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AT&T has announced that they will be carrying the HTC One X on it's LTE network in the US in the coming months. The One X and it's new technology promises to bring "a camera so good it's a true digital camera on your phone" and it looks like a very nice next generation Android handset. With specs like a Qualcomm S4 Snapdragon CPU in the LTE version, 32GB of storage and Beats audio, the One X will fit nicely with AT&T's high speed LTE network and their Sense 4 version of Ice Cream Sandwich promises to bring a new experience that many will love. 

The 4.7-inch HD display will provide clear and sharp images with an 80 degree viewing angle, and the Gorilla Glass coating will help keep things crystal clear and scratch free. Paired with a polycarbonate unibody design, the One X will look as good as it performs, and it's sure to quickly become a favorite with Android fans everywhere. 

Specific availability dates and prices aren't yet available, but with the phones set to be on the shelves in "the coming months" we should be hearing something soon. We'll be sure to let you know when it happens. AT&T's announcement is after the break.

AT&T announces HTC one x, allows customers to stay entertained everywhere

Exclusively from AT&T, 4G LTE Entertainment Superphone features Beats Audio, Runs on Android 4.0

DALLAS and Bellevue, Wash., Feb. 26, 2012 – 

Key Facts

  • Available exclusively from AT&T* in the coming months, the HTC One™ X will be the first new smartphone from AT&T to feature the latest version of the Android operating system (4.0) paired with the power of AT&T’s 4G LTE network.
  • HTC One X will be one of the first phones in the U.S. to feature HTC Sense™ 4, the new version of HTC’s branded user experience that introduces ImageSense, a suite of camera and imaging features with improvements to every part of the camera.
  • HTC One X will also be AT&T’s first smartphone with Beats By Dr. Dre™ Audio built-in to the hardware and software.  Beats Audio on the HTC One X is enabled across the entire multimedia audio experience including apps, offering richer, more authentic sound on music, games, videos and movies.
  • AT&T stores will soon carry Beats By Dr. Dre accessories for the first time.
  • For more information, visit

AT&T customers will immediately recognize HTC One X as the latest in smartphone superiority.  The combination of 4G LTE, the nation’s largest 4G network and an unsurpassed user experience in audio and imaging, HTC’s leading design and plenty of power under the hood, will make this superphone a hit with customers of all types.  Customers interested in learning more can visit

HD Entertainment
Customers who enjoy watching TV shows or movies on their smartphone will be amazed by the 4.7-inch 720p HD screen on the HTC One X which provides sharp screen images that appear detailed and visible from every angle – even angled up to 80 degrees – or connect the device to any TV using HTC’s wireless HDMI Media Link HD adapter** to enjoy content on a larger screen. 

The laminated cover glass and touch layer eliminates light reflection for superior sharpness and clarity, and is protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass.  HTC One X also features a beautifully crafted polycarbonate unibody design that showcases its clean lines and seamless construction.

Authentic Sound
HTC One X is the first device from AT&T with Beats Audio integration built into the hardware and software, offering rich, full sounds with professional-grade sound engineering to play the music how the artist intended.  Beats Audio By Dr. Dre provides a distortion-free sound at higher volume and rich bass at all levels for video, gaming and music.  HTC One X is custom tuned for the best audio performance when used with Beats By Dr. Dre accessories**.

With built-in software on the HTC One X, customers can connect it to a computer and HTC’s Sync Manager software automatically installs to your computer and once connected, makes it easy to transfer songs, artists and playlists from a music library.  The new HTC Music Hub is also customizable to include customers’ favorite streaming radio services and music apps, making them easily accessible all in one location.  

Additionally, an enhanced audio experience will soon be available to HTC Vivid™ customers in the coming weeks.  Sound engineers at Beats Dr. Dre and software engineers at HTC have teamed up to bring an improved audio experience to the HTC Vivid through an upcoming software update that will provide Android 4.0, an updated HTC Sense experience and Beats By Dr. Dre audio profiles. 

AT&T will begin carrying Beats By Dr. Dre accessories this spring.

Amazing Camera
With ImageSense, HTC One X’s 8MP HD camera rivals traditional digital cameras with improvements to every part of the camera including the lens, sensor and software, while integrating the new HTC ImageChip.  The combination reduces noise, removes color bias and enhances picture quality in photos and videos.  More than just megapixels, its best-in-class f-2.0 lens with a backside illuminated sensor takes amazing pictures in low light and its quick launch feature makes sure you never miss an important moment. 

