Moto Maker

You may soon be able to build a red Moto X on Big Red

Motorola has said time and time again that the Moto X Moto Maker customization options would not be an AT&T exclusive forever, and long-time leaker of things @evleaks says that will come true November 11, when the service debuts for Verizon. 

There's no word on other carriers, or more customization options like wooden or unicorn-hide backs. Of course, Verizon and Motorola have made no announcements. 

What say you? Have you been waiting for Moto Maker on Verizon, or has the wait ruined it and your eyes are on another prize?

Source: @evleaks


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Moto Maker rumored for Verizon November 11


I have both the Moto x & HTC one. They are both great devices and I like them for different reasons. Moro x has the size battery life and active noticistions. Not to mention amazing software optimization. The one is a fantastic media consumption device with the dual stereo front facing speakers. Also an awesome build quality and one of if not the best display. At least the most pixel Dense display. Tough decision.

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So what makes you chose the Moto x over the HTC one ? It all depends on personal preference and what you look for in a phone. Here are some more pros and cons.

HTC one has the better speakers. No question about it. It also has the better display @ 468ppi and a 1920x1080 resolution. You are also looking at LCD3 vs. rgb AMOLED. Is battery life important to you ? Or a fantastic media consumption device that has a great all around camera? Now as far as battery life and size, the Moto x is awesome. Touchless Google now control and active notifications are pretty cool and become hard to live without !

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I have had both (X and One)and have chosen Lg g2 over both. Moto x is sitting in my desk right. Over all, G2 suits me best. But they are all great devices.

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I don't care for the Lg skin at all. Jerry said it right. Sammy and lg had a baby, and it puked all over the lg g2. Now this is my personal opinion. Specs wise fantastic phone. Give me a gpe edition. Wait! All I have to do is wait for the new nexus to come out. That's next on my list followed by the second generation of the one next year. Until the new nexus comes out I'll switch between the x and one. The x is one of the best android experiences I have ever had. Active notifications and display rocks.

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That's funny. I actually like the skin. Its actually pretty minimal. I use nova launcher as well. I keep hearing about this nexus. Glad I have 16 phone lines. I currently have 5 available upgrades, so I'll have to try that one out for sure. The active notifications does rock and would be welcomed on the g2. But I do not like amoled screens. I love the screen on the g2.

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I'm generally not a fan of amoled displays either I prefer the lcd3 on my one. However, the fact it is amoled makes the active notification feature that much more power efficent.

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Great! ...but perhaps they could have bumped it a day and not chosen a world wide day of war remembrance?

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It's called Veteran's Day in the USA. Rememberance Day and Armistice Day elsewhere. So yeah, it's a real thing.

It's called Veteran's Day in the USA. Rememberance Day and Armistice Day elsewhere. So yeah, it's a real thing.

We're remembering and honoring veterans, not war, and the veterans I have known would not expect everything else in the world to stop functioning on that day. Actually I think its a great time to 'celebrate' a product that's designed & built in the usa, the county whose freedoms they fought so hard to protect.

It is about time...exclusivity is bad business. It will also let me decide if I will get the Note 3 instead of an USA made phone. Maybe we will hear about the next Nexus 5 and we will get it on Verizon, if not may leave for T-Mobile, better prices and plans.

But where there is good service with T-Mobile its faster and less crowded then Verizon

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And Verizon doesn't have ANY service here. I'm not even allowed to look at their website unless I lie and give a fake location.

Odd thing is, their nationwide coverage map shows my area in Red. 


Really? That's crazy nobody ever talks bad about Verizon's coverage just tmos and sprints

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Their coverage in Tulsa is pretty bad. Downtown their service is iffy at best with lots of dead spots. Driving around town it seems to go from excellent to horrible with no in between. Been with them since 2007, but I am seriously considering going back to AT&T due to their superior coverage here.

This is stupid. It should have been released to all carriers at the same time(preferably at launch). Same with the blue and red HTC One.

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Demand would have been astronomically larger than supply if that happened... then people would have complained about the long wait period and all that good stuff... Nobody is ever happy man, I tell ya...

Maybe you should be happy it's coming to Verizon at all

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I have a Galaxy S2 on sprint and a nexus 4 on T-MO's $30 plan. I couldn't care less about anything vzw gets unless the rest of us don't get. Like wireless charging for the G2

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Ummm yea, thanks for letting us know... I guess

That had nothing to do with my post you responded to, and I couldn't care less what phones you have or whom you have them for...

