Gold Note 3 on Verizon

Mail in rebate starts today, so look for an announcement soon

We've seen some good evidence of the Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3 coming to Verizon soon, but this one is on actual Verizon digital letterhead. Starting today, a big mail-in rebate program kicks off and one of the devices you can save a hundred bucks on is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Rose Gold (capital letters and all).

Under the shiny covering will be the same Note 3 that comes in white or black, but it has to be better because it's gold. There are also some other nice bits of pocket change to be had for other phones — it looks like Verizon's whole Android line-up is there. If you're looking to sign away a couple years and get a new Android, mosey over to your Verizon store or authorized retailer and check. The promo seems to end on January 26, so you have a few days to decide.

We're on the lookout for anything more official from Verizon about the Gold Note 3. 

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Get $100 back on the Gold Note 3 when it hits Verizon


Really, is there a reason for your meaningless comments. Who cares if you don't like Verizon, people choose Verizon and would like to get deals too. Your comments help no one. I would hate to be your significant other or child. Your life must be full of so much negativity.

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So and so sucks monkey balls. You suck monkey balls. Apparently we all suck monkey balls. Good god do you have anything that is remotely intelligent to say?

Yeah, Moto has been slashing prices left and right lately. They're probably burning through inventory in anticipation of new product announcements. Let's hope, anyway.

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Proof that you cannot read. He didn't even imply that Motorola "sucks monkey balls", is "crappy" or "useless", or any of the other childish retorts you come up with. What a joke.

And most of the sgs phones are colors

Mommy posted this because I am not allowed to internets

"Anyone who uses a Note 3 naked is crazy"

Maybe you're the crazy one cos some of us like the feel of the 'faux leather' back.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

You can get a clear case from spigen and still be able to show off your phone. Plus not everyone uses their phones on a way that a construction worker or someone who works outside does.

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I agree! Major, major regret not getting a protective case, before I got my Dualtek case, I dropped my S4 and the screen cracked near the home button, cost me $175 to get an insurance replacement. Now I have a new S4, it stays in my Dualtek case, and nearly a month after having it, it still looks brand new!

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Never dropped a device yet so the ONLY WAY to enjoy the NOTE 3 is the way it came out the box.

No case period......

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Contract required. Figures. I long for the day the USA goes the way the rest of the world has regarding device sales not being tied to a service contract. Buy your phone at one store, your service at another.

I see what you are saying, but this deal is for folks already on contract or looking to upgrade.

It would be nice to see reduced prices on off-contract, but if you get a phone directly from the carrier (web, store, etc.) its going to be one that has been tested to work on that network.

If you want unlocked and less/zero bloat, you buy directly from Google, Moto or independent dealer.

I'm on VZW, just under an old service plan with unlimited data that is less costly than anything they currently offer. Therefore, I would buy a VZW tested phone, but don't wish to change my service plan. There is no rebate for an outright purchase.

Did not know you were a holdout on a grandfathered unlimited data plan.

Didn't VZW announce almost 2 years ago that to keep unlimited data, they would no longer offer discount/subsidized phones? You could buy a GPE device or even a Moto X.

Even at full MSRP, those with unlimited data do not have to worry about overage charges, so you and those with similar plans are "winning"right ?

Providers make more money on the service plans than selling a phone at retail without a plan.Until this changes, I would imagin

Or buy from swappa. That's my new best place to buy and sell. Only not worth buying on swappa is nexus 5. It's still cheaper to get directly from Google.

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Answer to no contracts: *T-Mobile*. We'll just see how much longer contracts servive! T-Mobile's chief marketing officer said this isn't a temporary promotion, they are out to rid the U.S. market of contracts. I think it's awesome the sort of positive influence one company can have on an entire industry.

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My brother in law is with Verizon with no contract and he gets most of the latest phones without renewing by shopping on swappa. His unlimited plan still in tact

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I like swappa but there are never any Windows phones on there.

It's a work thing...

Mommy posted this because I am not allowed to internets

But doesn't T-Mobile still have contracts? If you buy a phone on a payment plan you sign a contract to pay the full price of the phone in monthly installments.

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Gold? Is girly? Hmm,...I thought purple & pink were girly...

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The first three words are the ugliest in the cell phone upgrade process. Mail in rebate. I hate waiting two months just to be told I don't qualify for it for xxx reason.

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In any reasonable world, no reason exists for a mail-in-rebate to take more than 2-3wks at the most.

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Which is why I only go to third party retailers who don't do mail in rebates. Typically much cheaper that way

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You Sir are a very smart consumer! Things would be very different in this country if there were more consumers who put as much thought into their purchases as you.

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Hopefully it is soon they are offering and trade in of a minimum of $100 and free activation and if I get this promo also I'll walk away with a note 3 for $100. Well see if it pans out.

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It looks like it is from an Authorized Agent, so Verizon corporate stores probably would know nothing about this

I work for a Verizon premium retailer and I got this rebate yesterday but I didn't even notice the Rose Gold. MIRs are how we are able to still make a profit on the phones and still match the corporate price. My guess is this will be showing up on Verizon's site and in corporate stores soon. We hardly ever have lower prices than corporate.

Does anyone actually know where you can buy a phone and use this rebate? I called my local Verizon store and they don't know anything about it. It is a little frustrating this article doesn't give any additional information.

Nobody has commented on this, but is it normal for different line items with the same device to have different font sizes? I was just noticing how the "Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Black" line is "longer" than the other two Note 3 line items. Can't tell if it's a different font, size, or just kerning, but I find it a bit odd. Seems like, if they used a standard document or spreadsheet processor, then all of the text should be the same size. An assumption that seems re-enforced by all of the other lines "lining up".

Also, the "Black" and "White" Note 3 line items show the same proof of purchase code. It doesn't appear that the code is repeated for any other line items, either.

Maybe I just don't know how these sheets work, but all of that makes me question the credibility of this pic.

UPDATE: looking at it again, it *does* look like the kerning (space between the letters) is different for those two line items. Odd...