Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx

Update fixes a few bugs and enhances the stability — and improves the lackluster camera

We told you late last night that a soak test for the new Droids (that'd be the Droid Ultra, and the Droid Maxx) was going to push early this morning, and right on time it made its way to the testers. Apparently the test was short, or there was a change of heart, because we're getting reports of the updated software going out to users who are not members of the soak testing program.

It's the update everyone with a Moto X8 phone wants to have. It includes your 50GB Google Drive promotion, makes Moto Assist even better, and has a few more stability and bug fixes. But the big news is the camera update. The software has been improved with better sky detection, more accurate white balancing, improvements to HDR and the exposure has been corrected to be more consistent. Everyone who has the update will tell you it's quite a dramatic change — and one that addresses the biggest complaint about these phones.

If you're using a new Verizon Droid, have a look and see if an update is ready for you. 

Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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beng8686 says:

New Moto X root method works like a charm on the Maxx after the update FYI.

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icedog55124 says:

haven't got it yet

Ry says:


drwtsn32 says:

Droid Maxx here... no update yet.

I wonder if this will help improve the really poor response I get with geotagging in the camera. It seems like the first several pics I take are never tagged. After a while they start getting tagged. No issues with GPS responsiveness anywhere else in any other app.

josh121779 says:

Mine updated, but now when I click on the camera icon I receive a "camera error" message.. I've factory reset the phone, updated the camera app in the play store, and even turned phone off/on. Nothing seems to help. I'm currently on hold with a Verizon Wireless Rep.

travaz says:

Now that's a Camera update!! Good Luck

NoNexus says:

Welcome to Verizon, your call is important to us. Please hold the line and you call will be handled by the next available operator....

Just kidding, one thing I can not take away from vzw is the customer service

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codiusprime says:

Edit: I think I misunderstood your comment initially. Verizon customer service is very good, he won't have any issues.

NoNexus says:

I was joking at first then said that they are pretty great

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icedog55124 says:

Just take a digital camera and tape it to the back. Boom both problems soloved. Good luck

gamefreak715 says:

Hmm how does one go about checking for updates? No system updates available; is that where if be looking for camera updates?

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JimBen73 says:

Waiting on update....

Posted via my awesome, longer lasting phone than yours aka droid MAXX

I updated this am with no issues. Camera works fine so far...

Bob61 says:

Update was pushed to my phone this evening. Camera works fine, hopefully the update didn't break something as phone was working fine.

psykick5 says:

I don't want this crap I want Kit Kat

Nerdcorist says:

But this crap is good crap. If it makes pictures look better, it's worth it.

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plalonde6 says:

When will they fix the Bluetooth issue so I can sync my fitbit force to my droid maxx?

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shebert56 says:

My Razr M updated overnight. No adverse issues thus far. Camera response is definitey quicker.

icedog55124 says:

Just got the update

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