Zmart Remote lets you control pretty much anything with your phone

Viatek is launching a new hardware and software combination that can act as a universal remote for a wide variety of devices, using your phone as the controller. The basic premise of Zmart Remote is that you use a combination of an Android (or iOS) app and a hardware dongle that plugs into your phone's headphone jack to program and control most anything around your house. In the same way most high-end universal remotes work, Zmart Remote has a configuration utility that lets you control TVs, Blu-ray players, DVRs and many more by entering the proper codes and settings for each. For other devices that aren't usually controlled remotely -- like light switches, fans and coffee makers -- Viatek makes a Zmart Switch to interface with them directly.

Viatek says that its software can currently interface with some 200,000 products from 95-percent of consumer electronic brands in the category. The app is free, but doesn't do much unless you purchase the accessory dongle, which is $19.99. At the fraction of the price of a good universal remote, it could be worth a look.

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Viatek Launches New Zmart Remote for both Android and Apple Devices at CES Show in Las Vegas

Chattanooga, Tennessee, January 2013- Ever dream of controlling everything in your home with one single remote?  With the new Zmart Remote, you never have to see a remote control again. Zmart Remote is the first and only remote APP that works on both Apple iOS and Android phones. This powerful universal remote controls everything in the home including, CD Players, Blu-rays, stereo equipment, projectors, even the coffee maker, from the convenience of your Apple or Android phone.

Featuring “Zmarter” than ever technology you can feel confident knowing that your home devices will comply with the Zmart Remote and is covered by a lifetime warranty.  Zmart impressively controls a combination of 200,000 devices and covers 95% of brands in the market with a built-in learn command, making it the the most powerful universal remote in the world.

Home automation has never been so easy or convenient. Simply install the free app from the App Store or Google Play. Once installation is complete, plug the small one inch device into the audio jack of your iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad, iPod, or any android devices including phones and tablets. Watch as the Zmart Remote allows you to control every TV, DVD, Blu-ray, home theater, cable box, and appliance in your home effortlessly.

Not only is this wonderful device compliant with your major home appliances, Zmart works in conjunction with the Zmart Switch, an instant 2-way wireless switch that allows you to control overhead lights, ceiling fans,  outdoor lights, ceiling fans, and much more.

Suggested retail of Zmart Remote is $19.99 and is now available for purchase at So Zmart!

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  • The ability to control lights and other devices isn't all that new, and there are a TON of universal remotes out there. Doing this in a cost effective way is where things might get interesting.
  • I don't get it. Before we had smart phone, they have infrared transmitter built into them for data transfers. Why can't they just be built in as an added feature. Why is it always 1 step forward two steps back. This would be cool.. if it was just in the phone. other than that.. no thanks on the dongle. plugging it in every time I want to control something.. is like picking up the regular remote
  • If they released an SDK, it'd be more interesting...
  • Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home) Happy New Year!
  • At $20 its worth a look.
  • I don't want anything I have to plug into my phone's headset jack.
    Bluetooth, or forget it.
  • And how exactly will you control an IR receiver with Bluetooth? There's no way to hook up Bluetooth to a TV that doesn't already have it, and even if you could, you'd need a different dongle for every device you want to control, like a receiver, or a projector, etc. More devices, more ugly dongles for each device. Making an IR dongle to the phone makes loads more sense as a cost effective and practical solution.
  • I'm guessing it would something like the remote extender (I had one that looked like a pyramid, but they still sell one at Radio Shack). Instead of a receiver converting the IR signal to RF and passing it to another receiver (that's in range of your devices). It would instead be a receive that would catch the BT signal and convert it to IR.
    The receiver would then most likely never move from where you put it and you would only need to get in BT range of the receiver for it to work. No wear and tear on your headset jack. Nothing to loose since you wouldn't move the receiver. And depending on how many devices it could pair to there could be more then one phone / tablet using it at the same time.
  • I agree with the headphone Jack comment.
  • Exactly what I was thinking when I read this article... I don't like the idea at all of having to plug in IR dongle all the time. As a matter of fact I don't even like using remote app on my phone for my TV... it's much easier and quicker just use the TV remote rather then unlocking my phone, launching the app, and then navigating the menus... then to make things worse I'll have to find and plug in a dongle to use this... I don't think so! I think it would actually be worth using an app like this if I could actually control everything with an BT or WiFi to IR converter. But until then no sale here.
  • This exists already. Griffin Technology makes one called the Beacon. I almost bought one, but heard bad things... There's tons of 1-star reviews of it on Amazon. Maybe they've improved things since it first came out though?
  • For $20, I'm ready to try it. I hate getting up for a remote. But I noticed on the app info it says that you need the correct hardware version to work with Android, so cross your fingers if you order from Amazon or whatever.
  • As someone with both iOS and android devices, a little annoying that they make you pick a platform when ordering. I wonder if there's any difference in the hardware or if I'll be able to swap the remote from my s3 to my iPad without any trouble.
  • It's probably cause the IR will use the Apple connection on iOS and the audio jack on Android..
  • So with the IR dongle plugged into the bottom of the iPhone 5, you have to point your iPhone 5 upside down? Hope the app auto-rotates right side up on an upside down iPhone 5.
  • It looks like it goes into the 3.5mm jack on both iOS and android...
  • iPhone 5's 3.5mm jack is at the bottom.
  • Both devices use the headphone jack not the usb/lightning port.
    This device is very somple and all the real "work" is being done software side
    Basically and IR light that transmits various sounds frequencies through the audio jack.. nothing special here just the software and the fancy made dongle
  • Like icebike, I'm not going to bother plugging this into my phone. Although I might use it with a tablet.
  • Just ordered mine from (free international shipping) and only cost me $16.50usd (or £10.41gbp)
  • Not that $20 is a big hurdle, but I wonder if you could assemble your own 3.5mm to IR LED adapter for less. Hmmm. Regardless, this seems like a great use for an older handset you might have lying around the house.
  • Answering my own question: Yes you can build your own: I'm not sure if this is compatible with Zmart's audio output, of course, but for $.14 per LED, it's worth finding out!|pcrid|19038772221|plid|
  • I don't see it anywhere in the description, so I assume not, but does anyone know if you can build macros with this, or do you just have basic remote functionality?
  • dumb. if you want to control everything, try the Logitech Harmony series of remotes. they are pricey, but they do work for everything IR.
  • I have a logitech, biggest complaint with that, wont work on the PS3 with out an additional unit plugged into the PS3. Screw that noise. Since this thing works off a device with blutooth in it already, if it controls the PS3 also, then $20.00 is a steal. Unfortunately, I can't find a single bit of information that says if it will control the PS3. I have a couple old phones laying around that could easily be turned into universal remotes with this thing.
  • Unfortunately, it says it does not work via Bluetooth. Only IR. It's in the FAQ: I would jump on it if it did.
  • I use AbleRemote on the phone with a Logitech Revue, works well. All that Harmony experience comes through! More expensive than this of course but I don't have to plug anything in so other phones/tablets can be used if they're handier. No PS3 control sadly, but hopefully Sony are working on an app to do that because Microsoft have one.
  • Too big, I want something the size of "Pressy", that is I can leave it in. I use bluetooth for audio anyway.