone had the X8 chip in it last year again...?

tantai says:

Your too far behind the competition. I won't have a Motorola again even if it was free.

Yah, you are right. I am pretty far behind the competition because I don't manufacture smartphones.

tantai says:

How about full hd screen. Quad core chip. Amazing camera. you can find them in Moto X???

Moto X costs carriers just $350, so the price could drop fast. Hold your horse.

At this point, I don't even know who you are talking to...
Anyways I will address your points.

-Have you compared this screen in person to a 1080p screen and seen a noticeable difference?
-Have you ran it side by side with a quad core phone and proven it is slower and not as smooth?
-Have you personally used the camera and put it up against other 10 megapixel camera phones and seen a distinct difference between them?

If you answer to any of these questions is "No." then you have no background to make those claims.

tantai says:

You should go out more often, you might see and learn something.
Read review on phonearena. I can not post link here. Truth is truth.

It is because Moto X is mid-range device with highend over price.

Spoken like someone who has never used one. 

Will soon have the G2 to compare, but sitting here on my desk with those other phones you mention, the Moto X is a clear cut above them all. Faster, smoother, plays games better, better UI, and more power efficient.

Having a personal preference is one thing, but to make false claims without having a clue is just silly.

Mtn_Scott says:

but, but,.... I thought this was the internet?

Oh snap. It's funny how people that haven't even touched the phone comment how it's not good. All they do is form opinions by what they see on paper/internet and use that as the gospel.

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tantai says:

Smoother than iPhone 5. This comment brought to you by Jerry Hildenbrand
Motorola online authorized reseller. ha ha

tantai says:

Download Asphalt 8 on your mid range shit Moto X compare with iPhone 5
upload your youtube about this test. Truth is truth.

"Having a personal preference is one thing, but to make false claims without having a clue is just silly"<-------- Your comment shows how fat and stupid cowboy can be. Ha Ha

miknxn says:

Not biting!

v¡a ACapp njo¡!

NoNexus says:

Yeah he almost got me in the other thread, then I realized where it was heading

ne0ne says:

What time is todays podcast supposed to start

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mattopotamus says:

The moto x website shows the dev edition as half black and half white with 32gb storage.

beeglemania says:

Awesome! That was exactly how I wanted to do a custom one! Well, except with blue buttons...

@Jerry Hildenbrand... If its true what you say, that the moto x out performs the flagships from HTC and Samsung, could this mean that the spec war is over? The note 3 is almost here and on paper it should run circles around the moto x. But maybe phones can only get so fast, and these specs don't matter as much as they used to. What do you think?

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MrBucket85 says:

I just want to be able to buy the thing for Verizon from the Google Play store.

NoNexus says:

You won't

NoNexus says:

Let me correct that, unless there is a GPe edition like everyone else

MrBucket85 says:

And I'm not interested in a Google Play edition of the Moto X. The custom software is part of what makes me want it (that and the build quality I've seen in my last 3 Motorola phones).

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TheBlueF0x says:

There's been several articles saying that the X sold on the GP store will be the full featured version like you'd buy from a carrier. That came from Guy Kawasaki himself, so Google Play should have a regular X but just unlocked.

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I just want to buy one for Verizon period. My bionic and I are done waiting!

jtc276 says:

I held a Moto X today and really liked the size and found the build quality to be decent, though nowhere near as good as my One. I would probably sell my S4 to get it if there were a 64gb variant, but since there isn't I can't really justify the price. But I hope the form factor of the phone makes its way into the next Nexus.

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Chex313 says:

Dev Edition=Happy! Good for them...and they might as well throw in the Google PE as well.

@Jerry @720P . It ought to be snappier and play games faster...Just saying. The reason it runs nice is the software on it and the fact its pushing less Pixels. The problem is what it doesn't support...See Snapdragon 800 specs....If the newer features and a 1080P ips screen,(and a Good Camera) are not important, then the Moto X is OK...Still not worth $200 on contract tho.

tantai says:

Jerry stop delete my comments. It is because Moto X is mid-range device with highend over price. Garbage

TheBlueF0x says:

I hope they bring it out on Google Play in "days" too. I'd love to have one, but I don't want an AT&T branded phone. That's just one more person to wait on for updates. :-/

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Zay92 says:

Finally either the Dev or get a model to work on tmobile

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ego2k says:

Now that Android KitKat has been announced just put off buying Moto X because the vendors and Motorola Google shot themselves in the foot with this EPIC FAIL roll out. Last years specs with AT&T exclusivity and ridiculous $200 on contract price point killed the proverbial Goose that laid the Golden Egg. It's too bad. I liked the phone. I put off buying the Samsung GS4 and now since this roll out has been a real debacle(no dates by other carriers; coming soon on Moto website; no engraving; delay wooded back; over-priced on contract) might as well wait for the Nexus 5 coming shortly(it's probably as long as you'll wait for the Moto X) anyways. People have short attention spans and there always a new product being released (i.e Apple iPhone 5s; Android 4.4 KitKat signals Nexus is coming). Where's this DEV edition? Where's the wooden back? Why is no one talking? Execution of distribution and inventory is where Google/Motorola fails every time. Wha whaaaa. Google and Motorola take a lesson from Apples book. Be ready to sell the product either the day after you announce it or up to a week later to capture the BUZZ generated by your announcement.