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Want an LTE Galaxy Nexus, but don't want to switch away from Sprint?  That's understandable, we should always stick with the carrier who works best for us.  Here's some (possibly) good news -- just a little while after Sprint announced their initial markets for LTE, the above ad for a Sprint LTE Galaxy Nexus appeared on the web, and there's another version showing a 1.5GHz processor, slightly faster than the 1.2GHz proc in the current versions.  We've always said that each carrier would likely announce their own version of the GNex, and if this is more than just a mean-spirited prank we just may hear a bit more at CES come next week.  Or not -- CTIA often is Sprint's big show. In the meantime, feel free to speculate and/or dance with joy.

Source: Engadget; via Android Central forums

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nexus4ever22 says:

I hope this phone comes to us cellular

RaiderWill says:

Congrats Sprinters! If you like this phone.. As most of you know, I don't.. Mid-Range phone with Flagship Prices.. Anyway, You don't want to give up your Unlimited Data to come to Verizon just for ICS.. I am lucky enough to be grandfathered into Unlimited at Verizon and I don't see how Nexus Buyers can even use the phone to its fullest on the 4G LTE network without an Unlimited Data Plan.. My Slingbox / Netflix usage in a week is over 3 gigs of data watching shows / movies on my break / lunches..

Blazing! & Window Shopping Verizon's Latest Quad-Core Phones at CES 2012 next week on my Droid Charge..

TuxDotKing says:

My god man, you are *obsessive*.

hoosiercub says:

Honestly, if there's one person I wish would go away, it's that guy.

He's one of those pissed off that his Droid Charge has essentially been left in the dust of bigger and better development. Did you know they still don't have working AOSP on the Charge? They have to deal with TouchWiz. The Fascinate even has a very well-off port of 4.x xD

He's just an epic troll that needs to crawl back under his bridge.

RaiderWill says:

You write about as stupid as your name.

Don't be Jealous.. A Rooted & Romed Kerneled Droid Charge has it all. Period.. The Screen.. The DLNA.. HDMI.. HOT SWAP SD... Its Fast & Smooth.. and OPTIMIZED :-) They are GREAT PHONES when setup properly.. I am Blessed to own this product.. And with UNLIMITED DATA FOREVER on Big V, I can do it all Slingbox.. Netflix.. Whatever.. And the very Best Thing is.. IT ALL WORKS FLAWLESSLY.. And you know what's better than that? I can afford to buy any Quad-Core Phone I want come springtime if I so choose.. So don't hate.. I love Samsung.. and I love my Droid Charge.. And I hate the Nexus.. Its an Overpriced Buggy Phone that was delayed and still has issues.. Just like the Bionic did back in early 2011.. Thank Goodness for the Modders.. They can at least get a working system on the Nexus.. and finally... Go Launcher EX fixes all the flaws of Touchwiz.. I hope this helps clarify my poisition for you OH SO JEASLOUS GEEKS living in Mommy's Basement.. Sorry you are not in the same position I am. But I love you just the same.. Keep Reading My Post By All Means! !

RaiderWill says:

This is a great time to be in a position to to upgrade if you so choose.. We are Days away from see the *Real* 2012 Superphones.. The Quad-Cores!

cea1203 says:

Mid Range Phone my A** This is top flight the best phone on the market period !! Blows away my Droid Charge and DroiX2 , its not even close , I have no idea what you people are talking about ??

lornaevo says:

Best rumor I've heard all week.

Oh man I hope this is legit.

Glenuendo says:

I just peed my pants in happiness. Oops, did I say that out loud?

bar1203 says:

Still waiting to see what HTC has in store before I make a decision.

kinster02 says:

I concur as a die hard htc lover I will be awaiting the new Evo. This good news for the Nexus types and Sprint...Sprint FTW.

DWR_31 says:

I'm just waiting for a ICS ASOP port for my Evo 3D.
Won't need LTE if I can get ICS.

Two 1.2 Ghz cores, 1Gig of RAM, 4.3 QHD 3D display, 2 - 5 megapixel cams, a 1.3 FF cam, and ICS with hardware acceleration.

This is enough to last me another 1 & 1/2 years.
(P.S. rooted with unlimited Wimax / Tethering)

Floss82 says:

Oh wooooow i am so jealous right now:( First Sprint will have LTE before T-Mobile now they are going to have the Galaxy Nexus before us too ugh. I bet this will be revealed during Sprint's CES event next week.

Come on guys lets be real. Sprint isnt launching lte until mid 2012. Thats already a 6 month wait

Viper says:

Know what this means? LTE battery cover without verizon logo. Sweet.

TuxDotKing says:

Samsung needs to put up preorders for the battery cover itself. I know I'd buy one.

vulcZ says:

I'm due for an upgrade in April. I don't know about this phone though. I really don't like the SoC it uses. The OCD in me would see this as a performance downgrade coming from an E4GT. I might just wait till the next-gen ICS/SprintLTE phones. Props to Sprint though. They're staying competitive. I'm glad they're ditching crappy WiMax.

mrsimps says:

With the rumor of the Samung Galaxy Nexus and the rumor of the Samsung Galaxy Note coming to Sprint, I'm encouraged! I just hope the rumors are true. Then, I'll have the (good) problem of deciding between the two.

Go Android! says:


This feels too good to be true.

Orion78 says:

Wow this is quite the surprise. I'm still waiting for what Sprint brings down the road. But this is a great option to have. It says lte. Sprint isn't getting LTE till mid 2012. Hmmmmm......

jbozak says:

Yes. Yes. Tell me more!

RamboDroid says:

it also showed a 1.5 processor whats up with that?

TuxDotKing says:

The processor in the current version of the G-Nex is underclocked from its actual rated speed to 1.2 Ghz. Perhaps Sprint asked Samsung to clock it at the rated speed for their version.

