Motorola Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra

Motorola's Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx have been holding strong on Android 4.4 while their cousin the Moto X has seen the bump to 4.4.2, and now soak test invites are heading out that will bring the devices up to parity. Invites heading out usually mean that an update is close on the horizon, and should arrive within the next few days for those participating in the Motorola Feedback Network.

If everything goes according to plan and the update works properly, it'll then head out in short order to everyone else. We don't expect any monumental changes in the small x.x.2 update, but being on the latest software build is always a good idea. Keep an eye out on your Droid Ultra or Maxx for an update in the coming days, and be sure to head into the forums and let everyone know if you're seeing the update.

More: Motorola Droid Maxx Forums; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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kaiser10123 says:

Do I need Verizon Sim to get update currently using straighttalk

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DWR_31 says:

Wait for the OTA file to show up on XDA.

Ry says:


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JimBen73 says:


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travaz says:

Yea about time

gamefreak715 says:

What will this do? Is it all under the hood?

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Joseph Ball1 says:

And the mini

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Junior chuxx says:

Update 4.4 seem to f#ucked up my battery, I barely get 5hrs of onscreen time. Hope 4.4.2 fixes this mess.

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Moo Cow says:

I hope the 4.4.2 update fixes the Droid Maxx bug where if you hit the home key to exit an app, you ALWAYS go back to the home screen.

For example, if you have an app on the farthest right screen and use it, and exit it with the home button, you should go back to that far right screen. Nope, it sends you to the middle screen you have set as the main home screen.

In the forums I know a few others have noticed this as well. This is the only significant fix I'd make with 4.4.2. Everything else seems fine to me based on my usage.

duwest says:

That's my biggest gripe as well. Pretty sure the capacitive button bug is common to every 2013 maxx & ultra. Keeping my fingers crossed for a fix!

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revtech says:

Gosh golly gee, imagine that, the home button takes you back to the screen you designated as the home screen . . . [forehead slap]

revtech says:

btw, that was intended to be humorous; I am also hoping it gets fixed ;-)

RETG says:

Some might just like that feature. Hitting back takes you to the same screen; hitting HOME take you HOME. As revtech says, "...the home button takes you back to the screen you designated as the home screen..."

Mudvayne622 says:

Hopefully this will fix random apps from opening when backing out of an app.

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Mudvayne622 says:

I just backed out of the browser and for some reason the Clock app opened. Haven't opened that in days

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Allen Bonace says:

Android version 4.4 does not work successfully with GM Intellilink. When speaking a command to call someone in the phonebook the call fails every time. If I know the number and speak the number to dial, it works. Everything worked under version 4.3 and a Samsung Note 3 running Android ver. 4.3 works like the Droid Maxx used to work.