HTC One.

The newly-announced HTC One is HTC's most-ranged handset ever, debuting from this March on some 185 carriers in 80 territories. That includes T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T in the U.S. and all the major UK networks. But if you're wondering exactly which networks around the world will be selling the device, then we've got a big ol' list after the break.


Europe, Middle East and Africa: 1&1 Germany, A1 Telekom Austria, AB Poland, Allo Ukraine, AMC (Cosmote) Albania, Avea Turkey, Beeline Kazakhstan, Belcompany Netherlands, BH Telecom Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bite Latvia, Bite Lithuania, Bouygues Telecom France, Carphone Warehouse UK, Cell C RSA, Citrus Ukraine, Cosmote Greece, Cosmote Romania & Global Bulgaria, Cyta, DT Mobile(TS) Latvia, Du UAE, Dustin Sweden, Eagle Mobile Albania, EE UK, Elisa Estonia, Elisa Finland, El-Giganten Denmark, El-Giganten Sweden, Elkjöb Norway, EMT (TS) Estonia, E-Plus Germany, ERC Ukraine, Euroset Russia, Gigantii Finland, Go Malta, H3G Austria, H3G Denmark, H3G Italy, H3G Sweden, H3G UK, HT Eronet Bosnia & Herzegovina, K-Cell Kazakhstan, KPN Belgium, KPN Netherlands, Life Belarus, LuxGSM Luxembourg, Megafon Russia, Melita Malta, Meteor Ireland, Mobilezone Switzerland, Mobilochka Ukraine, Mobily KSA, MSH Belgium, MSH Germany, M-Tel Montenegro, M-Tel Bosnia & Herzegovina, MTI Ukraine, MTN Cyprus, MTS Belarus, MTS Russia, Netcom Norway, (Telefónica) O2 Czech, (Telefónica) O2 Germany, (Telefónica) O2 Ireland, (Telefónica) O2 UK, Omnitel Lithuania, One Macedonia, Optimus Portugal, Orange France, Orange Maldova, Orange Poland, Orange Romania, Orange Slovakia, Orange Spain, Orange Switzerland, Partner Communications Israel, PhoneHouse France, PhoneHouse Germany, PhoneHouse Netherlands, PhoneHouse Sweden, Phones4U UK, Play Poland, Plus Communication Albania, Polkomtel Poland, Proximus Belgium, SFR France, SiMobil Slovenia, STC KSA, Sunrise Switzerland, Svyaznoy Russia, Swisscom Switzerland, TDC Denmark, Tele2 Croatia, Tele 2 Estonia, Tele2 Latvia, Tele2 Lithuania, Tele2 Russia, Telia Denmark, Telia Sweden, Telekom Slovenija, Telenet Belgium, Telenor Denmark, Telenor Norway, Telenor Sweden, Telenor Hungary, Telenor Serbia, Telkom Serbia, TIM Italy, TMN Portugal, T-Mobile Austria, T-Mobile Croatia, T-Mobile Czech Republic, T-Mobile Germany, T-Mobile Hungary, T-Mobile Macedonia, T-Mobile Montenegro, T-Mobile Netherlands, T-Mobile Poland, T-Mobile Slovakia, Turkcell Turkey, Tus Mobil Slovenia, Velcom (TAG) Belarus, VIP Operator Macedonia, VIP Mobile Serbia, Vipnet Croatia, Vivacom Bulgaria, Vodacom RSA, Vodafone Albania, Vodafone Czech Republic, Vodafone Egypt, Vodafone Germany, Vodafone Greece, Vodafone Hungary, Vodafone Ireland, Vodafone Italy, Vodafone Malta, Vodafone Netherlands, Vodafone Portugal, Vodafone Romania, Vodafone Spain, Vodafone Turkey, Vodafone UK, Wind Greece, Wind Italy, Yoigo Spain, Yug Contract Ukraine, Zain KSA.

Asia-Pacific: China Mobile Hong Kong Company Ltd., ChungHwa Telecom, 3HK, CSL, Fareastone, M1, Mobifone, Optus, PCCW mobile, Reliance Communications, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd., SmarTone, StarHub, Taiwan Mobile, Telecom New Zealand, Telstra, Vodafone Australia, Vodafone New Zealand.

