Looking for an energy-efficient bulb that's able to be controlled from your smartphone or tablet? Here are five smart bulbs that make great alternatives to Philips Hue.

Set up specific bulbs in a group to manage them all at once or adjust the lighting in your living room to set the mood, it's all still possible with the proper smart bulb. We've selected five options, colored and plain white, that are easily controlled from your smartphone or tablet and simple to set up.

GE Link Starter Kit

This starter kit from GE features two A19 LED bulbs and a link hub, allowing you to control all GE bulbs through the Wink mobile app. Although these bulbs only come in a soft white, they're great for general use around your home while still having complete control over scheduling. The GE Link starter kit is also compatible with Amazon Echo, but requires the Wink hub. The GE Link starter kit goes for $45.

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LIFX A21 Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

The LIFX Wi-Fi bulb provides 16 million colors and 1,000 shades of white, connecting over your Wi-Fi network without the need for a hub. Simply download the LIFX app and gain control of lighting effects and custom schedules to suit your needs. Each A21 bulb only consumes 17 watts of energy and has a lumen count of 1017. LIFX bulbs even work with Nest Protect and Thermostat, flashing the lights when smoke is detected, or switching the lights on and off automatically to make it appear as if someone is home while you're away on vacation. You can order the LIFX bulb with a pearl white base or in gun metal gray, starting at $60.

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Lucero A19 Smart Bulb

This colorful LED Bluetooth bulb from Lucero can be customized through the Lucero Smart Bulb app, where you can sync with your music and even control up to 50 bulbs in various groups (up to five). With over 16 million colors, there are plenty of options to suit your mood while managing to stay energy efficient at only 7.5 watts. These affordable smart bulbs are available for just $30 each.

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Misfit Bolt LED Smart Bulb

These unique LED Bluetooth bulbs look great whether they're out in the open or covered with a lamp shade. Using the Misfit Home app you can adjust colors or set alarms to wake you up with a warm light of your choice. The sleek aluminum body and glass dome design of the Misfit Bolt provides 260-degree light dispersion. Snag one for just $49!

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Cree A19 LED Bulb

Last up is the soft white Cree LED bulb, compatible with multiple platforms including Amazon Echo, Wink, WeMo, and more. After setting up with a compatible hub, you can schedule your Cree bulbs to turn on and off at any specific time, adjust brightness, or even customize them to work while you're away from home as an extra security measure. Each Cree bulb is only 11.5 watts and available for $15 each — not bad for its 22-year lifespan.

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