What phone insurance does Sprint offer?

In the toilet. On the ground. Onto soft carpet (and somehow the screen still shatters!).

You're going to drop your phone at some point. Or, you're going to drop something onto your phone. It might even get lost or stolen.

You probably should consider protecting that thousand-dollar texting machine by adding insurance to your Sprint phone.

What is Sprint's phone insurance plan?

Sprint offers the "Total Equipment Protection" plan, which is designed to insure the physical phone, as well as the data held within.

The phone

Sprint covers loss, theft, damage, and malfunction, so that you don't have to suddenly shell out a grand when your whole life goes missing.

In case of loss, theft, or damage, Sprint will even try to replace your phone by the next day. If it's malfunctioning, they may try to have it repaired first.

You can file a claim 24/7, and if your phone just needs a repair, you can take it to a Sprint Phone Repair Center.

Your first two repair/exchange claims are covered; however, any additional claims within a 12-month period will be assessed a $25 service fee.

The data

Sprint can use GPS to help you find your phone and lock or erase it and then restore your data to a replacement device.

They also have an automatic backup feature, which will back up your data to their servers, just in case, as well as some added security features that they claim protects against viruses and optimizes your battery life.

For the basic Total Equipment Protection plan, you get 1GB of backup; 20GB for the Total Equipment Protection Plus plan.


If you enrol in the Total Equipment Protection Plus plan, then you get instant access to U.S.-based tech support and alerts that proactively let you know how your phone is performing.

For All Total Equipment Protection Plus subscribers, Sprint also offers Total Tech Expert, which provides support for everyone on your Sprint account (not just the one phone) and for all of your account's Wi-Fi connected devices, like phones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems, and more. You also get 100GB of backup space for each phone on your account, as well as a dedicated tech expert for your account and all your devices.

That sounds great, but how much?

The basic Total Equipment Protection plan is $9 to $11 per month, per device, depending on your device. The Total Equipment Protection Plus plan is $13 per month, per device. The Total Tech Expert add-on is $12 per month, but applies to your whole account, not just one phone.

Is it worth it?

If you're fairly tech-savvy and can get by Googling issues and troubleshooting on your own, then the basic plan is worth it. It's always a good idea to have some kind of insurance on your phone, since it's with you for most of your day and you don't know what that day might have in store.

If you really don't like troubleshooting and would rather just have someone tell you what to do, then the extra $2, a month is certainly worth the support.

The Total Tech Expert is only really worth it if you have a bit of money to spare, have quite a few devices on your account, and have absolutely no idea what's going on with any of your Wi-Fi connected devices.

If you just like to use your household electronics but want absolutely nothing to do with them when they're on the fritz, then you might want a dedicated tech expert. Otherwise, Dr. Google will often have the answer and there's no need to drop an extra $12 a month.