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Google has been one of the most progressive companies out there when it comes to combatting the spread of incorrect information and advocating for journalism. The company is pledging $300 million over the next three years to help the world find more quality trusted news, and it begins with a complete overhaul of Google News.

With all that's going on with misinformation in both social and traditional media, Google made news a big focus at Google I/O 2018. Its commitment to delivering responsible news advances with the consolidation of all news portals into one central app and website that was designed with quality and accuracy at its core.

Your daily brief

Google News

Right away, Google News will present itself with an overall interface refresh, delivering more of that clean content that Material Design is perfect for. It starts with the daily briefing you'll get in the For You section.

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Here, you'll find all of the day's biggest stories that you care about from around the globe, around your country, and even down to your very city. Google will know what's most important to you as time goes on, with the app constantly leveraging AI and machine learning to know more about your interests and habits in order to shape your digital frontpage.

As you'd expect, Google gives you a bit of control over managing these interests. You can tell the app to show more or less from any given topic or news source and it'll eventually key in on your preferences.

Get richer stories with Newscasts

Google News

Of course, the stories themselves are getting even better. Google News is getting a new format called Newscasts, which are quick reels of bite-sized information related to any given story.

Newscasts will show as a carousel of content ranging from images and video to Tweets, direct quotes, and more. The goal here is to give you a glanceable element to get the gist of a story without having to dive in.

And if you want to dive in, you can be taken to the source of those individual snippets or even read the stories at large by jumping into the new Full Coverage view.

Explore different perspectives with Full Coverage

Google News

Jumping into Full Coverage view shows a more abstract and full version of these stories. Think of it as an expanded version of Newscasts.

You'll see top headlines from different sources, videos, local news reports, FAQs, and social commentary. Developing stories will also have a timeline of events that shows a precise breakdown of when and where new information came to light.

Google points out that Full Coverage stories are presented the same way no matter who's viewing them, a deliberate move by the company to ensure they aren't skewing the story for one person or another. This is designed to help people approach conversations about the day's events with as much information as possible in order to ensure one particular source isn't dominating your perspective.

One-click subscriptions

Google News

While it's always been easy to find your favorite sources in Google News, Google now offers a pain-free route to subscribing to premium publications such as The New York Times. It's called "Subscribe with Google," and assuming you have your payment details already linked to your Google account it'll offer one-click access to gated content.

And because that subscription is then tied to your Google account, it will be easier to access it on any device when you're signed in going forward.

When will the new Google News be available?

Here's the most exciting part: the new Google News is available right away on Android, iOS and the web, and in 127 countries. You may not see it hit your device right away, but Google says everyone will have access to it by next week.

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The new Google News experience will come as a replacement for the Google Newsstand app and website, and will also replace the News & Weather app on Android.