Perhaps the star of tonight’s AT&T Holiday preview here in New York is the One VX, the out-of-left-field entry from HTC that sits somewhere between the One V and T-Mobile’s One S. Like Phil said upon its unveiling a few days ago, this is a device in and of itself, and really brings the best of both worlds to AT&T’s LTE network. 

Spec wise, we’re following the new trend of high-end internals at low entry-level prices. The 4.5-inch Super LCD2 display is the same qHD resolution as the One S but the ever-so-slight bump in size makes a world of difference. It looks great too, and while it isn’t the mind-blowing 720p display on the One X+, it produces vivid color, excellent viewing angles, and admirable brightness. You won’t be disappointed here.

The Snapdragon S4 MSM 8390 is just a few clicks below the One S in terms of clock speed, but based on my short time with it tonight, it gets the job done. The One VX chugs along with nary a hiccup or stutter, and seems to be able to handle just about anything you throw at it. No, this isn’t the biggest and baddest processor/RAM combo you’ll find, but that doesn’t mean the VX doesn’t offer exceptional usability. The same can be said for the camera—its 5 megapixels are lower than the 8 on the One X and One S, but thanks to its ImageSense processor and advanced optics, we’re expecting exceptional photographs.

Physically, the VX really hits a sweet spot in terms of screen size and portability. It’s absolutely stunning, as we’ve come to expect from the One series. Slim and light, the VX looks quite similar to the One S with its rounded corners, super-slim profile, metal trim, and matte silver/white finish. It’s also the perfect balance between big and small- despite the 4.5-inch display, the VX is perfectly pocketable.

I do have some small gripes, like HTC’s decision to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich while the rest of the One line is queued up for its Jelly Bean upgrade. And don’t get me started on the name—HTC ruined a great thing with this choice, and completely screws up its super-clean One branding. Why not the V+? Or even the S-?

I’m on pins and needles to see what kind of pricetag AT&T slaps on the VX, as I think this phone has the potential to be huge at the right price point. Until we get a chance to put it through its paces, sit back, relax, and enjoy some hands-on after the break.


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HTC One VX hands on


This phone is not needed at all. All ATT has to do is still sell the original one x at a lower price. This weird I thought HTC was going to make less phones this year. I bet it is going to be hard to get a otterbox for this phone.

They already are selling the One X at $99. This makes sense: upgrade the flagship device so they can justify selling it for the same price as GS3 and LG Optimus G, and come out with a "true" cheap option which costs less to produce, make more profit

God, I wish people would stop it already with the "I thought HTC was going to make less phones". It's a god damn a broken record. They released 22 phones in 2011, and so far, 12 in 2012, which includes these latest two (X+ and VX). They never said they would drop all carrier specific branded lines (Evo, Incredible, Desire, etc.)

Just let them do what they're doing, which is releasing a range of phones to serve a range of customers.

DEAL with it. When they introduced the, AHEM, "One" series, they ballyhooed the simplicity of the line. Now they have 6, or 7(?), in the One line: X, S, V, XL, X+, VX. Good grief. They're parodying their own marketing campaign. Or proving to us they were BSing us (something Amaze owners know all too well).

I'm an Galaxy S III owner, and even I have to admit this is one sexy mid-range phone. Really though, I thought HTC was going to make fewer phones and focus on "quality over quantity?"

This web site is really trying to sell the HTC phones. How can anyone with any brains buy this piece of shit when for just 50 bucks more buy the HTC 1x+. Granted it is a nice looking phone but that is it, shipped with Ginger Bread probably never to see anything else. Yep, Phil and the boys are really putting on a full court press to sell HTC. I know Phil went to Korea to visit HTC, they must have put Phil and his family up in the Pent House suite at one of the local swank Hotels. Great Publicity. Only Kidding.