Moto G (2014)

The Moto G, Motorola's best selling smartphone of all time (they need a fancy gold belt to go with that) has been updated to something bigger, stronger and faster. You want to know where to buy one. We want to tell you.

The new Moto G is available today unlocked and contract-free for $179.99 US on as well as select retailers. The Moto G is also available today in India, France, UK, Brazil, Spain, and on in Germany.

Motorola plans to have the Moto G available in over a dozen countries and through numerous carrier partners worldwide.

This is likely one of the best bargains in the mobile space today. Who's grabbing one (or more)?


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Moto G availability


Hmmmmm very interested. One for the younger members of the family especially if it retains it's water resistant properties from the 1st Gen

Is the $179.99 price tag for the 8GB version or 16GB version? If so does anyone know the price for the 16GB version?

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I thought they got rid of 8gb, so it is 16 and 32 both come with micro sd slot

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Edit: nevermind, it is 8 and 16

This is the biggest question I imagine the old moto gs are going to sell like crazy now maybe even for 129 or less!!!!!!!!!

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The 1st gen G LTE model dropped $20 on Amazon overnight, which covers the cost of the 32 GB SD card I was going to buy anyway.

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I'd like to know the select retailers that'll be selling the device. If I can buy it at Best Buy today I'll do that opposed to ordering online.

Holy crap that's cheap! I wonder if that's for the 8GB or the 16GB? Too bad the lack of LTE connectivity...., and a 5in. screen....

Another thing...., why the heck did Motorola have to keep the G rear looking nice but make the X's rear ugly as crud? (The chrome Motorola emblem is so ugly...)

But, anyhow I think this thing will sell like hotcakes for off-contractors.

That's what I was wondering. Bad design if you ask me on the X. But I'll for sure be getting a G for my Mom. Who needs an upgrade from her Windows phone.

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