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Looks like LG and Verizon Wireless have released a new software update for the LG Spectrum. Today's update -- version VS920V6 -- brings the Spectrum up to Android 2.3.6 (that's right, still no ICS just yet), and also adds in a few new fixes to the web browser, email and widgets on the phone.

The update is detailed on Verizon's support site and said to be "coming soon." However, posts on the Android Central forums indicate that some Spectrum owners are already receiving it through the carrier's PC-based Software Update Assistant program, a likely precursor to an over-the-air roll-out.

So if you're eager to get your LG Spectrum running a slightly newer version of Android, with all the fixes and tweaks that brings, then you'd best fire up that Update Assistant program.

More: VZW Support; Android Central forums


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LG Spectrum gets update to Android 2.3.6


It's amazing how little love the spectrum gets. I bought mine on a whim cause the price was too good. Vastly superior device in comparison to the thunderbolt I had. I suggest people who are looking for a high powered device and are on a budget to take a nice long look at this beauty.

I agree, I love this phone. I got it for a penny off amazon but would have gladly paid $200 for it if I had no other option. Just wish it got more community support

A friend of mine got the Spectrum over the Rezound. While I still like the Rezound more, the Spectrum is an awesome phone. That is the best display on ANY phone right really have to see it in person to appreciate how great it is.

before I installed the ICS leak on the Rezound, his Spectrum was also faster and snappier too. I don't think it is that the hardware is better, I think it is just that LG's butt ugly UI hogs up a lot fewer resources than Sense does.

I almost got a Spectrum before I went for the Bionic. What really tipped it in the Bionic's favor was I read somewhere that wifi uses up alot of battery on the device, moreso than even LTE, and I spend a crapload of time on Wifi.

What's a little sad however is all the praise the OneX/Evo is getting for its screen, while LG's had basically that same screen out for months now.

Ah, ah well. Still don't regret the decision but maybe I'll pickup the 4X HD or whatever it's called by the time it gets to big red once I've got some cash to burn through.

I love my Spectrum. Only thing I didn't like was the faulty browser that froze constantly.
My wife has the Rezound. Both phones are really great and with this update that I just finished installing the browser is fixed. Nothing I would change about this high resolution large screen very fast and light phone. Have you picked one of these Spectrum phones? Love it. Really do.