Where to buy the HTC U11 in the U.S.

HTC's relationships with the U.S. carriers have weakened, and with the launch of its 2017 flagship the U11 it has just one carrier on board. The HTC U11 is exclusive to Sprint at launch, but has other retail partners for a proper unlocked model. The pricing from Sprint is set at $0 down and $29 per month for two years, or a total price of $696. Sprint will be offering the U11 in black and blue colors, at least at launch.

Thankfully, you are only stuck going to Sprint if you want to buy the phone directly from your operator. HTC is also selling the U11 unlocked on Amazon (opens in new tab) and HTC.com, continuing an excellent trend of selling directly to consumers who want to bypass the carriers. It's available immediately for order from both storefronts for $649, with an additional color choice of silver alongside black and blue.


Amazon is selling the U.S. unlocked model of the U11, coming in black, silver and blue colors. The listing has a proper price of $649, plus free shipping for Prime members. Amazon offers special 12-month financing if you use an Amazon Store Card.

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It's always a fine idea to buy a phone directly from the manufacturer. HTC sells the U11 directly for $649 in the same black, silver and blue color options — no word yet on when (or if) the red and white color options will be available. HTC offers 24-month financing from its website.

You'll notice that HTC lets you select your carrier when buying, but don't be confused by that — selecting AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon gets you the same unlocked model. HTC is simply trying to explain that its unlocked phones work on all U.S. carriers. The Sprint model is indeed a Sprint-specific SKU, though.

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If you're already a Sprint customer or perhaps switching and can get some incentives on a new phone, you may end up finding that getting a U11 directly from Sprint makes the most sense for you.

Sprint only offers the black and blue colors, and the price is a smidge higher at $696 (or $29/mo), so seriously consider buying the unlocked one for more options and a lower price.