China: China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom

North America: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cincinnati Bell and Best Buy in the United States and in Canada with Rogers Communications, Bell Mobility, TELUS and Virgin Mobile Canada.

Latin America: Claro Argentina (América Movil), Telecom Personal Argentina, Entel Chile, Iusacell México, Telcel México (América Movil), Claro Perú (América Movil), Claro Puerto Rico (América Movil), Movistar Venezuela (Telefonica) 

There are 55 comments

major payne says:

And Once Again Verizon passes on this

Mooem says:

I'm sure their justification will be "we have the Droid DNA". *sigh*

mwara244 says:

Verizon wants to deliver as crappy of an experience as possible to their customers, verizon is where hope, innovation, and satisfaction goes to die.

Can't wait till my contract is up and the Dish/Google carrier is up and running to transfer to

SoggyTempura says:

It will be released as a Droid product, just like previous models that other carriers opted for but Verizon "didn't".

snookasnoo says:

Verizon hasn't passed on it yet and I doubt they will. They simply haven't said anything one way or the other. Not that it prevents a series of histrionic comments as we see below.

spiff_p239 says:

No Verizon, eh?

adamsaur says:

yet another reason to hate verizon

Just remember the great network they have. Lmao


I switched to Verizon a couple of years ago for that reason but I'm sick of the slow updates on phones, high rates and poor service, not to mention taking away my unlimited data. Luckily my current contract ends next month so I'll be heading over to Sprint for my shiny new HTC One.

ctk4949 says:

lol no verizon!!

obidos says:

ugh! so much for the anticipation for this event. WTH Verizon?

djkleric says:

might be good. Remember that one phone that they passed on originally? Now it is the best selling android phone.

dtraini30 says:

huh?? remind me lol


He's talking about the Galaxy S2.

MarkSeven says:

I wanna leave Verizon anyway so idgaf..

bangishotyou says:

I'm thinking it's not "no Verizon", so much as it's "Verizon has approved this phone, but in keeping with current Verizon standards it will be delayed while Verizon adds additional carrier branding all over the device, and 'ensures that the software does not cause any problems on/to their network'".

WTF is the point of having an LTE phone...if its not on the only decent LTE network in the US? Come on Verizon...slap a Droid One label on it call it a day.

pkcable says:

Does that look like a Zed 10 or WHAT?

Bert336 says:

verizon isnt spending money on this hunk of junk as they have seen the DNA was a failure, soo....They are waiting on the X phone and the new move big red :)

Pray the Nexus 5 has LTE!

ctk4949 says:

Only cause verizon had to screw with the DNA, couldnt just leave it alone. They removed the microSD card and had to add all their freaking bloatware!!

Neofite says:

I agree!! I wish Big Red would learn not the mess with every phone that comes out.

Ry says:

Because you know for a fact that HTC built the DNA and pitched it to Verizon, right?

It couldn't have possibly been Verizon asking HTC to build out a phone, right?

IIRC, the Butterfly models were a result of the DNA's development - not the other way around. Verizon couldn't have taken something out that wasn't there.

Dirtman16 says:

I get so tired of hearing this! Have you even used the DNA? I've had it for a month, and it's an excellent device. Coming from the Thunderbolt and Galaxy Nexus, the battery is in another league.

skyboxer says:

I'm guessing that Verizon wanted something special and HTC said no. Exactly the right thing to do. I hope they sell 30 million worldwide and Verizon gets left out.

bbalak says:

Oh well. No Verizon = Samsung Galaxy S4 for me. Just hope CyanogenMod will be ready for it by August.

slayerpsp says:

good luck they bing it and lock down bootloader Verizon is evil

Ry says:

The Bing deal was so long ago. I hope you don't think phones like the DNA, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S III, and DROID RAZR HD have Bing instead of Google.

Taz89 says:

looks nice and wondering does this mean the design will look the same on all carriers or will it have slight modifications but still be called the htc one?

MazoMark says:

So glad I finally left Verizon.

They'll probably launch later - after they have a City ID app that is compatible with Sense 5.

