The Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone has just about the most generic name we've ever seen phone a phone. But the device is anything but bland. (And more on that name in a second.)

We're talking Verizon Wireless LTE. Android 2.2. An 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP front-facing camera. A 1GHz processor. All on a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen.

Screen tech is advancing at such a clip, what's "best" changes from day to day. But you're gonna love Super AMOLED Plus on this Sammy device, thanks to its increased subpixels. The total resolution is the usual 480x800, but there are 12 subpixels to every pixel, up from the usual eight. You need to see it.

Swype video calling also promises to be a big part of this guy. Verizon didn't have it up and running, and the demo video looked pretty standard.

Now about that name. It's pretty bland. But interestingly enough, the words Galaxy S were more than apparent during our demo. So we'll have to get that straightened out.

Video's rendering now, folks.


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First look at the Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone


Phil's hands probably grow when he is restless... That 4.3 inch looks tiny or those hands are huge! and Swype video calling? I imagine this involves rubbing our face on the front facing camera??? LOL

damn what a nice looking phone, while all this is happening on verizon at&t hell even tmobile, sprint is getting the evo shift what a joke.

Yeah, what's going on with Sprint. anyone know if they have anything planned for CES?...

No with Google, Fail. They are really trying to shove the Motorizon experience down our throats. Looks like it will get the bing treatment too.

All you need to know about this bait and switch is the version of Android that it was released with. 2.2! 2.3 was released last month! If you suckers who buy Samsung crap think you're going to get 2.3, why don't you ask all the Galaxy S users, who bought phones with 2.1 in the summer, when they will be getting their 2.2 update (you know, the update that came out a month before the Galaxy S)...

Samsung is korean for "sucker"

Yo for real im not really talking crap but there's only a few things extra that phone has compared to my Evo so all this phones coming out n I'm not that impress, a lot of those specs my evo has since launch so I think ill wait for the next evo in the summer

This and the LG Revolution have the exact same button configuration (Menu, Home, Back, Search), just like my Droid X. I wonder if there will ever be a standardization across the different device makers?

Anyone concerned about Sprints future 4G / Potentially Dual-Core phones...or those merely disappointed with the Evo Shift 4G, you may want to sit tight until CTIA. As stated in the podcast, Sprint is at CES, they just didn't have a booth or any big announcements right now which (and I've been with sprint for 8 years now) usually means they're about to drop some serious bombs for their high end smartphone users.

I'm just not understanding why I should by this phone, sure the screen is a little bigger but with no dual core and absolutely ZERO chance of ever getting upgrades to any new android os it seems pretty pointless, actually more of verizon's options do compared to my INC since I am not covered by 4G. Samsung has sold millions of Galaxy S phones and then screwed everyone out of 2.2 so I just dont get why anyone would want to support them

This is basically the fascinate minus bing, HELL YA, better screen,camera and front facing camera. I will get this phone unless the bionic or thunderbolt persuade me otherwise.

Agree this new phone is Pointless!! no Dual Core!!Minus-1 Outdated Allready!! Minus-2 will never get Updated minus-3...Or Strike '3' Your Out On This One (SAMMY)-:(