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Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • That's a good price point. Hopefully they sell a ton at that price. It looks like a great device, depending on whether or not you can't live without the 3.5mm jack.
  • Contrary to what is stated in this article, the unlocked HTC U11 (with a Sprint SIM) will NOT work on the Sprint network as a fully functional device for two reasons. 1) The Sprint version of the HTC U11 has a (needed) Sprint specific ROM whereas the US unlocked version does not. 2) The IMEI of the US unlocked HTC U11 is not (white) listed on Sprint's compatability database and thus cannot be activated on the Sprint network. Note: Based on Andrew Martonik's suggestions I ordered and received the Unlocked HTC U11 because I wanted Amazing Silver and the theoretically more frequent updates rather than the less frequent carrier certification method of receiving updates plus easier transportability to other carriers. Unfortunately after hours / days of numerous phone calls to helpful and courteous Sprint and HTC representatives, the conclusion is as stated in my first 3 paragraphs above. I can return the unlocked HTC U11 to HTC for a full refund and switch to a Sprint specific version at the $50 discount price. I'll probably wait for the color option I prefer, if it ever becomes available and continue using my splendid HTC 10. The Sprint version of these HTC phones can be unlocked and flashed with the unlocked RUU if one wants to use them on another network.
  • Damn.. Thought it'll release next week in the US.. Oh well early June is still not bad. And yes unlocked is the way to go for HTC in the US, unlike useless Samsung and LG US unlocked models who are in bed with carriers and ignore updating the unlocked model. HTC has a great track record of updating their unlocked models way earlier than carrier models.
  • They priced it right for a new launch. Good job HTC.
  • I would like to know which carrier specific enhancements the unlocked model will not have versus the Sprint version. With the Sprint HTC 10 a relatively few Sprint specific apps, like Sprint Zone for tracking usage and paying the bill, were 'uninstallable'. I'd prefer unlocked if all Sprint bands including integration were available particularly for the frequent updates.
  • Often (though not always, and depending on carrier) you loose things like HAD voice, VoLTE, or (in T-Mobiles case) band 12 support.
  • $650? Pretty nice next to the competition. Locked to Sprint for carrier availability? Well, that suck, I'm out. Later release for unlocked phones? Oh, yeah, no way I'm buying this. Man, HTC, I was intrigued by your new input concept. I wanted an excuse to get this. I kept trying. The $650 had me looking hard. Then you go an kill my interest with something as stupid as Sprint priority.
  • Why not just buy unlocked? The Sprint branded and the unlocked are both releasing in June. Doesn't seem like a reason to pass on this device.
  • For one if you're already on a monthly subscription plan, you'd have to pay off your phone before getting the HTC U11 or in my case pay off half the device and upgrade to a cheap device to have a zero balance owed. This is a mistake on their part. Also means that the average person not on Sprint may never even know this phone exists.
  • Depends on the device setup, I guess. My 950 is on its last 3 payments, then the $30-ish/month falls off. I'm not going unlocked because you have to pay the full price, and do it upfront. So, you don't have the AT&T Next option of trading in towards a new phone when you're done. Price becomes a bigger factor when you go unlocked. Yeah, I can afford it for either phone, but it is a short reminder of value. Why spend $650 on the HTC when a OnePlus might be just as good for less?
  • Well if you're on a device payment plan more than likely your phone is still relatively new so I would think that this phone would not necessarily be directed towards you but to those who are ready to upgrade. That being said, even if you are in some sort of payment plan you could always just buy this one and move away from the other one by passing it on to somebody else or by selling it. I don't really see how the fact that people still owe on their phones is HTC's problem.
  • Lumia 950, came out in November 2015. Carries the SD808, meaning a SoC that's not the flagship chip at the time and is 2 years old to boot. More importantly, my interest isn't replacing my 950. It's that I carry a secondary Android phone for apps (mostly Pokémon Go, but if I get a new phone, I'll expand). Right now, I'm using an LG G2 as my secondary phone, and THAT needs a replacement. I'm not saying that the issue is I owe money on my phone. It's that HTC put itself in a weird spot because if I go unlocked, then the OnePlus will be a better deal. It's easier to accept the higher price tag when you aren't eating it at once, regardless of whether I can afford it or not. The OP5 is supposedly going to be in the $500 range, and it's going to carry the SD835 as well. The 3T sounded like quite a great value, so it makes sense to wait on OnePlus to answer the bell before committing to a decent HTC option.
  • You don't see it but HTC will see it when the U 11 doesn't sell as well as it could have.
  • Sounds like the Sprint version is coming sooner than the unlocked. And like I said, price. If the HTC is $650 unlocked and the OnePlus is $450-550, as is rumored, I'd much prefer the OnePlus and its headphone jack for $100-200 less.
