Dell Streak order page

The Dell Streak hasn't exactly been a resounding success, but the PC manufacturer is looking to climb back into the race by offering the Streak directly from their website with numerous options. There are a couple different price points, so lets walk through them:

  • $550 - 16GB, locked to AT&T or $300 with 2-year contract
  • $580 - 16GB, unlocked
  • $649 - 32GB, locked to AT&T or $400 with 2-year contract
  • $679 - 32GB, unlocked

In addition to the standard black we have all become familiar with in the tech industry, Dell will also be offering the Streak in red at all price points. The basic 16GB locked Streak should ship right away, but all other versions shouldn't ship until Dec. 8.  In addition, Dell seems to have gotten Froyo all worked out (last we heard it was just starting to be rolled out in the UK) which should make the 5-inch device much more attractive. [Dell via Engadget]


Reader comments

Dell will sell you a red Froyo'd Streak unlocked and with more memory


More manufacturers should sell their phones, unlocked, directly, and let people chose which carrier they wanna use it on. Good move, Dell, now please make your site easier to use, easier to choose a product you want, without all the confusion!

$300 and $400 with activation... that's why manufacturers don't sell them direct! Almost every android phone that you buy directly from the wireless carrier is less than $200. Not to mention this is a tablet not a phone.

And still they wont sell you a build that has a HSPA+ plus radio with the AWS GSM bands. Dell could have captured a lot of T-mobile Android nerds with that combination. Instead they're supporting AT&T who has a weak track record with Android devices and a network that seems to be slightly overloaded. Smart move, and Dell wonders why the Streak hasn't been a resounding success.

This device is just... Not impressive... Who cares now that dual core and more devices from better manufacturers than Dell

So $50 cheaper than a galaxy tab, except smaller, less features, slower, no graphics processor, only used in landscape mode on the main screen, running older version of android, a smaller battery, etc....

Plus, I have used it and it just pales in comparison to the tab. No thanks, dell.

Wow dell is putting out an apple on us in android. Why couldn't HTC and Motorola put more internal memory/option like this?

Giving us outdated internal memory? I'm starting to feel that dell will runaway with android next year.

I would like a 5" subtab, and I would even use it as a phone (via BT earpiece), but I want it at 1024x600. The Streak, at the same old res (WVGA), is just a high-end phone with a magnifier sheet held 2 inches in front of it.