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I disagree that they wanted to have it only on ATT due to availibility. ATT just paid them off.

But your point is well taken, the MotoMaker has some sort of deal about it being shipped in X days I think.

Perhaps Wood backs on the 11th also?

I'm sure you're right and AT&T did pay them off for exclusivity. I'm not doubting that. Just merely speculating on what might have been an issue if every carrier had moto maker as an option right off the bat. Simply put, people always seem to have something to complain about, regardless...

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Ok so I read that quickly at first and read "turned from a horny unicorn" .. shows where my heads at... always thinking about horny unicorns

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Unicorns have to be Horny considering there's not that many and they have to keep the species going; p

So if the exclusivity expires by Nov 11 I wonder if we will see other carriers get MotoMaker as well. Would be nice to see availability for TMO as their Equipment Installment Plan has been quite popular but isn't available when you can only purchase from Moto.

Side note, just imagined MotoMaker having 'Verizon Red' as the only color option on 11/11.

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Help me figure this out: If the Nexus 5 is rumored to be priced in the mid-$300s, how would anyone buy a Moto X for $550?

I realize that the Nexus 5 will probably not be subsidized at all. But still, I can't see spending $200 more for a Moto X than an N5.

Maybe my numbers are all wrong, but I'm ready to upgrade, and my choices are between the Moto X, the N5, or sticking with Apple and going from my 4S to the 5C.

My other choice is switching from Verizon to Tmobile. I live in the SF East Bay, where I KNOW Verizon has an awesome signal, and I hear that Tmobile is good.

Seriously, anyone with helpful comments or advice, please chime in.

Based on your logic, we should all be using Nexus 4s.

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1) Not everyone prefers stock Android. Some people will appreciate the customization options, the active notifications, the "always-listening" software, the build quality, and the battery life that the Moto X offers.

2) If the next Nexus is priced at or around $300, then it is indeed subsidized by Google, but not the carriers.

3) If you do want to "test-drive" T-Mobile 's service, in your area, I suggest going to their website's Monthly 4G section and choosing the $30 5GB plan. It'll cost you $10, for the sim card; and if you don't like the service, you're only out $40.

4) How invested are you in iOS? If you've spent a fair amount on apps and content, I would upgrade to the 5C, if I were you. It's only $99, and you won't have to repurchase anything.

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Well for one thing, if you are on Verizon you probably aren't getting the Nexus 5. As I remember, the phone going through the FCC only had bands for AT&T, Tmobile, and Sprint.

The Apple vs Android argument is a tough one, other than iOS7 has been very buggy.

While it wasn't the MotoX, one of my friends got the Droid Maxx. It runs the same software as the MotoX and he LOVED the audio controls of the phone. He demoed them for me and I can honestly say it was the best implementation of audio controls on a phone I have seen.

Sorry, I re-read my post and yours. I meant the "OK, Google Now" without touching the phone. I thought you meant volume. :-)

He says he uses that audio control for just about everything that it was capable of regularly, although not in crowded locations cause it ticks people off.

It ticks people off? They need to get over it. In the future, I see many more handsets incorporating a similar feature.

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Yea, it's pretty annoying people talking to their phones in public places. Just like someone talking on speakerphone in public... endlessly irritating and totally unnecessary. So yes, I'd say it ticks the majority of people off... maybe not you, but I'd like to think you're in the minority here

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I probably am, brother. Maybe it's more weird than I'm willing to admit, lol.

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Hey man, that's cool.. we're all a little weird sometimes. I know I am... and I'm ok with it ;-)

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I don't know about you, but I always got annoyed when people used Siri the first 3 weeks. Then I became amused when they would have to repeat their commands 3 times.

I will say that it is super annoying. Then again I prefer to talk on my phone, not talk to it.

Yeah, no Nexus 5 on Verizon, which makes Tmobile more attractive to me.

The reason I'm thinking Android at all is because I find iOS 7 to be ugly and almost unreadable for me in certain situations. I'm not worried about the switching costs because I only really use 8 or so core apps, and half of those are free anyway.

Now, your mention of great audio controls has me intrigued. I use my iPhone for audiobooks and podcasts a lot, maybe 60% of my total use. So please do tell!

I'll check out that review right now. How cool would it be to control my podcast app and Audible app with voice control?!