  • At most 3 weeks later. Doesn't sound like too long to wait. Plus the HTC at $599 (as there is a $50 coupon code out there) is a mighty good price for a phone of this class. Will the new OP5 be cheaper? Probably by $50-100 but that has always been the case so you would have known that even before HTC announced. Just seems HTC is addressing many of the previous pain points but people still find reasons to not buy it. I'm typing this on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and am thinking about passing it along to a relative to pick up this HTC.
  • Point is that by the time the U11 is out, the OP5 is ready to pop up as well. It sounds like a better deal to me. Right now, I'd probably bite on the U11 on AT&T. June 9th, the OP5 is too close to launching at a lower price with comparable specs (maybe even better). I knew it before the HTC announced, the thing I didn't know is when the U11 and OP5 would come out. Now that I know the HTC is going to wait a while and be close to the OP5 launch, that's a factor to me. I might not be normal in that respect, but that gap of 1-2 months matters in tech...for me, at least. I can't say HTC addressed my issues because my issue with not going to LG is the glass back and high price. HTC's a little better in the former, but still has that glass back I really don't like. HTC's intrigued me by doing something new (the LG G6 is so safe it also turned me off), but it took some ugly steps in sticking to Sprint and dumping the headphone jack to counter its positives in innovation.
  • Can't say I really disagree with you. The OnePlus 5 is going to be a beast at an amazing price more than likely. It's a real competitive world out there and we get to benefit as consumers. I wish I could own one of each of these lol.
  • I am excited for this. I have been holding onto my M9 trying to decide what I wanted to do. I like the S8 but with Samsung acting more like Apple and locking stuff down, I'm not a but fan of there business "bixpi button". LG Looks good but it wasn't something that I was really thinking about mostly cause of the older processor. This phone though I do like. Iv been with HTC for a long time and it has hurt to see them go though this terrible past few years. I do like this unlocked version also. I'm on Sprint, but I'll most likely get this if I do get it. I have been waiting for a solid phone that supports both CDMA and GSM fully. I travel international alot and this would be great to not have to worry about having 2 phones with me just cause I got the Sprint version that supports mostly CDMA and a few LTE bands. Still kinda annoyed it wasn't IP68, but I'll live. At least it's better then none at all. And no Wireless Charging...... Annoying. But I also tried to think if I would actually ever use it, and honestly I probably wouldn't cause QC. 4GB/164GB model would have been amazing, why does the U.S. Get screwed with that sometimes. There has to be some stupid lawsuit or something. I know demand but really.....bssides that I don't have to many complaints. And even if people thing the Edge sence is gimmicky its better to have the option to use it.
  • It is water proof, do you even know what the difference is between IP68 and IP67. https://youtu.be/FHOAsDOk0Rs
  • Um yes I know the difference. I didn't say it didn't have waterproofing at all. I said it did not have IP68, however it DOES have IP67. Maybe you need this IP rating chart.
  • And you point again was, there was no point to your post.
  • Andrew, does it come with UH OH protection?
  • Nope
  • Given that my current lease ends in July, I might be able to get Sprint to push it up to June for me. Just have to find the pre-order page on the Sprint site (and also my S6 since I have a Moto G4 plus right now).
  • By the looks of the HTC website, it looks like it can also be ordered for Verizon. I don't disagree with the arguments for going unlocked, especially being a Verizon customer tied to their incredibly slow updates, or lack there of, but it doesn't look like a Sprint exclusive.
  • I am going to pre-order through Sprint for the two Amazon Echo Dots. This came out at the perfect time, I was ready to jump ship back to an iPhone.
  • This phone works on ALL the US carriers listed on the HTC website.
  • Very nice phone. I wish HTC the very best of luck with this, as a company who could use a few bright spots. I wouldn't be surprised to be looking at a good bit of the Pixel 2's with this phone.
  • Won't sell well in the US, few people buy unlocked phones, and Sprint isn't very big.
  • What are you talking about? I see tons of unlocked phones on Amazon and Best Buy. Look at how popular the Moto G series is. Plus ther’s prepaid to consider as well.
  • I love my note 5 but it's getting kind of tired. I will wait to see what the note 8 brings to the table before I pick up a new phone though. I hate curved screen phones due to their increased propensity for breaking, but I love having a stylus. I wish I had the ability to mix and match phone features from every manufacturer! The U11 is really intriguing and I'm grandfathered in on an actual unlimited data plan with no throttling through sprint, so I'm very excited about having options this go around!
  • Looks like only the blue color is available for Sprint through HTC.
  • It is also available in brilliant black for Sprint, you just have to order that color via Sprint.
  • I just pre-ordered the phone in brilliant black, from sprint, for a pretty good deal. Sprint has the phone listed at $696, but gives $150 for the upgrade. My upgrade fee was waived and I will be receiving a $10/month loyalty credit resulting in a $12.75/month lease. I only had to pay taxes and $10 for overnight shipping. The phone comes with a headset, a case, and a headphone jack adapter. I'm excited. I've been using the m8 for a really looonnng time and was starting to think that I would have to get a Samsung.
  • *$150 off
