Where to buy the Galaxy Z Flip: Best Deals and Discounts in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

After wowing the world with the Galaxy Fold in 2019, Samsung has returned to the foldable phone market with the Galaxy Z Flip.

Compared to the Galaxy Fold, the Z Flip is quite different in more ways than one. It's more widely available for purchase, has a lower price tag, and the form factor is geared towards more of a mainstream market than the somewhat limited appeal of the Fold.

You'll still need to spend a lot of money in order to have a Z Flip of your very own, but with a bit of digging and research, it is possible to save some coin. Here are the best deals currently available that you should know!


As expected, you can buy the Galaxy Z Flip directly through Samsung's website. Both colors — Mirror Purple and Mirror Black — are available, and you have the option of buying the phone outright or getting 0% interest financing with monthly payments. Considering the price of the Z Flip, that might not be a bad idea.

Samsung ran out of early stock, likely because it only made a small number of Galaxy Z Units, and added more on February 21. Unfortunately, the company sold out once again.

It's unclear when the next batch will be made available, but we'll let you know when more inventory is on the way.

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The Galaxy Z Flip is the best foldable you can buy, and if you want it from somewhere you know you can trust, get it from Samsung directly.

Best Buy

Moving over to Best Buy, the electronics retailer is selling unlocked and AT&T variants of the Z Flip. Just like Samsung, Best Buy carries the Z Flip in Mirror Purple and Mirror Black.

If you have an eligible phone to trade-in, Best Buy will take up to $350 off your purchase. That still leaves you with $1,030 to cover, but something is better than nothing. If you buy an unlocked model, you can save even more and take another $50 off if you activate it on the same day of your purchase.

Best Buy is selling the Galaxy Z Flip online and in stores, but its stock is also quite limited for the time being.

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Best Buy

Best Buy has a couple of discounts available for the Galaxy Z Flip. If you buy an unlocked model and activate it on the same day, you'll instantly get $50 off. You can also trade-in an eligible phone for a $350 savings.


AT&T is one of two carriers Samsung partnered with for the Z Flip, and you have the option of buying the phone outright or on an AT&T Installment Plan. This breaks up the cost of the phone over 30 months, with you paying $46/month and having 0% interest. For a phone as pricey as the Galaxy Z Flip, options like this are great to have.

The most notable offer from AT&T is that you can save $50 on the new Galaxy Buds+ when buying an eligible Samsung phone — including the Z Flip. This brings the earbuds down to just $100, which is a solid price.

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AT&T makes owning the Galaxy Z Flip easy thanks to its 30-month financing with 0% interest. You can also save $50 on the Galaxy Buds+ with your purchase of the Flip, which is a decent offer.


Last but not least, we have Sprint. You can pay the full $1,380 for the Z Flip up front, or take advantage of the Sprint Flex lease. With this, you'll pay $57.50/month to lease the phone for 18 months. Once month 18 rolls around, you can return the Z Flip and upgrade to a new model. Otherwise, you have the option of buying it by paying off the rest owed or agreeing to six more months of payments.

Sprint has a couple of promotions worth mentioning, including 50% off any Galaxy Watch purchase if you buy the Z Flip. Considering how small the Z Flip's cover display is, this is a phone you'll want to use with a smartwatch.

The Z Flip is also eligible for Sprint's Galaxy Forever program, which allows you to return and upgrade the phone at any time once you've made a minimum of 12 lease payments.

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If you're a Sprint customer, you can pick up the Z Flip for the full outright price or with the Sprint Flex lease plan. Plus, once 12 months have passed, you can return the Z Flip and upgrade to the new model!

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