It takes less than one second to launch the camera from the lock screen and the camera’s autofocus locks in on your subject in under a second, to take nearly unlimited continuous shots simply by holding the shutter button. To ensure the best shot is captured, HTC ImageSense also introduces autoburst which will automatically take a burst of shots if the subject moves while you press the shutter button.

For those torn between whether a moment would be better captured via video or in photos, HTC One X includes Video Pic so you never have to choose again – the device can capture pictures while recording video in HD and has the ability to capture a still image from previously recorded video.

A high dynamic range (HDR) feature presents more contrast in captured photos and enables the camera to capture multiple photos from one instance, each with a different exposure level, layering the images together to create a single photo that combines the best parts of each for a more accurate range of light across the image.

The 1080p HD video camera automatically removes jitters and lets you lock the focus on a moving object.  Slow motion video recording is also possible at a maximum of 108 frames per second. 

The HTC One X smartphone’s next-generation 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 dual-core processor allows customers to run heavy duty tasks such as creating and editing homemade videos smoothly without any lag, while the 1,800 mAh embedded battery offers hours of uninterrupted entertainment time.

HTC Sense 4
HTC One X will be one of the first devices in the U.S. with the simple and intuitive HTC Sense 4 user experience.  It helps make the Beats Audio experience possible while listening to any audio component and features camera enhancements including a quick launch feature for the camera on the HTC One X – dramatically cutting down the time needed to move from the lock screen to snapping a picture. 

“Of course HTC One X is an outstanding device with the hottest specs,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.  “This device takes the power of those parts and creates a customer experience like no other, bringing superior hardware and sights and sounds to life.”

“HTC One X is a true showcase for HTC’s heritage of innovation providing our fastest camera, our best images even in the worst conditions and the ability to take video and photos at the same time,” said Jason Mackenzie, president, global sales and marketing, HTC Corporation. “I’m proud to bring these remarkable new experiences to AT&T customers with the HTC One X.”


Reader comments

HTC One X will be available on AT&T LTE network for US Customers


After leaving ATT I swore nothing would ever tempt me back. I'm praying that this phone ends up on Sprint...

LTE. Perfect, I was worried was going to be silly HSPA.
Wait..... Qualcomm? :-( was hoping Tegra 3.
Loving my Prime thought i could have matching cpu phone and Tegra gaming love... i guess I'll have to wait and see in person...

Be patient Sprint people,they will announce something soon maybe its because they're starting their LTE network this year so it takes a little time but I will believe they will announce one of these devices as a new Evo lol

It looks like the X quad core (Tegra 3) will ONLY be available in non-LTE versions. Blech. What is the point? Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T will all be LTE. That makes about as much sense as a non-swappable battery in a phone that doesn't have a huge battery.

I am pretty disappointed now. :(

tegra 3 and snapdragon s4 performance doesnt differ much...if anything the s4 performs better, see anadtech for benchmarks

There is a world outside the US you know that doesn't have LTE to worry about ;) 

Just saying...there's obviously a reason for using the Qualcomm chip, I don't think you guys are being short changed. Just because quad is more than dual doesn't necessarily make it better :)

Why have you posted this EXACT comment in the past five or six AC Headline posts? Quit spamming.

he's just gunning to be the one comment cited on the daily AC email. it is gonna be ok. Let him rant.

You guys gotta remember, and they say this every year, CTIA is the "cdma" show, MWC is gsm. If Sprint is getting this, we'll only have to wait until the end of March to find out. And what good is a Sprint LTE phone if there is no Sprint LTE? I'm fine with waiting until it's rolled out.

The phone will still work fine. I mean look at the wimax phones with very little wimax coverage, by your logic why make those phones when not everyone has wimax....

I'm done with Verizon leaving them in July and they can stick there droids where the sun don't shine AT&T gets all the best phones.

Uh...not sure why you would leave the best carrier with the largest 4G LTE coverage over getting a certain phone. And as far as AT&T getting better phones thats debatable. As of this moment, Verizon as a great lineup. And they were wise to get the GN exclusive for such a long time.

Now its a toss up between this phone and the Galaxy III coming soon to AT&T. Decisions, decions....what do you guys think?

"Allows customers to stay entertained everywhere " LOL! Until AT&T starts throttling you. Seriously, AT&T is going to have a big push on all their new LTE phones that nobody will be able to fully use on their already overtaxed network.

Wow, AT&T are coming with nicer phones. I wonder if the Samsung Skyrocket HD will come with S4 dual-core also? This HTC X is a beast but too bad is not a removable battery. I don't see any news with Verizon's future phones.