"Ok Google Now, resume podcast." Or, "OK Google Now, pause audiobook."

Why would you buy a Moto X unsubsidized? Just pay the 150-200..

And how can they call it a Nexus 5? If they do and it becomes inline with the Nexus lineup it should have a 5" screen and always be a Nexus 5 from that point forward.

Nexus 5, 7, and 10.

The need to think past the now with their device names.. Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4.. It all makes no sense.

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I don't think I would buy another phone from Verizon on contract again. Ever.

My wife just had her upgrade time extended six months just because Verizon felt like it was cool to do because she was eligible in October, not September. Their support didn't care and were kinda a$$holes about it.

If she stays, she is thinking of getting the MotoX Dev Edition with twice the storage and purchased straight out.

Me, I am on Sprint, but I don't think I am staying. If I move onto her plan, I might do the same. Otherwise, no matter where I go, it will be contract free and bought outright.

Do you get any sort of discount on service with VZW for a using a full price Dev Edition? Or are you doing that so you can walk at end of contract?

Just bought the black MotoX on VZW with the Verizon30 discount code, and traded in my iPhone 4S to cover the cost and then some. Knowing I would be covering my phone with a case anyways, I didn't feel the wait would be worth that much more to me.

I hope that $100 price drop rumor takes affect by then too :-) I'm just waiting to see if by any chance the Nexus5 will be available for Verizon before I pull the trigger on a Moto X. I'll be buying off contract to keep my unlimited data

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I know, but my waiting for that VERY unlikely chance lol. Even though I hate the battery life of my gnex and 4.2 made it really slow, I would stick to a Nexus if I had the option. I would definitely be more than happy with a Moto X though.

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I am in your same boat. But I have concluded that VZW hasn't turned on Voice Over LTE (VOLTE) and wont till later in 2014. So it isn't going to happen till then if ever.

Already pulled trigger on developer edition. Don't like waiting for Verizon to approve important security updates and wanted 32gb.

I already gave up waiting and went for the One. If they have the wood backs with the VZW release, I will be sad.

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November con...venient. So Verizon isn't going to get the Nexus 5 so they negotiated a November 11 date for Moto maker, so that those that might want to move from the GNEX will stay on Verizon and get the almost stock MOTO X.

Nothing wrong with the MOTO X I like it, but I also know the next Nexus is in the pipeline. I also know that I don't depend on Verizon for good LTE service in my area, so this is their carrot to those like me while pounding us with a stick to stay with Verizon.

Not going to happen this time.

Waiting for the reviews on the Nexus 5, its camera, battery life and connectivity mainly. If camera is no better than Motorola, then probably the X. Unlocked

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I had a chance to demo the MotoX, and already own a couple HTC One's. I ended up choosing the LG G2 after using all of them. All are super devices, but the amazing battery life, screen and raw power of the G2 won me over. Also, I personally love the new button placement on the G2.

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This should be available to all the major carriers. The Moto X may not be my choice is a new phone, but it is an excellent device.

If I was to get a Moto X, the options while nice is nice, but would prefer the deve;oper edition. More often then not, its going to go in some kind of case.

Motomaker and 32gb are two biggies. I can't buy before I see when Verizon gets that first update. If the very first update arrives a month after the other carriers, a year from now it's gonna be six months or more.

Anybody else disappointed in the size of the moto x? Moto-maker is a great idea.......wish more oem's offered it. Then I could get a phone size and color the way I like! Just sayin

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The best part about it is the size.. 4.7 screen on phone that size, with the shape of the back too.. It's nearly the perfect phone. Fastest phone I ever used too.

I have a Nexus 4 , I got an att Moto X for my wife.

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I just can't wait for my note 3.i watch every video made and read every thing I can about it and this thing just keeps getting sicker and sicker.

1) Nov 11th for wood backs?
2) Does anyone know if the HTC One red is forever only on Sprint? (I know it is a Moto X thread but it is kinda a color thread)

SO for clairification is there any guarentee or "strong source" that Moto Maker for VZW = 32GB Moto X for VZW?

Finally. I don't care about customizing it - "designing" it (except for removing that ugly logo on the back) but I need that 32gb storage, damn it! I just sold the 16gb and waiting on that Moto Maker and Nexus 5 release. I'm afraid that if Nexus does come to vzw, it will be priced at 250-300 on contract - just like Galaxy Nexus was.

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