  • Ditto this... But I think I'm still going to look at a unlocked U11 simply due to Sprints Bloatware. Shoot... Their Voicemail app alone is basically a vehicle for adds that take up at least 3/4 of the screen.
  • Sprint exclusive = DOA
  • Buying unlocked is the best option, yes, but many people buy by carrier, and Carrier exclusivity hurts in that case...but then again, if you go to a carrier store, most of the time you will just heard both the reps and the customer singing: "iPhone, Samsung, iPhone, Samsung, iPhone, Samsung", so maybe not wasting time with carriers is good in the case of HTC, since their marketing efforts aren't working
  • That "excellent trend" of bypassing carriers means this phone is DOA sales wise in the US. The utopian vision of buying all of our phones unlocked and completely independent of carriers is nice and rosey but right now, in 2017, if you want to sell phones in the US you have to get in bed with carriers.
  • Since the US market is already done for and has been reduced to AppleSung land, it'd be pointless to get in bed with the carriers either way. Most American consumers want a Galaxy or iPhone. There's no changing that.
  • Not so true anymore.
  • Not true at all. Plenty of people buy unlocked cheap phones from Amazon and Best Buy.
  • Long time Sprint user and this phone is available for $11 a month and I can get 2 Amazon dots as well. Good deal, but I think I'm waiting for next pixel or note.
  • Looking forward to getting this, and more good news just keeps popping up. A reviewer did an objective speed test against the Exynos variant of the S8, and the U11 came out on top, especially the second round where RAM management came into play. I honestly expected the Exynos to take the cake. I was also surprised to learn that the S8 and U11 share the same screen surface area, just in different proportions. So in other news... I guess the new trend is that a phone is bad and worthy of insults because you can't afford it without a payment plan?
    I understand the limited finances part. I do not understand the put downs.
  • Why is it the same monthly cost as LG G6 or S8 on Sprint? In some respects maybe even slightly more than the these two.
  • SQUEEZEU11 takes $50 off of it on HTC.com
  • I surely did, used the promo code in the black color.
  • Where do you enter the code? I get as far as entering all my credit card info and I still don't see a place to enter the discount code? Thanks.
  • Wonder how the updates will be? Will it be like with LG and samsung US unlocked models where it is months behind?
  • The phone already comes with 7.1.1, while the S8 shipped with 7.0.
  • S8 ”Exynos" vs. HTC U11 app speed test. https://youtu.be/CaqJ8VDD9LQ
  • I saw that too. Kinda surprised me.
  • I already pre ordered from Sprint with $150 pre-order discount and the loyalty credit, so cost is 12.75/month for 24 months = $306. I don't mind Sprint bloatware at that price. I got my M8 HK from Amazon for $99 with 2 year contract 3 years ago. Ready for the upgrade.
  • I was on the fence about getting one but decided to get the Pixel XL instead. I might end up regretting my decision as more reviews come in. The Pixel seemed like the better phone for me because of the guaranteed updates. I may still get one of these later in the year if it happens to go any lower than it's already good price ash $599 using the code.
  • This info is too late for now, but HTC has been pretty good on the updates for the four HTC's we've had. I'm sure you'll like your Pixel XL though... the video stabilization is amazing.
  • If you get the unlocked version from HTC's website, does it support Sprint? Or will they have different radios? I tweeted HTC and they said that the unlocked version will NOT support Sprint.... But if you look on there website at the radios then I don't see an issue, they are the same as the unlocked version. I also asked if I were to get the Sprint version would that support all other carriers (ie. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon), I did not get a response from HTC. I will say this would be absolutely ridiculous if the Sprint version is dumb down and doesn't support the rest of the world. I honestly would think about switching if this were the case. I just want to be on a GSM carrier that I don't have to worry about "if my phone will work" on this network. Annoying. BTW I say this because I travel a lot, so having 1 phone that works everywhere would be the best thing in the world.
  • This has been nothing new with Sprint, they did the same thing with the iPhone from what I gather. Why are you still with this crappy company, I hear they are on the chopping block.
  • The unlocked version might be compatible with the Sprint network but that doesn't guarantee Sprint will activate the phone.
  • I just bought the HTC 10
  • Hope you got it on the cheap.
  • Why?
  • Because you can get the HTC 10 'NEW' for $240. http://m.gsmarena.com/htc_10_is_now_just_240_at_sprint-news-25594.php
  • I preordered it @sprint.com got 150 off the phone waived activation a 10/mo credit (just don't ask me for how many mos as idk) and also 2 free amazon echo dots I say that's enough incentive for me to get it from sprint
  • Sucks that other carriers aren't selling the U11. While the unlocked price is right, I'd still prefer to do payments through T-Mobile, especially since I still have Jump-On-Demand. Oh well...
  • Good news is that the U11 is selling better than the HTC 10, M9, and M8. Can't find the link to the 3rd party business article at the moment, but I'll post it when I do.
  • One day....a phone will release all color models.....at the same d#$* time....one day.....
  • And internationally too instead of this regional crap where only certain countries get certain colour options