Motorola Milestone

We know it must have been rough for Canadian Motorola Milestone users to see Android 2.2 Froyo rolled out to international users lately, but Telus did promise they would be releasing their version shortly after. Making good on their promise, Motorola Canada today announced via Facebook that the update is indeed now available via the Motorola support page. If you're a Canadian Milestone user, go ahead and get your Froyo on. 

Also, just a little side note: You might want to follow Motorola Canada's Twitter account as well. Much like with the release of the Motorola XOOM in the U.S. they are also giving away a gold Motorola XOOM. [Facebook, Twitter] Thanks, Kelly!

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IceDree says:

Hopfully , other places get it too

peterfares says:

This is pathetically late, but at least it was released. Froyo is almost a year old now, isn't it?

KellyM says:

I did a factory reset right before applying the update and i'm lovin every minute! App2sd finally!

sookster54 says:

It's March 2011, the Milestone was released November 2009, Froyo was official in May 2010... Motorola is really pathetic with their non-US devices, the Milestone is the ONLY non-US Motorola phone to actually get updates (Korea doesn't count).

circustravis says:

At least they got it. My mom and cousin have this phone on Cincy Bell, and they seem to have no intent of updating. My cousin especially is constantly deleting apps because of space issues.