Moto X

Maybe now's not the best time to buy a Moto X, actually. Oh, don't get us wrong, it's still a damn good phone — good enough to make our list of the best Android phones as of August 2013 out of the gate. But Moto X also introduces a new era of custom-made Android smartphones. And that brings with us a few reasons why you might just want to hold off for a bit.

So here are a good seven nuggets for why one of the best Android phones available today might not be the best Android phone for you right now.  

1. Don't settle for just black or white

Moto X colors

The custom-designed Moto X is only available through AT&T, for now. But that will change. We know that Verizon plans on getting access to Moto Maker later this year, and it wouldn't surprise us to see the likes of T-Mobile and Sprint get in on the game as well.

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Exclusives suck. But they suck a little less when we know they won't last forever.

2. More custom designs are coming

We don't know exactly what. We don't exactly when. But we do know that Motorola will be adding new designs to to the Moto Maker options. Specifically, you'll get new options for the back of the phone above and beyond solid colors. 

3. And, yes, that includes wood

Moto X wood

Somehow. Eventually.

4. You really, really want an inscription on your phone

This is going to cause some resale pain, but Motorola is still planning on fixing its inscription process so you can leave yourself a custom message on your phone. Within reason.

5. Let the manufacturing/assembly get dialed in

Every smartphone has manufacturing quirks, and you might not see a perfect fit and finish from the first devices off the line. (Often times, that's what we as reviewers end up with.) Moto X has the added complication of the custom designs and and the quick turnaround from assembly to your doorstep, in four days (more or less).

That's not to say that Motorola isn't doing its due diligence and quality control. It's just that this is a new process for smartphones, and there always are hiccups and improvements that can be made. That's true in any manufacturing process. 

Waiting a few weeks might not bring the certainty of getting a perfect phone up to 100 percent, but it'll certainly increase it.

6. Developer versions cometh

Again, we don't know when. But we know they're in the works. If you just have to have an unlockable bootloader, you'll want to wait for this.

7. There's always something 'better' coming

Moto X specs

The grass is always greener. And if you're the sort of smartphone enthusiast who obsesses over specs, sitting up nights deciding when to pull the trigger versus when the next big thing will hit -- well, there's not a lot we can do for you. Something better is always coming. 

Motorola will release something "better" at some point. Maybe even this year. So will other manufacturers. If the Moto X specs just don't do it for you, hang tight.