Note 7 colors

Most phones come in any color you want, as long as that color is black. That's a trend that's changing, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes in four colors, three of which we can buy in the U.S. (sorry gold fans.)

And they're pretty nifty colors, too. Even the Black version isn't just black. It's black front and back, and the sides are matte black, too. That makes a big difference when you're used to seeing black phones with silver-ish faux chrome side rails. This phone can act presidential.

Not to be outdone, the Coral Blue model is pretty amazing. It has a cornflower (I had my wife tell me which color it is, and cornflower is much better than "kinda-light-blue-and-sorta-gray-mixed-in-maybe-I-dunno-it's-nice") gloss look, but only when it's still and you're looking straight at it. It picks up colors from the surroundings because of its reflective surface and the color looks like it's always changing. It's pretty wild. You need to see it in person so you know I'm not crazy.

That blue is hot, but I'd have to go with black on black on black.

The Silver version uses the same color as the Galaxy S7 (and the S7 edge in Silver is the prettiest phone of all time). That means while it's technically silver, it's really more like a mirror. Fully polished and fingerprint-free it looks nice. Very nice. If the Black model is the stoic and serious model, Silver is the elegant one.

Then there's Gold. Gold looks really good. It's a different gold than we've seen from Samsung before, and it looks nothing like the pink gold from Apple. It's a soft color that also does a good job picking up other colors from your surroundings, though not to the extent it's Blue Chameleon sibling does. It's very slick. It's also not coming to North America because we deserve to be punished for some reason. At least for now.

I had a look at them the other evening, and even got to see the gold model. I fell in love with the blue (like many of you likely did) but in the end that murdered-out black would be my pick if I were buying. What about you? Which color did you grab? Hit the poll and let us know.