Motorola Droid 4

No clear indication of what the software update will bring

We've already seen Motorola roll out a rather quick Android 4.4 update for the Moto X, and now Droid 4 owners are receiving a soak test invitation. Shortly after rolling out the soak tests on the Moto X, Droid Ultra and various other devices the update starting hitting officially, and we hope for the same here. While this update is likely to keep the phone on a lower version of Android — Motorola's support page still claims the Droid 4 won't go past Android 4.1.2 — we'll never turn down an official software update on an older device.

Invites are going out now, so we can expect to wait a few more days for software to start hitting devices. Hopefully if all goes smooth they will be able to roll the update to everyone rather quickly. Keep your eyes on your update screen and be sure to let us know if you start receiving the update!

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Motorola Droid 4 soak test invites being sent out


I was just talking about this phone with a friend. If someone could report back with how the soak is going I'd appreciate it. She says her phone has been really slow so I'm hoping to hear that it is primarily to fix bugs.... KitKat would be but OMAP (RIP TI).

*Apple hate warning*

If the title was meant for Apple users, we would have seen a lot of complaints about them actually soaking their devices in water.


People who haven't realized iDevices are just overpriced, overrated, and underpowered are beyond stupid. You're in good company here.

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Well, I wouldn't make a blanket statement like that. Some people just prefer Apple's offerings. And, in my case, it was well worth it to diversify my devices.

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This is the phone my job gives me. I don't turn it on if I can avoid it. If they could do something for the anemic performance to make it usable, I'd be grateful, and I expect there are a lot of folks out there using the device who'll feel the same way. It seems to have been sold in bulk into corporate channels when they could no longer give it away to consumers.

It wild be cool for kitkat on this phone, but if this had an omap chip, I guess it may not be kitkat.

Can't we just get another droid with a keyboard already?

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Fingers crossed for kitkat!!

Well, after releasing the Droid 3 and 4 within months of each other, I think it's good that Motorola takes a break from releasing Qwertys.

But, to be honest, I don't see them ever releasing another keyboard device.

Remember, when the Droid devices (1-4, Pro) were released, BlackBerry was their primary competition. BlackBerry has been unseated from its perch, and the market has spoken that the majority of people don't need or care for Qwertys anymore.

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Yeah it is time to stick a fork in qwerty. I know people like it but the cord has to be cut. If I could pry one from my wifes hands, andyone can drop it.

Sadly it is not Kit Kat. The TI processor kills it. If it is though, HTC folks are going to go on a murderous rampage.

Forget HTC owners. If this is kitkat, the Galaxy Nexus owner base will go on a murderous rampage

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I love QWERTY phones. Nothing realy comes close to a great physical keyboard. I have typed messages, Facebook posts, etc. with great speed and accuracy on a physical keyboard. Even with haptic feedback, no virtual keyboard does the job quite the same. I love having one, and I felt torn when I had to decide between this and the RAZR, but I decided on the RAZR. It just wasn't the same. I thought it was a great phone, but I really miss having a physical keyboard.

I've already talked to motorola employees and she said it was staying at 4.1.2. It's not capable of running anything higher she said.

I got an e-mail invite to be part of the soak test. However, I no longer use my Droid 4 as I went to a Droid Maxx so I declined to join. My wife is still a Droid 4 user but she doesn't care as much as what software a phone has but if it works. So I guess I won't be participating in this soak. I doubt it's KitKat, though. The phone is basically staying at Jelly Bean and I bet that it is just a maintenance upgrade more than anything.

Maybe the software update will bring up a jelly bean version, or possibly just get rid of bloat that could speed up the phone

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I actually miss the Droid 4. It was my first LTE phone, and it worked great. The keyboard made it feel like you had a computer in your pocket.

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Heck yes. Maybe someone could get Ubuntu touch running on this one it's out and stable. That would be a really good computer in your pocket

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My girlfriend is gonna be excited. She loves the easter eggs in the android releases... And refuses to give up her keyboard. Nice work Moto

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Whatever it is, please don't screw the pooch on this like with the 2013 Droids, Moto.

For the record, my KitKat update went without a hitch.

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I think it would be good PR for Motorola if they updated every phone they left on Gingerbread to KitKat. That said, I know it's probably not worth much time or the resources it would take, but it would be cool for a miracle jump from 2.3 to 4.4

Friend asked me about loading cm11 on his droid 4 the other day. Hope it's kit kat for his sake. He's also awaiting the droid 5. Hope they make that. Have a few friends who love droids

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Still have mine for some app testing. This is crazy news. Just got my KK manually loaded on my DROID MAXX. Will be very interested to hear what the update is. My D4 got so sluggish it was starting to get unusable at times. I do really miss my keyboard though...

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Yep. And, I know what you're alluding to, lol.

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As it turns out, yes. If Motorola somehow has kitkat officially pushed to the droid 4, everyone with a galaxy nexus will go on a murderous rampage

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I hope the update will open GSM in the US,

I just purchased a Droid 4 last week to use with Straight Talk... It took me a long time to find out that GSM has been disabled inside the United States... If you want you can take a look at the article: I actually don't quite want to believe it.

XDA thread 1938246

Any way Straight will not register my number to the Verizon towers for this IMEI and I transferred my number to an ATT sim with LTE access on ST but it would not work in the Droid 4, Then just tonight I transferred my number to the T-Mobile sim from ST with HSPA+ and it worked fine in my old BB curve but again it would not work at all in my Droid 4.

I am so sad to report it. I guess it is back to the Droid3 for me which would be just fine if the RAM was not always getting so bogged down. Even with ram booster it is still a pain in the buttocks.

actually the phones TI OMAP processor was 10x better than crapdragon at the time but this phone was poorly optimized for jellybean and had many bugs so i think motorola and verizon want to play it safe and not make matters worse.