Is your Galaxy Note 8 showing any signs of slow down?

The Galaxy S9 may be the hottest new flagship around, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the absolute best Samsung has to offer. The Galaxy Note 8 continues to be one of the most powerful Android phones you can buy, and even with it being a few months old and no longer being Samsung's latest, current owners are still plenty happy with the phone.

Samsung devices have become infamous over the years for slowing down and showing signs of lag after a few months of regular use, and when you spend nearly $1000 on a smartphone, that's not something you want to encounter.

A few Galaxy Note 8 owners recently got together to talk about whether or not they've experienced any slowness on the phone so far, and this is what they had to say.

Got it on day one. Absolutely a work horse and smooth like butter. I reboot phone about every 2 weeks. I also have Pixel 2 XL and it's going on sale this weekend. Love Note 8 10x more. Only phone replacing note 8 is note 9.


I have had zero issues with mine and I've had it almost 5 months. I use Nova, but only because I like to use a few of the options. I could be using stock Samsung experience and it would still fly. I typically don't have issues with my phone's lagging too much but the Note 8 has been absolutely amazing. It will be interesting to see what the Note 9 brings and if I think it's actually worth the...


I've had mine since Sept and it's been fantastic. I haven't really noticed any slow downs. I've got a warranty replacement phone that I got a few months ago due to a freezing / error moisture code (wasn't moist) . Overall though this and the original have been fantastic. I went to try the s9 plus for a couple days and went back to my note 8.


No slow down in speeds what-so-ever. Someone mentioned their S9+ 845 chipset is much faster than the Note 8 835 chipset. I said to myself... really? Frankly... I highly doubt it because the Note 8 flys across the screen with no hesitation or lag. It's a very fast phone and stable too.


Now, we want to hear from you – If you've got a Galaxy Note 8, is the phone still just as fast as the first day you got it?

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