Moto GMotorola has announced through its social channels that the Moto G will be headed to India, with full launch details to come on Feb. 5, two weeks from today. The Moto G, which arrived internationally in November, has proved popular thanks to its low price — $179 or £135 off-contract — and relatively impressive hardware and features. In our review of the G late last year, we described it as "a lesson to other manufacturers in how to make a good, cheap Android phone." And it's gotten even better with the recent arrival of KitKat on the device.

It's unclear what price point the Moto G will hit when it launches in India, but buyers will surely be hoping for a similarly tempting price tag. With India being a hugely important emerging market for smartphones, the Moto G's launch there could be a major development for Motorola.

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Moto G India launch details coming Feb. 5


I'm happy to see Motorola coming back to the Indian market. I was disappointed that they didn't launch Moto X here. Hoping that the next Motorola flagship will be launched in India.

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Wow this is huge. Motorola with this entry level phone will make a huge impression on India. If the price is how it is in the US then Samsung will have to watch out :)
But the main issue here is Motorola service centres, if there is no service for the phone no one will buy em.

Finally really happy to see this development waited a long time really long time to get hands on this one. Hope they resolve the serviceability issue too anyways will get one the moment it lands. Its a pretty damn good phone and with impressive price too. Only the trust factor needs to be developed.

If Motorola really wants to succeed in developing countries they badly need expandable memory. Because majority of users use the devices for media consumption.
It's a great device but I'd like 8 gigs of internal storage and memory card slot instead of fixed.
Internet coverage is still not that good in India.
While Motorola did launch the atrix 2 and original DROID RAZR it shut shop after that.
Glad to see them return, hope they get their act together this time.

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Good news, hope they succeed.

The biggest challenge will be the distribution network - they need to get them into the the smaller town areas where the mid-range market is.

The big town malls are packed full of high-end Samsungs which are top dog so it will need a big marketing push there.

The dual SIM 8Gig version was released here in New Zealand this week. No sign of the 16Gig version though..

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