The Samsung Galaxy A52 is one of the best budget phones of the year, and before you go out and buy one, there's one final decision you need to make. Well, there are technically two questions — are you getting 5G and what Galaxy A52 color is best — but the first answer might also answer the second, depending on the market you're buying in. Both the LTE/4G and the 5G versions of the Galaxy A52 come in four Awesome colors, but which one is the most awesome? Let's take a look.

Galaxy A52 Awesome Blue

Like a summer sky: Awesome Blue A52

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I'll confess, I'm partial to blue phones in general, but the Awesome Blue on the A52 is just darling, like the morning sky on a clear summer day — or the powder blue paneling on a vintage car. It's nostalgic, youthful, and energetic, ready to tackle whatever today brings.

Galaxy A52 Awesome Purple

Lilac loveliness: Awesome Purple A52

This purple isn't quite as deep or radiant as the Phantom Violet on this year's Galaxy S21, but it's still a soft, creamy shade that I wish Google had used on the "Purple-ish" Pixel 3a back in 2019. Oh, if this baby had those fluorescent yellow buttons, it could rule the budget phone world.

Galaxy A52 Awesome Black

Only 5G color stateside: Awesome Black A52

Considering black is the standard, de facto color for every electronic made in the last 50 years, I actually don't think black is all that awesome, but if you want to buy the Galaxy A52 5G in the United States, this is your only color option. I suggest you buy a colorful case to jazz it up.

Galaxy A52 Awesome White

Blank slate ready for style: Awesome White A52

Like the blank opening page of a fresh journal, the Awesome White A52 just begs for some sort of graphic design case or some vinyl stickers to jazz it up and make it feel more like home. If you prefer hot colors over the cool of Awesome Blue and Purple, grab this snow-white case and grab a skin or case that can make your new phone pop.

The best color for the Galaxy A52 depends on where you live

I'm all for bold phones in cute colors, but in the United States, the color you get is going to be more a matter of which model you're wanting. See, in Europe, the Galaxy A52 5G is sold in all four colors, but in North America, the only color Samsung — and all of the carriers, for that matter — is selling is Awesome Black. There's a reason for this: It costs money to carry more colors because more colors mean more SKUs, and as this budget-minded phone competes with the Pixel 4a 5G and the OnePlus Nord N10 5G, it's just easier to sell in one basic color: black.

However, if you're opting for the 4G version (if you're on AT&T like me), you can't get 5G anyway unless you upgrade to some unlimited plan. But if you happen to live in a country outside of the United States, your color choices are wide open and I highly, highly suggest rhat you take full advantage and grab the Awesome Blue.

Samsung Galaxy A52 reviewSource: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central

I mean, just look at this thing! How can you say no to that powder blue perfection?! You can't! Especially with that matte finish that keeps it from turning into a smudge smorgasbord like the Galaxy S21 or last year's Cloud Blue Galaxy S20 — hey, I loved you, bae, but you were a fingerprint magnet — the Awesome Blue Galaxy A52 actually lives up to the Awesome name.

Just remember that no matter what color you grab, no Galaxy A52 purchase is complete without one of the best Galaxy A52 cases to protect your investment. If you like your color, the Spigen Liquid Crystal will let you show it off. And if you had to get black because you live in America, the Caseology Nano Pop will give you back some pigment and style with its two-tone colorways.

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