Ah, yes, folks are noticing HTC's little teaser on Facebook, pointing to something new coming down the pike on Sunday, saying "You'll discover something fast." Hey, guess what else is on Sunday? HTC's Mobile World Congress press event. And guess who's gonna be there? We are! And that means you'll be there along with us. Things get going around 2 p.m. EST / 11 a.m. PST, for those of you in the States.

So what will we get, and how fast will it be? Phones on the wheel of possibility include the One X (aka Endeavor), One S and One V. Or maybe all of them.

And if you haven't checked it out already, be sure to read through Alex Dobie's Mobile World Congress preview to see exactly what we're expecting from everyone else in Barcelona.

Source: HTC on Facebook


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HTC teasing its Sunday Mobile World Congress event


the "5" and "you'll discover something fast" obviously stands for 5G data speeds! hahaha HTC will start the whole 5G revolutions while everyone else is stuck on slow 4G. lol

I have been a fan of htc for years but I just don't get excited like I used to when it comes to them. Hopefully they will make things very interesting with whatever they will announce next week.

but seriously, more likely it has to do with 5 days before the big announcement.

tomorrow they'll have a 4, friday will be 3, and so on counting down.

Idk I love my inspire but the next Gen builds idk I'm all for quad cores but my only concern is battery life that ugly thing keeps polite head up ik but I would love to be able to stream all day long and not be feathered to a charger

It could just be my desktop monitor resolution but click the picture and measure the diagonal of the phone.....kinda weird that it's exactly 5" isn't it??? ;)
Anyone with a galaxy note can hold it up to that picture and it's a pretty nice exact overlay....
So if that's the case...the outer phone dimensions would be 145mmX75mm

Anyone know when htc may release official evo4g# 2?? You know what i mean.... I still have my original evo4g... Running cm7.1 but it's about that time. HTC isn't dropping the evo line are they? I only hear about these other 3 x,v, whatever models. Thanks for any info

All I want is an EVO 4G with a dual core and some internal rom, like a few gigs, and I'd be a happy camper. I'm still holding on to my EVO 4G after two years because I just can't bring myself to replace it.

So come on, HTC! Drop all the fancy schmancy and give us a phone as good as the original - for SPRINT!!!