The Galaxy Buds are some of the smallest headphones you can buy, but given how much you're likely to wear them it's still important to pick a color that fits your personality. Even more importantly, the color of the case matches the headphones — so you will be looking at the case while everyone else sees the earbuds.

The standard: Black

As is the case with most electronics, black is the first and easiest choice for most people. The earbuds are subtle, and the stealthy case doesn't call too much attention to itself on a table. Plus, the dark plastic will do a good job to hide scratches and dirt over time.

$130 at Amazon

Classy and simple: White

The white Galaxy Buds are clean, beautiful, and match the white Galaxy S10 nicely. If you want to stand out a bit, this color is a great choice. Really, the only downside to choosing white is the prospect of longterm cleanliness — you're going to notice the grime picked up by these earbuds and deposited in the case.

$130 at Samsung

Stand out: Yellow

Nobody's going to accidentally buy these hyper-bright yellow Galaxy Buds — you have to know you want this level of flair. In sunshine, they're hazard-level bright, but that's exactly what some people want. You'll never mistake your earbuds for anyone else's, and everyone will be able to spot at a glance that you have them in your ears.

$130 at Samsung

As a group, the three available colors of Galaxy Buds nicely cover a range of personalities and tastes. Black is the go-to for most people, and let you enjoy your headphones with no thought about the color. White is classy and strikes a good balance of looking good while not being too ostentatious. Yellow is for people who want to have their earbuds noticed — both in their ears and on the table in the case. My personal pick is the black Galaxy Buds for keeping things subtle and looking good for as long as possible.

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