What Galaxy S20 cases are you getting?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases
Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases (Image credit: Android Central)

Cases aren't the most exciting thing to talk about, but when it comes to expensive metal and glass phones that are just begging to be scratched or shattered, they're essential.

Whether you're picking up the Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra, we recommend getting a case to go along with it.

Taking a look through the AC forums, here are a few of the cases our readers are picking up.

So as with most my phones my go to case has been uag, but with my note 10+ I tried the tech21 Evo check case and let me tell you for me at least it's saved my phone more then once along with the whitestone dome screen protector. My note 10+ is the first large phone I've owned so yeah I've dropped it quite a lot lol. I'm getting the blue color phone so I wanted to get a clear case so I ordered the...

Beth Hahn

Just ordered a clear ESR for the Ultra for $3.84 thanks to Mike Dee! I've used a clear Tech 21 for my Note 9 since I got it at launch and love it, so I might order one of those as well.


Ordered a dbrand grip with a skin for the case. I'm loving my Mofi case on my S9+, so I'll look for another one of those or go with the Kvadrat one from Samsung. I love the felt/cloth feel.


I usually go with spigen and zizo.


What about you? What Galaxy S20 cases are you getting?

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