Where to buy the HTC U11 in the U.S.

HTC's relationships with the U.S. carriers have weakened, and with the launch of its 2017 flagship the U11 it has just one carrier on board. The HTC U11 is exclusive to Sprint at launch, but has other retail partners for a proper unlocked model. The pricing from Sprint is set at $0 down and $29 per month for two years, or a total price of $696. Sprint will be offering the U11 in black and blue colors, at least at launch.

Thankfully, you are only stuck going to Sprint if you want to buy the phone directly from your operator. HTC is also selling the U11 unlocked on Amazon and HTC.com, continuing an excellent trend of selling directly to consumers who want to bypass the carriers. It's available immediately for order from both storefronts for $649, with an additional color choice of silver alongside black and blue.


Amazon is selling the U.S. unlocked model of the U11, coming in black, silver and blue colors. The listing has a proper price of $649, plus free shipping for Prime members. Amazon offers special 12-month financing if you use an Amazon Store Card.

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It's always a fine idea to buy a phone directly from the manufacturer. HTC sells the U11 directly for $649 in the same black, silver and blue color options — no word yet on when (or if) the red and white color options will be available. HTC offers 24-month financing from its website.

You'll notice that HTC lets you select your carrier when buying, but don't be confused by that — selecting AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon gets you the same unlocked model. HTC is simply trying to explain that its unlocked phones work on all U.S. carriers. The Sprint model is indeed a Sprint-specific SKU, though.

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If you're already a Sprint customer or perhaps switching and can get some incentives on a new phone, you may end up finding that getting a U11 directly from Sprint makes the most sense for you.

Sprint only offers the black and blue colors, and the price is a smidge higher at $696 (or $29/mo), so seriously consider buying the unlocked one for more options and a lower price.

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