DavidJ726 says:

With most contracts now runnning between 18 - 24 months, I like the idea getting an LTE phone prior to there being an LTE Network... as long as it also supports WiMax. That way, when LTE does hit your neighborhood you have the device to support it. It's kind of like having your cake (as long as it's an Ice Cream Sandwich cake)& eating it too! Just turn off the LTE radio and you're GTG...

On the other hand, even though I'm eligible for an upgrade my HTC Evo 4G is still doing fine. It may be a little outdated, but it still has several months of usage in it!


mustangboy88 says:

I thought that way when I was chose to pay the 4G fee when I got my Evo. I figured living in Phoenix I wouldn't haven't to wait long. Now a year and a half later of disappointment, I think I will wait til the service actually comes to where I am and not assume it will.

Brandito says:

No such thing as a 4g fee, you were mislead by the sensationalist media and bloggers. Sorry for your inconvenience, if sprint's lower prices bother you, I hear verizon is charging more for less!

Geikamir says:

Since other carriers are going to start getting the Nexus, does that mean Verizon is going to get the SII? They should.

Mobius360 says:

If I remember it seemed more like Verizon purposely passed on the SII because they had a U.S. exclusive on the Nexus. Unless they bring on the SII as a lower priced phone like $99 range it doesn't make much sense at this point.

Geikamir says:

Except it's obviously not an exclusive since other carriers are getting it. So bring the SII to Verizon with a $50 contract price tag with it, is what I say.

ScottColbert says:

Such a good phone on such a crap network.

DavidJ726 says:

blah blah blah...

All Networks have their issues.

jeffsanace says:

Sprint lit up LTE in 4 cities today! And I have inside info that there are at least 5 more in a test market as we speak.

vulcZ says:

Really? I thought the first 4 markets were merely announced today. I didn't know they actually came live.

Dragod says:

There are no Sprint LTE phones right now anyway...

Jori5280 says:


Mobius360 says:

This is my next....

Bagua says:

I bet we see this in June, I'm not going to hold my breath. My 3vo will hold me over until then. Still great to see/hear the GNex coming to Sprint.

Crispy says:

Screw the Nexus. By the time this happens, the Galaxy S3 will be out in Asia/Europe, and if there is any justice in the world, Sprint will be allowed to launch it in the US. Hopefully Sprint's LTE network will have expanded a lot by then too.

It would be a huge hit - best network + best phone.

IAmSixNine says:

Looking forward to getting one.
Im in Dallas, future LTE FIRST market. I already have an EPIC TOUCH and love the 4.5 SAMOLED dispalay..

Wicell says:

YES! I Told myself I would add a line the moment this phone was announced. Announce it Sprint and you will have more of my money! I don't care if I'm not in a LTE market for Sprint yet, at least it will be future ready.

accordngs says:

Man....I was holding out for months for this phone. Lost patience and used my upgrade on the SII in December. Crappy move by me!

Lodingi says:

I'd say outside ICS, you have the better phone.

demontooth says:

This is awesome.

carraser891 says:

i just came

ecaggiani says:

I hope they release it before LTE is rolled out. I'd use it on 3G alone just to have the Galaxy Nexus. I rarely use WiMax anyway on my Evo 3D :-)

Jori5280 says:

Eligible for an upgrade in April. This will make me reconsider leaving Sprint in June.

losmercedes says:

Thank you Sprint for LTE, light up Washington D.C. next please!!! Sprint I am staying with you guys you rock(I can't believe I was thinking of going to Verizon just for the Gnex) Can't wait to see the up coming new LTE phones, the new Evo LTE and more from Sprint. Don't keep us waiting too long Sprint

jmagnt7 says:

I understand that the nexus speaker and camera are not really that great??? I still have my first day OG evo4g. Now finally rooted and such.. Which I really enjoy. So it's tough to be excited if just not a huge leap in tech/gear. Make any sense? Anyone have a nexus? Can record good video in loud crowds like music venue? Is my only draw back for using cell camera for video. The dang audio isn't really that good unless it's like simple round the house vids. I did see on a friend's new android.... Something.. He could adjust the mic setting for different scenarios?? That's kinda what I would like to see in my next phone. My Kodak zi8 (pocket cam) lil built mic does crazy good at the heaviest of my fav metal shows!! The cam is same size as our beloved evo. So we need better mics!! Wehw.... Sry just my opinion /? Evo4g2.!? Ya know. And leave my kickstand!!! Is. By far one of the best attributes my phone ever received.. Makes so much sense on devices like these.. That is all. Sorry for the rambling

Robbzilla says:

I have the E4GT. One of my Co-workers has the Gnex. So there's your reference... We're in Dallas, BTW.

His wins on :
-Data coverage in our building.
-Face recognition
-Size of his extended battery (I can't really tell when he has it on, honestly, unless I REALLY pay attention)

Mine wins on:
-Speed of apps
-App availability
-Screen size
-Camera (Hands down) quality

Oh, and FYI: My phone's case has a kick stand built in... Sheer greatness :)

jmagnt7 says:

What's E4gt?

n64kps says:

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, or E4GT for short.

dtreo says:

Buh..buh...they already have that supposedly amazing iPhone thingy, right? The tv commercial says if I don't have the iPhone, well, then I don't have the iPhone. I could get this Nexus superphone instead?

Sweeeeet! Hope we get to choose between this and Nokia 900 soon! Can't wait.

757boy says:

...I think I will WAIT for the GALAXY S3.

rizzay1 says:

If sprint releases this phone too late then it's not worth getting but if it's soon like say next month then yea this will definitely be my next phone.

commander 4 says:

Ill wait til the E4GT get ICS.

Gekko says:

there's only one Nexus.

i'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!