Xiaomi Mi 9Source: Android Central

What you need to know

  • MIUI 11 has official support for up to 120Hz displays.
  • Display refresh rate can be toggled in the system display settings.
  • This would be the first 120Hz display phone Xiaomi brings to market.

Xiaomi looks to be working on at least one new phone with a 120Hz display, if the MIUI 11 beta is anything to go by. MIUI 11 has been in beta in China for about a month now and is rolling out to more Xiaomi phones worldwide, but it's what XDA forum member kacskrz uncovered inside the code that spells out an interesting future device from Xiaomi.

While the veritable Chinese company has released a handful of gaming phones like the Black Shark 2, only the Black Shark 2 Pro offers a high refresh rate display. Even still, the Black Shark 2 Pro is only 90Hz, while an upcoming phone looks to double the 60Hz refresh rate of traditional smartphones.

Right in the display settings within MIUI 11 is a clear refresh rate option. While most phones running MIUI 11 won't have the ability to select anything here, options are available up to 120Hz for hardware that supports the feature. That's some seriously smooth computing, and it comes with a battery usage warning to go along with it. As can be expected, a faster refresh rate means worse battery life since the visual processing load is increased. The "battery friendly" setting stays at 60Hz moving forward.

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High refresh rate displays are still in their infancy, but that's been gradually changing, with several OnePlus models alone this year coming equipped with ultra-smooth panels. The big reason revolves around app compatibility, as most apps still only support a maximum of 60Hz. That, sadly, includes most mobile games which would be the greatest benefactor of the higher refresh rate. Still, if you've ever used a high refresh rate display, you'll know that it's extremely difficult to go back to anything else.

I refuse to buy another flagship without a 90Hz or faster refresh rate