What color Pixelbook Go should you buy?

Pixelbook Go Black

Google Pixelbook Go

No matter what capacity you want, the Pixelbook Go comes in Black. In fact, it's the only color Pixelbook Go you'll be able to get at launch, since the Not Pink is "coming soon".

Pixelbook Go Black

Get it first

Easy to find
Goes with everything
Subtle and sophisticated
Boring as sin
Shows dust and scratches instantly

Pixelbook Go Not Pink

Pixelbook Go

I wish the second color for the Pixelbook Go has been a nice blue, but Not Pink is pretty at least. What isn't pretty is that the Not Pink color will only be available on specific configurations sometime after launch.

Pixelbook Go Not Pink

Coming soon

Two-tone scheme is cute
Stands out more
More dynamic
Not available yet
Not available with M3 processor

The Pixelbook Go aims to bring a fresher, rounder, and more inviting look to Google's in-house line of Chromebooks, and to that end the Go comes in two delightfully distinct hues: Black and Not Pink. However, if you're asking which color you want to buy, how pretty each magnesium housing looks might not be the top factor in your decision.

If you're buying now, you're buying Black

The magnesium housing on the Pixelbook Go is ultralight, and the standard black model looks quite fetching in render and up close in person. While black has a (well-deserved) reputation as a boring hue, the Pixelbook Go wears it as well as a laptop can wear the absence of color.

The Black may not be quite as glamaorous as the Not Pink, but it does have two distinct advantages over the flashier color: Black is the only color available for the Pixelbook Go at launch and Black is the only color available, period, for the affordable M3/64GB configuration, which you can get for the initial reasonable price of $649. Black is more affordable and more available, and for now, that makes it far easier to bet on.

Pretty in Not Pink

Pink! Pink! PINK!

The lighter, brighter shade of Pixelbook Go in Not Pink is a distinct and daring choice that I daresay many will be raring to rock, but you'll need to hold your horses here. Not Pink is "coming soon" and if you try to buy it on the Google Store right now, you'll be asked to join a waitlist that will be notified once the color is available.

Being fashionably late isn't fun in the tech world, but it also likely wouldn't matter as much for the Pixelbook Go. Not Pink is only available on the more expensive configurations anyway, and half of those are listed as Coming Soon for Black and Not Pink. Not seeing a Not Pink base model is a bummer, but I'm willing to bet there's a few would-be buyers out there that will pay $150 more for an i5, double the storage and that Not Pink color.

Ara Wagoner

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