Sprint GS4 KitKat update

Update to Android 4.4 also enables support for Sprint MVNO Zact Mobile

Not a lot of details here, but this tip says the one detail everyone with a Sprint Galaxy S4 has been waiting for — a date for the KitKat OTA.

Per this internal document, the update should be available starting February 13 and will also enable support for Sprint MVNO Zact Mobile. You'll need to make sure you're on the current build of the software and have everything stock and proper to get this one. Hit the forums if you need any help there.

We hope this pans out, and Sprint Galaxy S4 users have an extra-happy Valentine's Day.

Thanks, Anon!


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Internal doc says Sprint's Galaxy S4 will see KitKat update starting Feb. 13


I just took a look. I thought for sure that they Note would be here before the SGS4 just because of all the builds they have been cranking out, but they have not released source yet.

Not that it is a huge hindrance by itself, but usually that hits before.

We are still looking at more sooner than later.

That is true... 4.3 for the S3 came just a couple of months ago. I was just hoping that the S3 would see another update.

To be fair, this article wasn't about the Note 3. And, there is indeed an S4 GPE.

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Good catch, I take my snark back. I was looking the info up on the Note 3 to see if there was a new build and still was in that mode.

Awww, that's cute. I hope, being on the latest version of Android makes you feel like a man, lol.

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Thanks, lol.

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If this is real then the update will be released on my Birthday!!! And Sprint will be First again!!! Go Sprint!!!!

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Wonder when this will roll out to the S4 Triband, or are they on the same schedule?

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Does the sgs4 support the new band? I don't know if it does

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Sprint quietly replaced the "old" GS4 with a Triband capable version.

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Thanks I missed/forgot that. I guess I have to hit my buddy up and get his phone for awhile after he gets his update. Spark "could" be in my area but I am not sure.

If this is the case:sprint should replace every Samsung phone that they said was triband but arent.

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That would definitely be a nice gesture.

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Yeah, I don't remember Sprint ever alluding to the Note 3 supporting tri-band. I do know that some people were pissed off that a month after the Sprint Note 3 launched the Spark program was announced. Everyone thought the Note 3 included the hardware, and would just require a software update to be Spark-compatible, but that isn't/wasn't the case.

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Yayy!!!! Im soo happy!!
This update is coming out on my birthday! Who could ask for a better birthday gift?
To think I was about to get CM to upgrade to KitKat

Odd to see Samsung release update for an older phone before a new one.
Also surprised the S5 is not out before this update

S3 was out with 4.1 wayyyyyyyyy before the S2 got it
S4 had 4.3 way before the S3
Note 3 has 4.3 before S4 as well since it came out with it.
Maybe they are prioritizing on units sold instead of newer model

Those unit shipped with the stuff, but there were intermediate update. It is not like they forgot the hadnsets in between.

S2 launched with 2.3 installed, got updated to 2.3.6 and it went to 4.0.3 before the S3 release (4.0.4) eventually ending on 4.1.2 several years after release.

S3 follows the same. Started on 4.0.4 making it to 4.1.2 before the S4 release currently on 4.3

Note 3 and S4 hit 4.3 at around the same time.

So Amir, they do not forget about the handsets, they put it out there when it is feasible. If they just did an upgrade, and they have a phone coming out soon, yes it is going to be put on the back burner. This is how software versions work.

I had an S2 and it did not get whatever the S3 came out till months after the S3 was released.
I know that for a fact. S3 came out in May and update didn't come till august.
S3 shortly after received 4.1.2 and it was a while before the S2 got it.
I never said that they forget devices. They just usually get updates after the next flagship.
My point simply was that I would A. expect the S5 to be released before the update or B The newer device to get it first.
Note 3 was released with 4.3 before the S4 was updated to 4.3.
S4 got the update before the S3 did.
I dislike Samsung but I wasn't bashing them here.
Just making an observation.

I understand what your saying, and I know your not bashing, but my point is that it is not like they abandoned the older phones, they threw in the updates that made sense between phones.

Sooner or later though it is going to be "all hands on deck" for the new release and you stop on the others.

I think that if the .2 releases were more important, you would see what your describing. THe Note 3/S4 would stop at 4.4 and the SGS5 would get 4.4.2

I think in this case we are both right.

My point in being that they do not abandon a pone between major releases, yours that they like to keep the newest OS with the Newest phone first.

Good job sprint on the update a now damn can we get an 4g LTE update in a city that matters

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Here's to hoping for your sake that KitKat doesn't break MAP integration on your phone as it did on my Droid Maxx. Good luck with that.

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bah i wish there was a way to speed up these updates without messing with the google services stuff

Great-I'm with Sprint-big deal-data speeds still suck-rather keep 4.3 and have the ability to watch YouTube

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Got the update zip from XDA just did a manual install and bam KitKat on my non rooted GS4. Love it :)

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Does updating this way mean that the phone has to be wiped though? Also how do you do the manual update? just download the zip and boot into recovery and click on it?

My HTC ONE has the latest version of KITKAT 4.4.2 & sorry people the gs4 is only getting 4.4 not 4.4.2 do your research. Also we got it 2 weeks ago February1st.

You should do your research. The update is for 4.4.2. Pulled it from the servers yesterday. You sound like a 5 year old. "My phone got it first" MEH!!!!

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Anyone know how long it takes for the update to complete? I'm going on 2.5 hours now and am starting to get worried.