What international plans does Sprint offer?

If you're a Sprint customer and planning a trip to somewhere fabulous, you'll be happy to know that you don't have to pay out the ear for an international plan. In fact, beyond the per minute cost to call someone, you don't have to pay anything at all.

Of course, if you want more data or higher data speeds, you will have to pay something, but it's still a good deal if the area you're traveling to is covered.

Sprint Global Roaming

Sprint Global Roaming automatically comes with any Sprint plan and does not cost anything in addition to the per-minute cost to talk. Here is what is included:

  • Talk: 20 cents, per minute
  • Text: Free
  • Data: Free, 2G speeds only.

It's important to note that Sprint does not have coverage in every country of the world. See a list of included countries to verify whether your destination is included.

High speed data pass

If you want data at 3G speeds, you'll need to get a high speed data pass. The pass is designed to be added onto Sprint Global Roaming.

  • 1 day pass: 100MB of unrestricted data $15
  • 7-day pass: 200MB of unrestricted data $25
  • 14-day pass: 500MB of unrestricted data $50

Sprint Open World

Like Sprint Global Roaming, Sprint Open World is free for all Sprint customers. You can add it to your account, but you have to remove Sprint Global Roaming first. Sprint Open World is only available in the Americas and in certain additional destinations.

What is included depends on whether you're traveling in the Americas or elsewhere.

Sprint Open World - the Americas

Here's what's included in the Americas:

  • Free unlimited talk
  • Free unlimited texting
  • 1GB of high speed data

Sprint Open World- additional destinations

Here's what's included in the additional destinations:

  • Talk: 20 cents a minute.
  • Free texting
  • Data: $30 per gigabyte.