Eerth says:

Nice, on all 4 networks in the Netherlands. Worldwide and carrier-wide availability is really important. Samsung and Apple know about that.

radgatt says:

I hope no one is surprised that this phone isn't on Verizon. Personally, from what I can gather the only difference is the software and the camera. Same specs pretty much. Unless the extra 280 mAh battery will make much difference. Maybe the larger storage is warranted but besides that just update the DNA to sense 5 and call it a day.

Louis Moore says:

Or if you just dont want 5.5 inches of phone in your pocket ....but whatever

Reef48 says:

Wth Verizon!

curley says:

Just another reason to leave Verizon after my contract is up.

whaddupdoe says:

Smh, I got this EVO LTE on launch day and it hasnt even been a year, welp time to work some magic, and a several calls to Sprint till I get what I want lol.

a22matic says:

Come late March, my EVO LTE will be sold and I will pick the HTC ONE up. I won't sign another contract w/Sprint, so it will be purchased using "straight cash homie."

whaddupdoe says:

Depending on the price out of pocket, if I will buy it off contract as well.

If you go through 3 phones for "manufacturer issues" most carriers under the manufactuer warranty will change you to another device.....

David Lopez3 says:

HTC is offering $100 for trading in your phone, in case that helps. :)

slayerpsp says:

Verizon thinks there better then everyone so they do what they want despite what there customers want there a lot like Sony they just keep living in the past

Ry says:

Except in terms of carriers, Verizon is still strong and healthy.

ab304945 says:


bryanw504 says:

I am very proud of HTC for getting this on almost all carriers in the US ( looking at you Verizon ). If it comes out untouched by the carriers with no alterations to it, this will be big for HTC. They can finally get some brand recognition and that is a big step in the right direction. I can only assume that Big Red didn't want it for one of two reason. They either don't want it to affect the DNA or they wanted it to be the Droid One or something stupid to that matter. Way to go HTC for standing up to the carriers and doing what Apple and Samsung have learned, you make the phones the carriers sell the service, if they want to mess up your design let them do it on some one else's phone.

This is a sexy phone and as usual HTC's design never fails short of stunning. Samsung take notes just because you have the Android market in a choke hold doesn't mean that you can't lose ground. I would like to see Samsung step up and use their android money on some much needed design upgrades. I love my GS3 but I feel the plastic look is getting old and they need a face lift on materials.

Now lets talk marketing here HTC you need something catchy, original, and something that shows off the phones great features.

FaisDogg says:

I totally agree. I hope they kept NFC, I'm on sprint and really like using google wallet on my EVO LTE.

Now if HTC would just update software with any kind of punctuality, this would be golden.

Ry says:

Just watch. Coming to Verizon in June as the DROID Incredible One. lol.

ajcook says:

Any word on whether Sprint will rebrand this as yet another "EVO", or finally leave branding alone and call it the "One", like they did leaving the Samsung Galaxy S III name alone?

Azturbomini says:

I am so glad I switched my business account to AT&T. The cell service is great and they have great phones.

snookasnoo says:

AT&T? Dead last among all carriers for coverage and service for many years in a row? You must have very good AT&T service where you live and not travel much. Especially not in NYC or San Francisco. Might as well have two cups and a string.

Erievon says:

Yes I shall repeat what many others have said, but VZW needs to hear it. I want this phone. VZW why I can no haz?

VZW is hands down the best LTE network in my area, and for all many reasons I cannot just leave them...this year. No, I'm not a blind sheep.

I can however, leave next year with my entire business account if this continued ignoring of the HTC line continues. I wanted a One X, and now I'm left wanting the One. DNA is nice, but it won't get nearly the dev support as a unified platform (think S3 or One X on all other carriers) will get.

daveydog says:

Disappointing... I would have been interested. Kinda blows that VZ dint get the one x or the one. I do think it affects htc's success... Both phones would have done very well....

StuartV says:

Best Buy has their own cellular network now?!?

zero3187 says:

I think they might mean that Best Buy is officially going to be selling them. but on the other hand I know Best Buy is kind of trying to get into that kind of thing so just maybe?

jteesy says:

I'm most interested in whether it'll be available unlocked...